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20 February 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
20 February 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
20 February 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
20 February 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
20 February 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
20 February 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
01 February 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
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The Problem with Government Lying

20 February 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
Kimball Corson
Joseph Goebbels put it well. He said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." This much is well known. But he also said,

"The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.

"It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

The implication here is either lies destroy the government and its credibility, at least in a nominal democracy, or the state acts to suppress the truth and dissent about it and becomes no longer a democracy.

Inasmuch as the control of a dictator is not an option for him, Trump has only two ways to go. . . either down in ridicule -- his present course-- or to clean up his administration's act by stop lying.

What Are We . . .

20 February 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
Kimball Corson
. . . besides our appearance and our memories? Don’t memories subsume our preferences, our likes and dislikes, what we favor or don't? Indeed, can't most all else about us be inferred from our memories? Are we diminished then to the extent we forget, to become lesser a person? Alzheimer's suggests as much. In the extreme case, only appearance is left.

But isn't there more? How we observe, deduce and connect things up and deal with ideas? Isn't that too a piece of us beyond memory? Or is it just a manifestation of a well educated mind leaving its traces as method in memory? So who are we besides our appearance and our ever fading memories.

But it goes from bad to worse. In the extreme Alzheimer's case of virtually all memory lost, is there enough of a person left to be a person, or, more pointedly, to have any concept of a soul. That is, devoid of our memories, are we well enough defined, to even have some sort of soul. A vegetable form is as good a contender, is it not? What is left to be perpetuatable? A spark of life must have some unique spark to be distinctive and worthy of meaningful perpetuation, must it not?

to be continued, maybe.

On Immigrants to the US.

20 February 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
Kimball Corson
T shrits and placards claim "Immigrants make the US great." "Let the immigrants in." and "We are a nation of immigrants." It is all a bit foolish and unthinking like a lot of public thought and sloganeering.

The truth is some immigrants do help make America great; some don't contribute or detract much at all; and some are criminals or social problems. The first group is relatively small, but includes all six American Nobel Laureates this year and many scientists and entrepreneurs. The second group is the largest by far and not much can be said for or against them. The last group is a nationwide problem and burden and it is not that small, probably larger than the first group.

The trick obviously is to establish systems and means to distinguish who falls or will fall into which groups and to allow the first group in. exclude the last group and establish how many in the second group should be allowed in without upsetting and too radically changing the country and its neighborhoods. I have met Austrians who have left Austria because so many Muslim immigrants have been allowed in that the character of the country has been radically altered and crime is now a serious problem.

The second group is a policy issue to be decided by government and its elected representatives. How to handle the first and third groups of immigrants is obvious.

The Main Stream Media and Trump

20 February 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
Kimball Corson
The approach of the MSM is clear. It prints disparagements, lies, half truths and false innuendos about Trump and his administration intended to disrupt white house efforts and operations. Like CNN, it does this almost full time. It knows Trump and and his administration cannot resist responding --- all to the point where indeed white house operations are in fact disrupted. Then the MSM complains about the White house not running smoothly. It is a gambit that is working.

Trump et al. should ignore the effort -- except to have his press staff deny and explain the such faux news by press releases so the administration can better focus on the tasks at hand. Trump is being distracted by the MSM -- among his enemies -- and is taking too much time himself to rail against it.

Too, the public gets it. The bias against Trump of the MSM is blatant and unrestrained. There is a developing backlash with the public against the MSM on the part of people of all stripes because of it. As Trump says, the MSM pushes faux news, the unnewsworthy and anything negative it can say against Trump. It is tedious, tiresome and a bore. The world would be better off without such faux "journalists."

How to Tell What is True and What Is Not

20 February 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
Kimball Corson
This is a post truth era. We are awash in agendas that color everything. The mainstream media has an agenda presently, with CNN at the vanguard. It is to disparage, slander and misrepresent Trump and his administration to the maximum extent feasible because that is what many of the public who hate Trump want to hear. The mainstream media also fears the changes Trump is taking about.

However, credibility is the price of that policy with other members of that public who are more neutral or who favor Trump. The issue then becomes for all who are interested how to determine the truth in the news, especially on what is occurring.

