This is the story of our family as we prepare to set sail.

13 February 2010 | Dallas, Texas
14 January 2010 | Dallas, Texas
24 September 2009 | Dallas, Texas

Boat Show

13 February 2010 | Dallas, Texas
Today we went to the Dallas Boat Show. It was a major disappointment. It was HUGE! Tons of pontoons, jet ski's, and ski boats with only 2 sailboats. I guess that's to be expected since we are landlocked, but we had really been excited to check out some sailboats. The 2 boats they had were both Beneteaus. We enjoyed checking them out and were pleasantly surprised by the space on the 31' and 34' models. We really want to check out some catamarans though! That's what we think we want for our family, but we've never actually been on one. I've heard mixed things from various sailors, it seems people either love them or hate them. Besides attempting to check some boats out, we've just been working on cutting our living expenses back even more and I have a few projects that I am working on that I am hoping will turn into my big idea to get us cruising!
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Crew: Matt, Bethany, Meadow, & Bentley
About: We are a young family that wants to live a simple life filled with adventure and meaning. We hope to accomplish this by becoming cruisers. So far we are saving every penny and we try to do one thing everyday towards the goal of setting sail!
Matt is a huge video game player, World of Warcraft anyone? He also supports our little family by negotiating contracts for hospitals and suppliers. Bethany was a designer for a major retail brand and is now staying home with Meadow while working on her own business [...]
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Who: Matt, Bethany, Meadow, & Bentley