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Living the Dream
Turtle Bay to Abreojos

Passage II left early around 7:30 (we didn't realize the time change so thought it was 6:30). We'll be headed out too and soon as we get the boat cleaned up and ready.

Lots of wind today so we are sailing nice between 5 and 7 knots. Auto helm won't hold so Jim is having to hand steer. When we surf down the waves, we're actually hitting 8.9! Not bad! Some dolphins visited for a while just outside Asunción.

The winds started building 25+ knots straight on our nose around the island and it was getting darker, so we decided to bypass and keep going to Abreojos. We hailed Passage II to let them know that we weren't going to make it in -- just too hard on us and the boat. We sailed most of the night with a ¾ moon

N26 42 W113 33

About ½ hour before sunset, 8 miles off Punta Abreojos we snag a trap line! Damn it! There was no winds now, of course, so we sailed all day long back and forth trying to reach an anchoring depth. Finally able to get to 50 ft and we dropped the anchor and Jim dived overboard to check out the prop. It took 2 dives to get the hunk of line (about 3 inches around the entire shaft) and 3 floats off! Thank you Craig & Eva for the bitchin' knives! We want a case of those suckers! Everyone get the Victorinox knives, they work great and they're cheap. Definitely looks like we are going to have the FULL Mexican adventure!

We pulled up the anchor after Jim was back aboard and moved into the anchorage (the first one) in 30 ft and less winds. We heard from Passage II who's making their way in and headed to the second anchorage after we told them about the minefield of floats anywhere near this bay. The anchorage was really rolly -- the worst we have been in.

We listened to the Southbound Net (thanks to Jim D with the SSB help -- correct time helps A LOT) and Jim passed out early after the long night and day.

12/26/2009 | Eva and Craig s/v South Trail
Hey Guys! Wow your blog looks great! Bummer about the trap lines around the prop. Glad the knifes helped. That is our standard cruiser gift for that very reason... Sorry that you had to use them though. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures!
Bahia de Tortugas (Turtle Bay)
11/26/2009, N27 41 W114 53

11/26/09 Happy Thanksgiving from Turtle Bay

We fueled up and started working on the starting/charging problems. Discovered another problem created by Larsen Marine with regards to Bank 1 (supposedly starting bank) and Bank 2 (supposedly house). We traced back the lines to the switch and though the wires were marked 1 line for bank 1 and 2 for 2 (great system) they switched them before they got to the switch so Bank 1 was Bank 2. No wonder everything isn't working correctly! We'll have to get in there some day and rewire & mark freaking everything so we know it's right. Assuming that it is is getting us into trouble.

We heard a hail for us from Passage II with Jim D on the horn! Hey they're pulling in! Looks like the Jim, Jim, Jim show is about to begin!

There are lots of pelicans, gulls, sea lions hanging out here in the bay. Lots to look at and just enjoy the scenery. Boohoo! I just had my last persimmon. I'm going to miss those! We went for showers (worth every peso - 60 per persona) and went to the market.

We talked to Passage II about our respective journeys and made plans for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow with them.


First thing this morning, Jim's shooing a crab off our anchor bridle (at least it wasn't a rat). The amount of pelicans and cormorants flying around here is's like a scene from the Birds. You can hear all of the wings flapping and it's kind of creepy!

We spent the morning sewing up the sun cover on our genoa and tried to figure out the hoist for the outboard that Wally gave us--couldn't figure it out so it's trussed up like a turkey until I can find the plans on the internet to get it mounted correctly.

We went to town and walked around for awhile. I got to see some fruit trees here -- peach, mango, guava -- though they are covered with a layers of dirt. We picked up more drinking water and I got to play with a cutie dog at the palapa.

Back at the boat we get to meet THE Enrique of Enrique's fuel dock. He brought us our gasoline in a killer power ski boat. He's a very nice guy---probably charms all the ladies!

We dinghied over to Passage II for dinner. It was really nice to sit and talk with Jim, Jim and Lucy and share our stories. Turkey dinner was fabulous and then Jim & I (my Jim, not the other two) headed home by paddle (outboard wouldn't start). It was a beautiful moonlit night for a paddle, so we headed to a dark shape across the water (we forgot to put a light on) with Passage II trying to spotlight the way for us. Just another day of cruising adventure!

