Tide Head
Vessel Name: TIDE HEAD
Vessel Make/Model: Outbound 46
Hailing Port: Corpus Christi, Texas
About: Dirk de Haan, Susan E. Barclay, Peter Blunden & Fred Guptill
Recent Blog Posts
29 July 2011
After heading to bed at 0400 I was able to sleep in until 1030; I woke up in time for my 0800 watcha nd could hear the sounds of breakfast and lots of chatter - no one called out for my assistnace so I buried my head for another 2 hours of well needed rest. We have no wind to speak of and are motor-sailing [...]
28 July 2011 | Onboard TIDE HEAD
Day NINE we continued to make steady progress but in a slower lollygagging manner, seemingly pottering about here in the Atlantic with no purpose or direction - indeed we do have a direction but this bobbing to and fro feels less producitve for sure (lollygagging is what you did as a child - or were [...]
27 July 2011
Day EIGHT started delicioiusly with a toasted bagel/egg-ham-cheese & tomato breakfast sandwich accompanied by a cup of fresh coffee, compliments of Peter - Marge, we're glad you gave him up for a couple of weeks! Our day was largly lazy with calm rolling seas and lots of reading & chit chat. The Hydrovane [...]
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