First, the task is ever and always an individual one. Second, several things need to be considered. a) What is the political bias of the source? That bias can be discerned by reading all or most all of what that source publishes on that topic and related topics, especially including editorial positions. Political direction can be easily determined in that manner. Themes and contentions, implicit or not, can be discerned. It is not difficult to discern the direction of bias. It is super simple in some instances. Degree of bias can also be gauged, but that is harder and requires referants from broad reading.

b) what is truly newsworthy and what is only nominal and perhaps implicitly disparagement needs to be considered. What topics, in the scheme of things should be being addressed seriously and in detail that are or aren't. What is thoughtfully and consideredly presented and what more just serves a political agenda or patronize a part of the public.

c) what is the source and what is the current reputation of that source for neutral objective reporting, especially by keeping facts separate from opinions. Are the two merged and blurred or carefully delineated, as the New York Times used to be, into factual articles and stories and separate editorials of opinion, How bad is the lack of separation? Read over time and in the aggregate does a bias or nominal agenda emerge? Sometimes matters are so blatantly screwed up a quick read or viewing of only a few articles or stories is needed to determine an acute bias or an agenda. Hugely discount such sources.

d) does the source present information neutrally or is something more requested, impliedly or otherwise, to or from the reader? Is a reaction from the reader sought -- of affirmation. What kind of affirmation? If it is "Yeah, that's right," also hugely discount the source.

e) does the information stand up to considered analysis and is it logically compatible or consistent with other known information? What other information is known? By whom?

The last screen or test e) somewhat begs the question by presuming the reader hearer or viewer is capable of analysis and knows how to parse quantum information for verifiability, logical consistency and comparison to what is already known. That brings me to f) the individual's strong need 1) for a quality and usually higher education, or otherwise a well developed thinking capacity and 2) to be widely and well read across a broad range of topics and issues from earlier and nominally good sources so as to have a considered and careful view on matters generally, as the background needed for critical thinking. It can't occur well in a vacuum.

These acquisitions are hard, time consuming and often expensive to get but they lead to and comprise the skill of critical thinking and having a knowledge base on which to apply it. Like cross examination, such critical thinking and the background for it is a powerful tool for getting at the truth They are the best test for veracity and where the American public increasingly misses the boat most badly, especially with declining reading and thinking skills. That is why political lying can now be so successful and is used so much more aggressively now.

Very little misinformation and disinformation can slip by all of these screens, especially f). But two key points remains noteworthy. First, look how much work and effort these skills and the background needed to apply them, require. And, secondly, consider the ability of average Americans to have and apply these skills. Pretty scant among most I am afraid, which makes the practices of faux news and bad media increasingly worthwhile. With declining IQ's, declining reading skills and falling educational standards and opportunities and with the cost of a good education rising out of reach of most, the prognosis is not good even for those who try to apply these screens, especially f).

Deceit, which was learned from the American business community, has made huge inroads into the provision of news and into its media. America is largely unable to deal with it. Much news media is so bad and so politicized it is fair to ask, what sources should be turned to for accuracy and truth? The answer, I am afraid, is none although The Hill comes closer than most. Only by a massive readying of all can truthful news be gleaned. The MSM is not sufficiently choreographed to hide it. Critically read, the Huffington Post, the NY Times, The Hill and several other more outlier sources in aggregate create a leak of the truth or the essentials of it, enough to critically think about it against the background of all you know, if you are adequately well read and informed.

The MSM is so bad, blatant and political these days, like much of the CIA, it should be summarily fired or dismissed. What we have is atrocious, with CNN and HuffPo at the vanguard, contending for the title of the worst. Regrettably that is the way it is going too be for a while, because Trump and the mainstream media are at war and each will say whatever it thinks will gain it stead and hammer the other. Americans should demand better of both and not be so gullibly taken in by either. But alas, we don't and are. We are witlessly divided and we instead just unthinkingly jump to a million conclusions and firmly take sides. All critical thought goes out the window.

The outlook is poor and the American public is as lacking as its media and President. In a way, all deserve each other. So glad I am gone.

A Personal Clarification

20 February 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
Kimball Corson
I am not a Trump fan. I don't much care for him or his choices so far. I believe he does have a narcissistic personality disorder, but I also believe he has some unusual talents and capabilities. Most billionaires do. Many great men are mentally off, not that Trump is great. He has to prove that. But some of his goals are laudable. How he is proceeding, on the other hand, is highly questionable and not at all inspiring for starters.