12/09/2009 | Mike
good stuff guys... good to hear from you. can you add what your expenses are as you travel south? Are you dragging a fishing line or using a pole? Can't wait to join you.... take cared. Mike and Julie
12/14/2009 | Heather on "Meerkat"
I renamed the Jims. Jim C. is Jim. Jim D. (my hubby) is Jimbo and your Jim is Phil. Jim C.'s alternate name is Apple. See if he can explain that to you... he probably won't remember...
12/19/2009 | Kathy & Otis
Hi nuki!
Mike said you were blogging/&i just caught up with your tickled 4 u!
Parade of lites tonite/steve really outdid himself this yr!
Miss u guys!!!
Wx permitting we're cruising to SanDiego 4 Christmas!
Hugs for u both!!!
12/20/2009 | Lucy and Jim C
Ola! We're at Marina Mazatlan and looking for you. Did you find good place to anchor at old harbor? Love to see you. We're on dock#4, slip 20. Hugs, Passage II
12/23/2009 | annette
Your father is concerned about you. You have not contacted him in any way shape or form! We have had the family Christmas this past sat. and you didn't even contact him then! WTF!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU need to contact him however you can!
San Quintin to Turtle Bay
11/23/2009, N27 41 W114 53

Had trouble starting up this morning...another project for another day! So we got started a little late (before noon) on another beautiful day with some wind and swells. Motor sailed all day.

We had a beautiful sail by moonlight and even some dolphins joined us in a moonlight swim. Not much traffic during the night and the winds stayed mild.


Another beautiful though windless day. Started trolling with one of Joe's Croq lures. Wasn't on for very long before we heard the line go off, jump and then gone! Well Joe you were right....they like it but we didn't get to keep the fish! So another lure on and trolled all day without another bite.

We were around Banco Ranger around sunset when a whale surfaced not far from us! Holy moly! A little too close for me and then it surface two more times like it was circling the boat. Creeped me out a little! I told them to please come see us but stay a bit farther away!


Just past Isla Natividad we started to see whale action again near the coast. What a show they put on! Breaking the waves and huge splashes, tail smacking and fin patting! They were probably humpbacks (dark top and white bottom).

Trolling again and lost another lure! Jim can't even hear the clicker going so he freaks out every time I yell or jump up (have to remember to say 'Fish On' otherwitse he thinks it's the motor or the auto helm).

We had nice winds and then it picked up too much for us so we dropped the main around Puta Rompiente and motored the rest of the way to Turtle Bay.

Lots of boats here. We see familiar ones from San Diego. Rest of the day is for catching up on sleep and eating.

Ensenada to San Quintin
11/20/2009, N30 28 W116 22

We did not get to see the start of the Baja 1000 offroad race start, but we did hear it from our slip. We ran to town for water and last minute items and then Roger and his crew were shoving us out of the slip. It's a nightmare place to exit/enter by yourself but Roger and his guys are great - they've got it down so no worries of hitting anything.

The seas were confused most of the night with medium winds. We decided to swoop in close as we neared San Quintin as winds were building and we were getting more tired. Jim went up and dropped the main, just too much wind, and we lost the fendoff pole overboard in the process! Here's a miracle...once the sail was down and we headed back we came across the fendoff pole! Jim had to circle it a few times but we managed to net it! Yeah for us!


Winds were building 20+with choppy seas so we decided to head in and drop anchor in San Quintin. After picking up everything that fell during transit, we rested the remainder of the day.


San Quintin is a strange place to see a hotel on the beach. It is absolutely in the middle of nowhere but there's a hotel (or two). We saw people on the beach and trucks running up and down shore. The waves were breaking too hard to go ashore so we just enjoyed the bay from the boat. Dolphins and seals feeding right near us. Cool! We worked on boat projects most of the day and got ready for departure tomorrow.

Catching up

It's been over a week since we left Ventura and due to internet difficulties, I'm just now getting to update the blog. First, we want to thank all of our family, friends and neighbors who have done so much for us to get ready for this adventure.

Thanksk to Ventura Harbor Boatyard for all the excellent work every time we've been in there.

Thanks to Bernie, Paige, Tina, Mike, Bill & Kathy for loading us up with provisions! Thanks to the Pegster for the shopping help and for a great shopping bag (p.s. the ribbon worked out great for windpoint!)! Bernie gets much thanks for finding all kinds of things for us (wish she could have found us a bag of money while she was at it!) and for the use of her organizing skills and the labeler, which I really miss. Finding all kinds of things that need to be labeled now when I don't have it! But what else is blue tape for? :)

Everyone has complimented us on the hard dodger top that Phil and his son Chris made. Thanks Chris! It's been great so far, even if Phil can't remember not to hit his head on it!

Stan, thanks for working magic with our crappy stainless! Phil has been leaning on it endlessly without worry.

Bill & Kathy for everything that you've done for us over the years, for being great neighbors and for keeping us fed during the last crazy prep days.

To the coffee klutch - Craig, Craig-Ventura Boat Doctor, Bruce, Neill, & George - invaluable knowledge and helpful advice for every project and problem.

