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Living the Dream
Bahia Catalina

We had an awesome sail across the Sea! We left from San Juanico with the last of the southerly winds at 10:30 in the morning and, after a detour around long lines south of Isla San Ildefonso, we sailed until 10 at night! Lovin' it!

Until the full moon rose, the waves just glowed. Really cool! Jim got to see some dolphins on his watch. We motor sailed the rest of the way and were outside Guaymas with the early morning dawn.

We pulled into Bahia Catalina and caught up on some much needed sleep. We still have 3/4 full tank of diesel plus 2 5s on deck! Yihaaaaa! We'll pull into Guaymas proper tomorrow.

04/08/2011 | Heather on "Meerkat"
Wow ~ awesome photo!
San Juanico

We motored most of the way from Escondido to San Juanico. More boats and more campers here than last time. We got to see some whales (with binoculars) outside San Juanico. The full moon has been beautiful here and the water calm. Such a pretty picture, just needed a whale to surface in the moonlight to make it perfect!

We've been enjoying watching the ospreys on the pinnacles rock. What nest builders they are!

We did a little bit of kayaking around the rocks and were rewarded with sightings of seargent majors, angel & damsel fish, rainbow wrasses, sea urchins and star fish. We checked the cruiser shrine again. Our art is holding up (hope to see it next year). Sorry Heather, no sighting of Meerkat (and we looked high, low, and moved stuff around)!

There are reports of one day of southerlies before a week long of northerlies so we'll have to take advantage and move on, even though we'd really like to stay longer

04/08/2011 | Heather on "Meerkat"
Sad my cat-amaran (a bone cat face on a bone catamaran) was not found...
Happy St Patty's Day!

Well Happy St. Patty's Day everyone! We hope you have all the Irish beer you can handle today and get a chance to spread much blarney about with your mates!

We have moved into the Eclipse section and will be going to a St. Patty's Day potluck where there is supposed to be corned beef and cabbage. So we should be spreading much blarney about as well. The blog was updated today so if you are trying to catch up, you have to go back to the statues in La Paz.

We are both going to wear green so no pinching allowed. But give us a few xoxo for our 10th anniversary today.

We'll be leaving Escondido tomorrow, probably straight to San Juanico. So no updates for a while. Love to everyone. Stay safe and happy!

03/20/2011 | Linda Ferguson "Cuz"
Nice to hear seas are calm. Keep on floateing. Nothing new husband, Dennis, will retire this June. HURRAY! Planning in a RV [We are land ~ lubbers~] Hope to do some traveling later this year. You two are always in my thoughts. God speed! Love Linda
03/28/2011 | Capt'n Coconut
We miss you at G-Dock.
03/28/2011 | Gene
Finally got on this site to see how your doing. Looks like evrything is going great. As for me just got back from the river house. Still working on it trying to get it ready for the summer. The weather is starting to change yea summers coming
Loreto by land

Sharon and Charlie from Castaway invited us to go with them to Loreto (they rented a car), so we went.

We had a fabulous late breakfast/early lunch at El Rey del Taco. The best fish tacos we've had in Mexico by far!

We walked around the shops and went to the old church. Checked out the marina/anchorage area and talked to the parks guy.

Here's the story on these parks; When we were in Guaymas, no one knew where to get the passes. Someone said try the marine ecology place but they are usually out. So none to be gotten. We were in La Paz and someone gave us their day passes they had not used so we didn't look into it. The park guy stopped by at Partida but let us go til next time. We stop at Loreto and they don't have the yearly pass (250 pesos per person), they are out of them. But you can buy the daily pas (25 pesos per person per day) but these daily passes are only good for the local park AND if you are anchored there you are supposed to wear them every day. If you are caught out there without them on, you could be fined. BUT the park guys in the pangas may or may not have some you can buy while you are out there. ALSO they don't sell you the other parks' (Pulma nor Espiritu nor the northern sea) so you are constantly stuck in this situation. AND, since Escondido and Loreto are officially in the park, will you get fined for anchoring here? They really need to get their acts together!

Wheewwww....just had to get that out of my system!

Overall, Loreto is a nice place.

Escondido again

We pulled into Escondido and after too much stressful tries in the waiting room, we dropped anchor on the outside alongside Iron Maiden.

We then moved into the inside anchorage. We've been to yacht club swapping books and shooting the breeze with lots of the cruisers.

Off to Bahia Candeleros....oooppp Honeymoon Cove

Saw some whales, probably fin, and a seal who barked at us for disturbing his rest as we made our way to Candeleros. Nice day for motoring. We got to Bahia Candeleros and were so dissappointed. There is now a high rise hotel there with more huge buildings under construction. The water was nasty and we were quite a ways off the beach. Hmmmmm.....should we stay or should we go?

Thank god for the electric windlass! We decided GO! And we started off for Honeymoon Cove. We are very thankful we did because the winds picked up and white caps were starting to build and would have put us on a lee shore in Candeleros.

We checked out all the anchorages along the way and tried to anchor in the middle bight but could not get a good set. Our timing couldn't have been better as a boat pulled up anchor at the same time and we took their spot in the north bight. What a nice nightbut could not see any fish like before as the water was too murky.

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