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Living the Dream
Getting Ready for Easter

Another day with everyone and this time had to help get Easter Eggs ready! Too many colors to chose from and sparkles and things. And in between all the egg dying there was Mario Bros. Grandpa is getting better at that!

Day at the Park

Spent some time in California visiting with Phil's kids and grandboys. One exciting day at Griffith Park riding horses and trains and running all over all the choo choos and tracks. The boys have endless energy!

All work.....

We've been so good about working on varnish and cleaning and dismantling that we had to have some fun. Well we were tired too so off for a day at the beach with the gang from Festima Lente. And what a glorious shelling beach it is too! And no one wants to come to Guaymas......see what they miss!

We spent all afternoon walking the beach and picking bags of turrets, sun dials, conch, murex, sand dollars, slippers, oh my! It really was rather a bit of overload and the work has just begun. Now I have to sort out my shells and make sure I have the best ones and throw back the ones that are less than fabulous. Oh well someone has to do it.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program......

03/20/2012 | svslowride
So, you guys are there now? What is YOUR sailing season? I thought it was Oct thru June? We will be heading Mexico way next season (Oct, Nov). When and where might we run into you two. looks like you are living the live, can't wait. Mike and Julie from SV/Slowride
Pearl Farm

I went with Sharon (of Castaway) to the Pearl Farm in Miramar (between San Carlos & Guaymas). Unfortunately we missed the lecture & tour but got to look at the jewelry and shells in the displays. And I learned that there are two different kinds of Mexican Pearl Oyster shells--black lipped (the ones I find all the time) and rainbow lipped. And who knew that if you rubbed your shells with mineral oil, they'd keep shiny & polished looking.

How cool would they be to find on the beach? HA!

So much history

Walking around Santa Rosalia is like having a history lesson of American manufacturing. This was and is a big mining town and had the foundry and such things everywhere. We walked through it the other day and on every big piece of metal fabrication was an old American company.....Illinois, Chicago, Milwaukee, etc. It's sad to know that this is America's past and can't be claimed anymore with all the outsourcing and expense reducing measures that have taken us from being the top producers and manufacturers. So sad.....

03/01/2012 | Heather on "Meerkat"
Did you go inside the museum? Way cool to see all of that.
Black beaches

Haven't walked all the beaches here yet just a small part of them. They are all black beaches from the mine leavings dumped along the coast. But on our short little jaunt, we did find a nice piece of aqua sea glass!

The pangeros are quiet here unless they decide to go around us for fun (we're the only ones anchored here currently). We don't even notice the ferry or other transport boats when they come into dock unless we happen to be looking out.

Sadly enough the new marinas of the singlars/fortunas whatever they are being called now are charging crazy prices and everyone is leaving those marinas if they can. There's only 3 boats in the one here and they have over 20 slips empty. We just heard from someone who just came from Guaymas that it's 500 pesos a day to be in a slip, and that was for a 30 something ft boat! What are they thinking? All of those we have seen have almost no boats in their slips. Hopefully someone starts using their brains soon.

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