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We are off the dock!!!
08/10/2011, Mission Bay, CA

Mission Bay is only about 5 miles north of Point Loma Lighthouse in San Diego. It is a series of sheltered coves designed for people to have fun swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing (small dinghies and hobie cats) while enjoying the sun and sand. There is only one cove that sailboats of our size can safely enter due to the height of our mast. It is directly behind Pacific Beach so you end up with both a calm anchorage and access to the constant surf and surge of the Pacific. As we had no agenda we decided to wait for favourable winds before sailing on to Dana Point up the coast. Silly people that we are!!!! The wind felt disinclined to blow in the appropriate direction so we hung out for three days. As it happened, fate played a role in the extra day we decided to give the wind a chance to redeem itself. Our computer re-charging cord went on the fritz and we were able to get it replaced under warranty prior to our departure. The price you pay (somewhat steep) for enjoying Mission Bay are the airplanes that take off and land at the San Diego Airport every five minutes from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. We were anchored directly on the flight path. The wildlife was fun to watch, mother terns chasing their babies to keep them from landing, showing them how to hunt, reluctantly feeding them fish when they became too tired and landed anyway on top of the mooring balls in the anchorage. The ever present pelicans constantly flying and diving for their supper or following the fishing boats hoping to get some stinky, tasty fish morsels thrown overboard. My all time favourite, what I call the stealth bomber was the black skimmer. In Pier 32, our home base, they would fly by you at very high speeds while you walked along the dock. It was always at night and felt like a soft wind brushing by your face. The black skimmer drops down to the surface of the water, opens its beak and skims the top of the water for food. The best picture (and even then it does not do them justice) is the one I got very early in the morning at Mission Bay as they finished up their nightly hunting. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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Fun & Frolic on the Pacific
07/06/2011, Beach at the Coronado Hotel

Alia & Mike - jumping for joy!!!!!

San Diego CA
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07/25/2011 | Jill Savage
Adorable shot - love the hangtime!

The blog is looking great so far, I can't wait to read more of the Chronicles. Cheers!
08/04/2011 | Bill
Are you guys at sea yet????
08/08/2011 | Terry
Love the blog and will be a faithfull reader. North Channel just wasn't the same without you two but we did manage to hang out for 3 weeks and find a few new anchorages. Saw the ducks but it was from afar and not under the best circumstances.
Our First Post
Phoebe - Sunny & Hot
07/06/2011, San Diego, CA

Well here we are, plotting and planning on Three Sheets. Once we have the final name placed on the boat we will post a picture of our blue water sailing vessel. We are enjoying our time here in sunny San Diego while we sort out the systems and affect any changes we feel need to be made now. We really enjoyed our first visitors to our new home daughter Alia and boyfriend Mike from Toronto Ontario. We expect our friends Peter, Donna, Alysha and Ryan in the next week or so from Strathroy Ontario. We are going to head out to the Channel Islands which is just off the coast of LA California for 5 - 6 weeks. This will be like sailing in the North Channel back home. A good opportunity for us to figure out how we manage together on the boat while anchoring out. Hopefully we will come up with a short list of things that need to be done before we head to Mexico later in October. This blogging is new for us and I hope not too boring!!!!! I have attached a picture showing our neighbour, an egret, who hunts the shore by the boat at low tide looking for tasty morsels.

San Diego CA
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07/19/2011 | Harold Webb
Hello neighbor! We are also in San Diego for the remainder of the summer waiting out hurricaine season. We are headed to Ensenada in early September. We are in Harbor Island West Marina at the moment working on the boat (as usual, right?). We should get together and swap stories sometime.
07/30/2011 | debra
love it ....bring on the adventures !!

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