This is the story of our family as we prepare to set sail.
Boat Show
02/13/2010, Dallas, Texas

Today we went to the Dallas Boat Show. It was a major disappointment. It was HUGE! Tons of pontoons, jet ski's, and ski boats with only 2 sailboats. I guess that's to be expected since we are landlocked, but we had really been excited to check out some sailboats. The 2 boats they had were both Beneteaus. We enjoyed checking them out and were pleasantly surprised by the space on the 31' and 34' models. We really want to check out some catamarans though! That's what we think we want for our family, but we've never actually been on one. I've heard mixed things from various sailors, it seems people either love them or hate them. Besides attempting to check some boats out, we've just been working on cutting our living expenses back even more and I have a few projects that I am working on that I am hoping will turn into my big idea to get us cruising!

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11/01/2010 | Carol & Livia Dupuis & Gilstrap
I noticed you had started a "dreamers/want to be cruisers" group and thought you (and that group) might be interested in an interview project I'm doing:

Experienced cruisers talk about cruising. One interview per week.
01/08/2011 | Amy
Matt and Bethany,
If you ever get out to Annapolis, MD we'd love to have you come visit our docks. We sell and charter only catamarans. Last summer we had 13 different models of brokerage catamarans to view. Although we don't know what our lineup will be this summer yet, we'd love to help you find the boat for you - and if you come for a visit, we'll take you out sailing so you can see how they compare to monohulls! Good luck with your search!
09/23/2011 | Al Smith
It's been almost two years since you posted. If you gave changed your mind on cruising would you post your reasons.
01/14/2010, Dallas, Texas

Well, it's been a while since I updated. In the past couple of months we have cut a ton of our utilities and expenses of living in a house. The extra money is going straight to our cruising kitty! Now we are researching coastal cities that we could move to while we pop out a couple more babies, save more money and come up with an ongoing way to make money while at sea, and of course-learn to sail! For some reason I have my heart set on Melbourne, FA. Anyone have any thoughts on it? I've actually never been but done a lot of research on it. It seems to have a little of everything we want and seems to be more affordable than a lot of other coastal towns. Does anyone else have any other ideas?
We'd like to start out with a home base so that we could learn how to sail and take regular trips before leaving for good. I know, some would say to just do it, but since we're a family I think we better take the more steps approach. Plus, I do NOT want to have babies in a foreign country! haha So the plan is to have all kids here, get experience, and of course SAVE MONEY all in a coastal town.
If anyone has any other plans or ideas, please email me or comment below. We'd love any advice that could help us.

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01/14/2010 | Lewis McAnall
Keep to the plan and you will see the light at the end of tunnel. We just started our 4 yr plan, check out Midnight Breeze. Over the next 4 we plan to add equip. that we need and then say good by. Now I say good luck!!
04/12/2010 | Christy Wood
We're basicly doing the same thing... we looked heavily at Punta Gorda florida... or close by.. they are heavy on sailing! check it out online. it's close to tampa for 'big city' but small enough to be very affordable. right on the coast can be high, but inland a little is pretty cheap.
03/20/2011 | bud
You can always consider west Florida. I live in Palmetto, FL where you can get marina rates from $7 per foot up. The Gulf is much safer to sail in, and the key are not far away. If you need any info let me know.
The Crusing Life
09/24/2009, Dallas, Texas

Hi! Well, this is just the very beginning of our goal to set sail! My whole life I have LOVED the ocean and longed to be near it. I have been scuba diving since I was 12 and spent a lot of time traveling to Mexico, the Florida Keys, and the British Virgin Islands. Five years ago my Dad bought the Raindancer and since then both my husband and I have been hooked on sailing. We spent some time last year with him in the BVI and met so many sailing families that we decided we want to be one! Check out the Raindancer here:

We recently purchased and read "The Cruising Life", by Jim Trefethen. It is all about how to set sail within 5 years, even if you don't have a boat. So we are currently implementing what we learned. We've started by cutting back even more on our frugal lifestyle and cleaning out the house! We are selling everything that we don't need and putting the money into our cruising ktty. We are practicing a more minimal lifestyle to prepare for the cruising life and save money.

We try to do one thing everyday towards the boat and my hope is that keeping this blog will help connect us to the cruising world.

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10/10/2009 | Joan,
Good luck, soon you will be joining us in a fine anchorage and enjoying this great lifestyle. Never give up!
S/V Tender Spirit, Homeport Sitka AK currently cruising Tonga
11/14/2009 | Henry Marais
Best of luck with your plans! Can you share more of your planning with us? Maybe there is something that we can help with.
Regards, Henry
11/14/2009 | Henry Marais
We checked out your company website. Very impressive! Pity about the ugly dog. Just joking! We love dogs, we've got two Boerboel's (don't know what you'd call them in the US) the puppy weight's in at 35kg or about 84 pounds and the big one at 70kg or 168 pounds! Won't be taking them crusing though. We'd also like to set up a e-business like yours to help support us while crusing. Can you give us some pointers?
01/14/2010 | Bethany
Hi! I am sorry Henry, I can't seem to figure out how to get to your blog and comment? Thanks for checking out my website! I don't think it's the type of business I can do on a boat though. I am going to blog right now more about our current plans and situation. Can you send me the link to your blog?


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