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Avalon on the hill
08/10/2011, Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, CA

Just a quick look at some of the homes on the Island..

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Dinghy Heaven
08/10/2011, Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, CA

Our little dinghy in the foreground (with the yellow and black life jackets) - amidst the bigger ones - note no one else seems to worry about life jackets!!!

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08/11/2011 | Peter and Donna
Glad to see you are complying..... Ryan just got his boating license today so he is legal now also...
On a mooring ball
08/10/2011, Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, CA

Can you see us, tucked away between the boats!!!

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08/21/2011 | debbie
wonderful pictures....looks like you both are having a great retirement !!

Dana Pt to Avalon
08/10/2011, Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, CA

People come to the beach at 8:00 am to secure the best spots and drop their towels. Everyone is 25 or pretending to be 25 or trying hard to keep looking like they are 25. Very interesting architecture and early history on the island. It is a little like Bayfield in the summer only much bigger. Lots of pubs, eating establishments, water activities, ferries to and from the mainland and shops. If you are interested you can look at the history online at . We toured the old casino which is now a museum. One of Catalina's claims to fame is that Marilyn Monroe (when she was Norma Jean) lived on the island for one year while she was married to a sailor at 16 years of age. Lots of old famous movies were filmed here and many actors enjoyed the island. Another popular attraction are the wild buffalo. Apparently a western was made here many years ago and 24 buffalo were imported to the Island for the film. Apparently they were left behind. Now they are culled on a regular basis and shipped back to the original native tribe. Two days was enough to get the spirit of the place so we let go our mooring and headed off to Little Harbour/Shark Harbour.

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Mission Bay to Dana Point, CA
08/10/2011, Dana Point, CA

Continuing to travel northward up the coast of California our next destination was Dana Point approximately 48 miles. We left very early on Wednesday am. Dolphins, dolphins, everywhere and not a camera to be found!!! It was exhilarating to see them and I did not want to miss the show while going down below to get the camera. They were so fast. It is so amazing how the sight of these creatures increases your heart rate, brings a smile to your face and a sense of childlike wonder to your life at that very moment. I hope that feeling never goes away. Wind again not in our favour so we motored on through and arrived around 6 pm. It was very windy and a bit awkward to anchor but we managed to hold anchor after dragging a few times. A lot of activity with kids sailing small dinghies, paddle boarders and general mayhem in the early morning fog. After winding our way through the traffic we set out for Avalon on Santa Catalina Island.

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08/25/2011 | debbie
hare you having fun yet..???

miss you both !
Pacific Beach - just chillin...
08/10/2011, Mission Bay, CA

This is the other side of our anchorage right on the ocean in an area called Pacific Beach where there were lots of people hanging out, playing volleyball, surfing and just enjoying themselves...

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