He is thin skinned and can't keep his mouth shut and his Twitter account closed, so he is easily distracted and not focusing well on his job. The MSM is delighted with its role in this result, and with the result itself. This could be a huge shortsighted mistake.

The rub, everyone seems to forget, is Americans elected Trump to the office and now we are stuck with him. The only real outs are resignation or impeachment. Either way, Pence is who we will get -- a religiously crazy, in league with the die-hard conservative elements of his party and congress, with whom he and Ryan could do much irreparable damage to this nation, their target being to destroy the safety net, compromise entitlements and undo the rest of the New Deal. How many of us want that as the realistic alternative?

Draining the swamp and regulating immigration, look inviting by comparison. Because of the Pence/Ryan alternative, Trump needs a chance to show us what if anything he can do, even if his start is terrible. The point is with Trump there is hope. With Pence and Ryan, there isn't.

My core bitch, since everyone is well aware of Trump's faults, missteps and blunders, most of which have been considerately and well reported by others, is the MSM in its role as a fanboy club for Trump haters. It is generating terrible journalism as a result, beginning with the so-called "Muslim Ban," which missed most Muslim countries, on through the horrible reporting on the 9th Circuit events leading up to the decision in support of that temporary ban. I target that journalism. It reflects terribly on our media and I am against it.

Just so you know. There is now no need to impute positions to me as many were doing.

One Likely Path Ahead.

01 February 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
Kimball Corson
The consensus take on current happenings is that neo-liberals are inciting protest over Trump's victory and the neo-nationalist program Trump is setting on its feet. But I hate neo-anything references largely because there is damn little neo under the sun. This is the liberal establishment, which had its posterior kicked hard electorally, opposing Trump's nationalistic Make America Great Again program being built up to, among other things, displace the protesting liberal establishment which lost. Theirs is a fake and forced insurrection with much howling and protest which can and will go nowhere unless Trump fails miserably and does something impeachable.

But the Koch brothers are correct. If Trump materially fails to deliver on his promises to Main Street and middle America, or the republican party acts at their peril to materially block Trump, then there is a real possibility of a true progressive and popular revolt, but it won't have much to do with the now defeated liberal establishment and the democratic party which is dying as I write.

It will arise out of middle America which placed Trump in office, and it will become aligned with independents, alienated liberal democrats, sensible republicans and most progressives, and it will likely have new progressive leaders yet to emerge. If those leaders are smart enough to lead in a more moderated Bernie tradition and direction, much will be possible and old style republicans will either have to change their colors or become displaced relics like democratic leaders are.

Why, economists like myself, might even march and join in.

The Failure of Core Conservative Principles

31 January 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
Kimball Corson
Conservatives, from the most pure to Libertarians, rever free trade, free markets, open societies, voluntary cooperation and small government as the path to a happy social order, but their agenda is flawed, seriously flawed. They ignore economic and social reality.

Economists have shown us that free trade is the optimal policy for a country only if all its trading partners, over whom we have no control except by agreement, also practice free trade. An example if country X decides to subsidize an industry engaged in exporting so the industry can reduce its export price by 50%, then Country Y, importing and manufacturing that industry's good will have those manufacturers injured by lost sales and business, unless a 100% equalizing import tariff is imposed. Tree trade is not the optimal trade policy unless all practice it is the point. That does not happen as much as we would like. The WTO arbitrates disputes all the time.

Similarly, economists have shown that free markets, unregulated by government, not infrequently fail and crash. Wall Street's mortgaging packaging business and the housing market, just did that, once they were freed of regulation which hampered their profits and innovation, as earlier they told it. Indeed, the smoothest running and most efficient markets, complete with market makers, are our stock exchanges which are the most heavily and well regulated markets there are.

As economists explain, free markets are also riddled with externality problems, too, where some producers gain their profits by imposing part of their own costs on others or the environment, The phrase is privatize the profits and socialize the costs or losses. It is common place and is a broad principal. Conservatives get it wrong here, too.

