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Catalina Harbour (Cat Harbour)
09/08/2011, Catalina Island, CA

Dad's turn at this Blog stuff. We left Little Harbor after a couple of sleep deprived nights (bobbing and rolling all night can have that affect) and pushing a bit north, rather than west or northwest as we have been since leaving San Diego, SAILED!!! slowly on 5 knots of wind from the west into Catalina Harbour. This was a destination I was looking forward to, as it is one of only two "hurricane holes" in California and I was anxious to see it. Our neighbours in Pier 32, Steve and Carol, had spent a year or so in the harbor and had been quick to express their enjoyment of the place. It also boasted a restaurant and bar with wifi and we were anxious to reconnect to the family. It has surprised us how much we rely upon internet access.

Catalina Harbour "Cat Harbour" is a large deep harbour, patrolled by a couple of bald eagles on the west side, and an elderly male buffalo called Wilson to the east. Again we hiked a portion of the Catalina trail. First we went west uphill on a steep grade for two miles, no exaggeration. We were bloody tired when we finally reached mile 29, a destination I pushed for as we needed proof. We met about three troops of young scouts, 12-14 years old coming down, and could hear them coming for ½ hour as they chatted. We smiled when the older scout leader at the end of the parade, dressed as the outback guy, asked us if we had seen any birds and wildlife and lamented his lack thereof when we told him we had seen a few. The odds of him finding anything wild would require the creature to have just broken a wing trying to escape the oncoming hoard. Anyway, again very beautiful on the ascent and descent but we were in the clouds when we reached the peak at about 1500' so nothing to see there. After a day recovery we went east on the trail and visited a neat little dedication high on the hillside overlooking the harbor. It was a small fenced area which if my memory is correct is maintained by the San Diego Yacht Club and dedicated to a couple who obviously much enjoyed Cat harbor. Inside was an old school desk style box on a post and inside notebooks and pens for visitors to record their thoughts and their passage, and just outside a picnic table on a small horizontal piece of land to sit and admire the view. We much enjoyed the area, of Cat Harbour and concluded our stay by going dancing Saturday night at the pub and met an interesting couple Gill and Theresa, she celebrating her birthday. Phoebe says I cannot say what birthday it was, and this type of advice is one of the reasons I have survived to 65. On our way now to Santa Barbara Island.

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We really did see a buffalo
08/10/2011, Little Harbour, Santa Catalina Island, CA

He was big but sleepy

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08/10/2011, Little Harbour, Santa Catalina Island, CA

Reg continues to hike up the hill while I decide to rest...

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08/11/2011 | Peter and Donna
Wish I could have been there to drop hot point rocks from my pockets for you to walk on !! ;-)
but I am betting you wore shoes this time around !
08/14/2011 | Phoebe Wilson
Sorry Pete, I was wearing shoes this time
08/10/2011, Little Harbour, Santa Catalina Island, CA

I believe this is a Hutton's Vireo.....but don't quote me

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08/22/2011 | Bill Hickman
Google Godrich. Hit by toronado sunday. One dead. Hir main squarwe.
Still Hiking
08/10/2011, Little Harbour, Santa Catalina Island, CA


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Our six mile hike
08/10/2011, Little Harbour, Santa Catalina Island, CA

Beautiful views but not as easy as it looks, a long way up and a long way down but worth the trip

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