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Living the Dream
Hot Tub Baja Syle

Oh the hot springs of Posada have been absolutely fantastic this year! We've found all of them and now people ask us for directions to all of them. I guess we are now experts.....can you believe it?

03/01/2012 | Heather on "Meerkat"
Wow!! The hot tub looks great! We stayed at a B&B at Posada with Bob & Nancy twice and they had a small area like that - might be the same spot.
Bday Art Fest

We've been hanging out in Conception Bay a bit longer than usual and decided to stay for the annual art festival in El Burro. I donated some stuff for the event (if I had more time I could have whipped out a blanket dang it) and Jim helped the locals set up tables and whatnot.

Lots of people and great music and food and art. We've met a lot of the locals and have finally met the grand pupa of the Sonrisa weather - pap kilo hotel himself Gearry. He also tends to be the MC for lots of the local events (go figure).

A nice way to start off my birthday too! What fun!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from San Carlos

We spent a quiet Christmas aboard watching kite surfers cruise Bahia Algondones. They were fantastic to watch, colorful kites and there were a couple of girls with pink tutus on! No, sorry I did not get a good enough picture to post here LOL.

Then we spent time at the pub/restaurant Captain's Club with some Brits for New Year's Eve (well we celebrated it with NY then went to bed). Hope everyone has had a great holiday season!

Not all fun and games

See it's not all fun and games doing the cruising thing. Had to do laundry and here is our laundry facility behind Barracuda Bob's in San Carlos. I wish I could do a panoramic video so you could see the rest of the artwork! The States seem so plain in comparison!

And poor Jim has had one project after another this season. Diesel leak, exhaust heat exchanger leak, head broke (so don't have any pics of that!), besides bottom fiberglass & painting, solar & battery charging checking.....I'm sure I'm forgetting something in this list. Always something to do for sure!

You know you're cruising

Well it seems we are definitely cruising again even though we have not gone far! The bruises and bug bites have begun! As well as the monitoring of how much water is being used and drank. It seems very weird too to not be separating out the trash into compost, burnables, metal scrap, deposit recycling and garbage garbage.

Other than that, the northers keep coming every week and have kept us local fearing running to far without a safe harbor. So in Guaymas we sit and have fun. Have lots of books and a good running outboard. All is well.

Our first destination

Here we are in our first destination of the season, the slip at Marina Seca (Gabriel's yard). Here we sat in 5.7 ft of water, ha ha which means we were sitting in over a foot of mud then water. But we pulled out into the bay the next morning at high tide without grounding. Yeah baby!

So we're off..........

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