An open society is presumably one that doesn't not unreasonable and unfairly discriminate and affords all an equal opportunity. Government, which conservatives don't like, of course has to be the moderator and make the law here and enforce it. The truth is a laissez faire social order is a mess, fraught with discrimination and very unequal opportunity among and between different and diverse groups. An open society, so defined, is a myth, especially without government.

This brings us to voluntary cooperation and small government as the means of getting social concerns taken care of. The problem is voluntary cooperation, without government doesn't work. Bush's thousand point of light is just not up to the task. Voluntary cooperation invariably fails with much fighting over how much to do and for whom. Coordination is lacking and when it does formally arise fraud and pilfering become problems. Voluntary cooperation outside of well regulated markets has no great history.

Note the fuss is for "small" government, not "good" government with size being largely irrelevant. This is a very telling point revealing conservatives' bias and greed. I say greed because smaller government is cheaper, takes fewer tax dollars and taxpayers, especially the rich, don't have to pay as much in taxes. The call for smaller government is a sham. It should be a call for better government but rarely do we hear that from conservatives..

The conservative agenda is a failure and a sham which too much ignores social and economic reality in America. It is only so much self serving rhetoric.

The American Left and Center is Fragmented and Oblivious

29 January 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
Kimball Corson
I just put a post up explaining that conservative Republicans, after years of effort and money, have locked up state legislatures through ALEC and big GOP donors, and they are soon going to hold a constitutional convention to amend the constitution to their satisfaction.

Twenty-eight state legislatures out of the needed 34 (2/3) have already passed a resolution to convene a constitutional convention and 38 (3/4) state legislatures are all that is need to ratify any constitutional amendment and make it a part of the new constitution we are about to get by this cram down process.

Also almost no one, except a few very smart social media types noticed or commented on the post and a few made it clear that even after the matter was spelled out to them, they did not understand. Steve Grumbline, a progressive, has coined the phrase "woke as fuck," but that is hardly the case here or generally among the American center or left, including among liberals and progressives. Both have almost no clue about how they are soon to be had. "Asleep and fucked," is much more like it and that is the reality of what is happening.

The main guys behind this long term republican conservative effort are the Koch brothers, ALEC and other big money GOP donor friends who want small government, few individual rights and to do what they want without government interference. They have been planning for years and are no dopes. For examples, the Koch bothers alone each hold multiple advanced degrees from MIT and the howling liberal/left public is simply no match for them or their purses, as has become very clear lately.

Indeed, the American populace generally is not too bright. The smart conservative position is they deserve what they get and are about to get. Their voices are too loud, too thoughtless and hugely fragmented over myriad positions and issues. Like the Democratic Party, they simply cannot get their act together. They can't even agree on the core problems, much less what to do about them. They are scattered and noisy. The accompanying poster is typical of the Democratic, liberal, left, Progress mind set. It doesn't buy spit, especially compared to what smart conservative republicans are planning and up too.

It is sad, but it seems we rabble are about to get what we deserve for being so oblivious and "Asleep as fuck."

How Americans Are About to Be Had by the Oligarchy

29 January 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
Kimball Corson
ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, which lobbied state legislatures to gerrymander state legislative districts to now essentially lock up the US congressional house for republicans is at it again. ALEC has already also locked up most state legislatures for republicans, as I have explained earlier. But now the rest of the oligarchy's plan is unfolding.

Those same republican controlled legislatures are now being urged by billionaire GOP donors and Charles and David Koch and their friends, to have those state legislatures convene a constitutional convention, permissible under Article V of the Constitution.

At that convention, they want to rewrite the Constitution to do all sorts of things staunch republicans and conservatives want to, but primarily to increase and protect the power of the oligarchy and their corporations, lock up or in the power of their republican servants and to reduce the power and worth of the vote of the people. Since the state legislatures are already largely republican controlled, they will likely succeed.

We have been outsmarted and outmaneuvered again. While liberals and progressives have been crying, whining, ranting and howling, the truth is they are again asleep at the wheel and almost too stupid to breath. Republicans and ALEC have worked for years to tie up state legislatures with republicans, as I have been saying for years and now we have this. The next logical step. The other shoe has dropped. We are about to be had.

It takes 34 states to convene a constitutional convention; 28, have already passed resolutions to do that. ALEC, billionaire GOP donors and Koch & Friends are now targeting 11 other states and firming up republican control of those and other state legislatures. It is a scissor game that has been planned and underway for years, especially getting republican control of the state legislatures. Ratification by 34 state legislatures makes the new constitutional amendments part of the new constitution. We have been oblivious and sleep and it is largely too late to do much now.

