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Scott Dickinson and Kim Worsham's J/42 "Tiki J"--Pac Cup 2016 Division B Start Date July 12th, 1110PDT

29 June 2016 | Portland, OR
24 August 2012 | 37 36'N:122 19'W, CPYC
19 August 2012
18 August 2012 | Portland, OR
18 August 2012 | 37 48'N:125 48'W, 158 nm to SF
18 August 2012 | 37 45'N:126 30'W, 192 nm from SF
18 August 2012 | 203 nm to SF
17 August 2012 | 37 36'N:129 23'W, 330 nm from SF
17 August 2012 | 358 nm to SF
16 August 2012 | 37 25'N:132 18'W, 468 nm from SF
16 August 2012 | 508 nm to SF
15 August 2012 | 630 nm to SF
15 August 2012 | 630 nm to SF
14 August 2012 | 785 nm to SF
14 August 2012 | 790 nm to SF
14 August 2012 | 37 20'N:139 58'W, 830 nm from SF
13 August 2012 | 37 25'N:141 53'W, 922 nm to SF
13 August 2012 | 36 51'N:142 56'W, 980 nm to SF

A great day on the water

10 August 2012 | 33 10'N:148 20'W, 1294 nm to SF
We started the day with the fillet and release of Vince's mahi mahi, and finished it with Vince's famous fish tacos at the Tiki J Bar and Grill (we have neither bar, nor grill). Wow, what a treat! There's civiche curing in the fridge that Vince says isn't worth me even trying, but I'm pretty sure he's pulling my leg. Even Dad was tempted by the aromas from the galley to try the fish, but we're about as far from help as you can get if he were to have a reaction. ...though it would have been fun to jab him with an Epi pen ;-}

We passed through a Portugese Man-of-War nursery of sorts, where there were hundreds of tablespoon sized little guys floating in the water. They were the same size or small than the one we saw at the sandbar in HI, for those that were there.

At the risk of TMI, I had my every-other day field shower (baby wipes), change of clothes, and shave just now. As we're motoring in 2 knots wind with a gentle SE swell (from the Southern Hemisphere says LeeC), there's little chance of the saltwater enima ruining my new clothes like I got on the foredeck during the race. I'm hopeful that the predictions of catching the new wind are as spot-on as the loss of the old wind - it turned off just as we were passing over that 5-knot barb from the GRIB file (tic).

It's off for a catnap before my 2100-0000 (PDT) shift...
Vessel Name: Tiki J
Vessel Make/Model: J/42 Sail No. 33
Hailing Port: Coyote Point YC, San Mateo, CA
Crew: 2016 Update - Kim Worsham, Scott Dickinson, Brad Worsham, Vince Swerkes, Max Dickinson & Cody Dickinson
2016 Update: Max (12) & Cody (9) Dickinson will be joining us this year. Their first passage half way across the Pacific Ocean. Scott and Kim are former Foster City, CA residents recently transplanted to Portland, OR. [...]
2016 Update: The Year of the Kids! A lot of Worshams and those mental enough to be on a boat with them! In the Small World department, the Tiki J race crew, return crew (including Bill Sr) and shore support crew a.k.a. our extended families were saddened to learn of the passing of Charley [...]
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