To Harbor Cove Cafe for the endless cups of coffee and great service! Deanna & Gabriel are the best Ron!

There have been sooooo many people who have helped us over the years, from advice to poo poos to borrowing tools when we couldn't find ours and providing hardware when we couldn't get it in time or just to save us from running to Beacon yet again, I can't name you all....who would keep reading ? :)

I could go on and on, but I'll just sum it up with this -- Ventura West Marina is the best! Love you guys!

11/29/2009 | deanna
Hope all is well. We miss you lots. love you deanna
12/08/2009 | Mike
Where you guys at? Everything ok.... can't wait to hear from you. Mike and Julie
11/18/2009, N31 51.5 W116 37.5

Phil & I decided to run around town to see if we could find a cheaper slip. As we're stepping off the boat, we see Jim & Lucy stepping off theirs. They were surprised! They're picking up Jim Donnell in a few days and then they'll be heading south Tuesday (where we can have the Jim, Jim, Jim reunion). There's a NW swell heading in Friday that doesn't sound fun but there isn't supposed to be hard winds with it. Hope not cuz we can't afford to stay a week.

We hit Baja Naval first and was told $30 a night! Yippee! We just took it and ran back to Marina Coral and checked out. Filled up with fuel (nice fuel dock but no help tying up) and sailed to the harbor entrance. Finally sailing!

Harbor was quiet and as we made our approach we kinda stopped...dead stop.....oh shit! I ran down and threw on the depth gauge--- nothing then 6.2! Oh NO! Jim kept working her (out of the mud) and she finally started moving and when I saw 7+ feet, Jim floored it forward. Wheew! Jim says you can't stay a virgin forever! And at least we know the depth gauge is accurate. Just didn't expect it when we were right next to a freaking Carnival cruise ship (same one that was in Avalon)! Now we know better.

Baha Naval has small docks on an angle and lots of surge (getting worse with the upcoming NW swell), but it's a nice gated (several gates) marina and an exceptionally clean boat yard. When Roger (the head guy here) asked how much we were paying at Marina Coral, he was kind of shocked and laughed that he couldn't hand someone a bill like that. Across the way is a Canadian boat that was in the San Diego slips....cruising really is a very small community!

Jim worked on the SSB while I provisioned up. Had tacos for dinner and went to a club where I drank WAY TOO MUCH tequila! Music and dancing was good though.


Hangover hell this morning and Jim is just laughin' it up! Jim checked us in on the net (CH 21 at 8:00) and visited with more people on the dock. We had breakfast at McDonalds and went back to the office to get paperwork for immigration.

Off to immigration before 1pm and started the course. 1st was visas. The guy got a little frustrated with me (I'm trying but hell I'm not used to accents) but then he saw my name and something about it made me ok again. Really didn't understand what he was talking about---a famous french person or someone he knows with the name. Visas paperwork done now bank to pay for them then back to immigration for completion. Then harbor captain for check in and checkout and pay for that and back to immigration for his copy.

THOUGHT we were done so we left for lunch and to find the water store. Lots of offroad vehicles up and down the streets. The Baja 1000 starts tomorrow. Got back to the boat and realized we didn't push the light thing for customs and checked with people to find out if we had our import permit. CRAP! No we didn't so grabbed the papers and walked back to Immigration and went to the bank window to start the Import Permit paperwork (after 4pm). Waiting, answered a few questions, waiting, paid for the permit then had to go to customs window and fill out another form - the how much luggage do you have kinda messed with me - and was told to press the button. I should have let Phil press it cuz I get buzzed and red lighted! Everyone in the office turns to look at us and just start to laugh cuz it's ALWAYS green! Just lucky I guess! So the two customs people (at 4:50) take me in their car (Phil walked back) and took 5 minutes looked at the boat, looked at the motor number (which we may not have correct) and just said ok. People said this immigration stuff took hours and was hard but even with our stupidity we managed to get it wrapped up in less than 2 hours. Thank you Immigration!

Back to the boat and Phil is still playing with the SSB trying to get it to talk to us. Instruction manual is nicely detailed in how to connect it just not how to use it. We'll figure it out sooner or later!

Now I'm all caught up with the log and have to check the weather as we should be headed out tomorrow for Turtle Bay.

Bug Report: just more nat-like flies
Tree Report: natal plums, loquats (P.S. to CDFA tejocote sells for $1/lb here!)

11/22/2009 | Heather on "Meerkat"
I can't believe you got the red light! I was sweating bullets when I had to push it, because they asked how much alcohol we had on board. Uh, we kind of lied to them... one nice thing about Hotel Coral - they lead you thru that and make that light be green! Hey, you can't have the Jim, Jim, Jim reunion because your Jim is now PHIL!!!

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