Network Television Too Much Reflects Who We Are

29 January 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
Kimball Corson
I was there at the birth of television. We had the first one in our rather upscale neighborhood. It was a huge console with an 8" circular screen, a phonograph player and a big radio that included the short wave bands. The only program on was Howdy Doody for a half hour at 5:30 pm and it was snow for the remaining twenty-three and a half hours. Kids in our neighborhood would come over to watch THE show and then sit around and watch the snow as my Mom served cookies. Times have changed a lot. Life was simpler then.

The big three networks, ABC, CBS and NBC, are now awash in endless advertisements, much self promotion, bold colors, huge, moving graphics, too little of substance, endless sound bites, and considerable over-lapping monkey chatter on talk shows. It evidences our poor attention spans, our fixation on motion (as baseball is dying), our love of color and movement, our desire for bold visual graphics or glitz, and our endless love of self promotion and money. A flashy hustler’s mind set, if you will. Slow, still, considered, developed, insightful and thoughtful need not apply. They are now affirmatively un-American, as network television clearly shows.

Content is always slighted over color and splash. It is like our limited attention spans will wander if we are not incessantly bedazzled. It is not a reader’s medium or mind set at all. The NBA is considering how to shorten games because Millennials’ attention spans are just not up to present game lengths. Bunny brains is the phrase that comes to mind. And fat ones at that.

There were no fat people on early and even later television. And far fewer in the population. Now it seems every other person is fat or downright obese. More than one-third (36.5%) of U.S. adults are not just fat or overweight, but obese according to the CDC. Americans have hugely porked up and television reflects that and may be causative. It is a mirror held up to ourselves.

And the pork has myriad health consequences. It seems almost a third of the ads are by the pharmacy industry, many targeting fat people. “Ask your doctor is _____ is right for you.” It is American’s “take a pill” mindset and all will be fine. The drug companies spend more on advertising than for research and much of their research is done for them free by the US government. Yet their prices are outrageous.

In the beginning, ads did not exist on television, but that was short lived. Now ads eat up a third of programming time and that does not include network self promotional time or transitional, graphic splash. Programs are abridged and entail many disconnects. Everyone talks unrealistically, and too fast and clipped. Kid actors mouth lines well beyond their years and story lines are thin and repetitive. And everywhere, the hustle for the almighty dollar is glaring and blatant. Buy, buy, buy.

None of this is good for us. The time we could and should be active and doing something physically engaging or useful is now too largely spent in front of the TV scarfing down chips, suds and pizza. And forget reading books; that is not much fun and even slower than baseball. In truth, we do too little, both mentally and physically, and we eat too much which is why we are fat. But we also eat to assuage our anxiety, for we are a hyper and anxious nation.

We feel the world is racing ahead in ways we don't understand, that our lives are controlled by others and we worry and fear that we are falling behind. Trying to keep up can become a thoughtless compulsion. Getting ahead is the incessant goal. Thoughtlessness is its handmaiden. It is one hell of a country.

An American Pathological Disorder

22 January 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
Kimball Corson
There is a mean and vindictive streak running through too many Americans. It is also tinged with resentfulness. They oppose, demean and ridicule many people and any idea of the public interest, but more by implication than overtly, think negatively of everything and everybody who supports it, calling them naive, and often speaking in vile and sometimes profane terms. I encounter them by degree everywhere on Facebook and other forms of social media.

They are unhesitant apologists for what is morally wrong and unabashedly and aggressively so. They deny clear facts, demean all achievement and despise educational attainment. They tend to like Blackwater and its ilk for their underhanded and often illegal actions and demean most others as wusses. They think of themselves as tough minded realists and any not like them as fools. They are at best, amoral, if not actual or latent sociopaths.

They lack a good working moral compass and even scoff at the idea of morals as something for wimps. And they resent. Boy, do they resent . . . education, attainment, others' successes and they are quite outspoken about it. They belittle. They ridicule. It is a pathological syndrome reinforced by occasional sympathetic reaction to it from others of like mind, with much more that is vile beneath the surface that remains unvoiced. They take heart from each other, and again, view themselves as arch realists. They are often gun nuts, survivalists and they rever fighting skills.

They are a significant part of the human condition in America, as bad on one side of the spectrum as the super religious, god believers are on the other. Benighted souls and spreaders of mean-spiritedness and impatience, with all being salvageable only by vile or untoward means. Humans of differing views are simply impediments to progress. They don't understand the mechanisms of progress or democracy and tend to view history as lulls punctuated by wars.They are the underbelly of America.

There are many such people in America, at base, among you, although more off social media than on it, because they don't want to be identified. I say among you instead of among us because I am now well gone by thousands of miles and living elsewhere among more normal people.

Robert Reich

22 January 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
Kimball Corson
posted this today:

"I had breakfast recently with a friend who's a former Republican member of Congress. Here's what he said:
Him: Trump is no Republican. He’s just a big fat ego.
Me: Then why didn’t you speak out against him during the campaign?
Him: You kidding? I was surrounded by Trump voters. I’d have been shot.
Me: So what now? What are your former Republican colleagues going to do?
Him (smirking): They’ll play along for a while.
Me: A while?
Him: They’ll get as much as they want – tax cuts galore, deregulation, military buildup, slash all those poverty programs, and then get to work on Social Security and Medicare – and blame him. And he’s such a fool he’ll want to take credit for everything.
Me: And then what?
Him (laughing): They like Pence.
Me: What do you mean?
Him: Pence is their guy. They all think Trump is out of his mind.
Me: So what?
Him: So the moment Trump does something really dumb – steps over the line – violates the law in a big stupid clumsy way … and you know he will ...
Me: They impeach him?
Him: You bet. They pull the trigger."

I Have a Dream . . .

21 January 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
Kimball Corson
In a nutshell, it is that Trump aggressively and successfully pursues his professed agenda to improve the lot of Main Street and and middle and lower class America by persuading the Republican congress to abandon its protection of the oligarchy and take up the cause of the common people, filling the void left by the Democrats abandonment of them. How's that for a dream! If Trump could do that he would become a truly great president and give America a rebirth.

It is possible? yes. Is it likely? no. The extreme alternative, is congress stays protective only of the oligarchy, Trump bangs his head against the wall in the tradition of Obama and Trump truly fails, eaking out out just enough gains to, like Obama, take rhetorical advantage of them.

Something a little bit more toward the middle is most likely, with Congress still holding tightly to the purse strings, but allowing some gains to the lower half of America to slip through, but continuing to protect the oligarchy as its central endeavor and patron.

Obamacare is the initial litmus test. Why? Because it imposes a huge tax bill on the rich, so huge it reduces the deficit and uses much of the money to provide decent healthcare insurance for many millions of additional, uninsured Americans at premium levels lower that would otherwise be the case. The real bitch against Obamacare is by the oligarchy and it is over the hike in taxes on the rich. The oligarchs and their minions successfully persuaded not-too-bright Americans that Obamacare was bad because it was Socialism or socialized medicine and therefore, ipso facto, "bad."

What Trump can do here, with the press for Obamacare repeal (read tax repeal for the rich) so strong, remains to be seen, but he is between a rock and a hard place to be sure, after promising all Americans good health care. This is Trump's big, initial hurdle and it is a doozie.

Anyway, I can dream, can't I?

Coming of Age in Samoa

21 January 2017 | Pago Pago, American Samoa
Kimball Corson
As Margret Mead and her mentor expected, her book Coming of Age In Samoa upset many Westerners when it first appeared in 1928.

Many American readers felt shocked by her observation that young Samoan women deferred marriage for many years while enjoying casual sex before eventually choosing a husband. As a landmark study regarding sexual mores, the book was highly controversial and frequently came under attack on ideological grounds.

For example, the National Catholic Register argued that Mead's findings were merely a projection of her own sexual beliefs and reflected her desire to eliminate restrictions on her own sexuality. The traditionalist conservative Intercollegiate Studies Institute listed Coming of Age in Samoa as #1 on the list of what it thinks are the "50 Worst Books of the Twentieth Century".

While flawed in some serious regards, it was a breakthrough study in anthropology and its methods and it provides a good description of Samoan cultural and social norms and morae at the time, much of which still survives.
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