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Scott Dickinson and Kim Worsham's J/42 "Tiki J"--Pac Cup 2016 Division B Start Date July 12th, 1110PDT

15 August 2016 | 37 35'N:123 19'W, CPYC
14 August 2016
13 August 2016 | 37 48'N:123 46'W, 60nm to SF
13 August 2016 | 37 43'N:125 24'W, 140nm to SF
13 August 2016 | 37 43'N:125 38'W, 150nm to SF
12 August 2016 | 37 36'N:127 46'W, 250nm to SF
11 August 2016 | 37 29'N:131 08'W, 410nm to SF
10 August 2016 | 37 24'N:135 47'W, 630nm to SF
09 August 2016 | 37 22'N:138 15'W, 750nm to SF
08 August 2016 | 37 40'N:141 12'W, 885nm to SF
08 August 2016 | 37 37'N:142 00'W, 925nm to SF
08 August 2016 | 37 37'N:142 00'W, 925nm to SF
08 August 2016 | 37 24'N:143 56'W, 1018nm to SF
07 August 2016 | 36 45'N:145 18'W, 1125nm from HI
06 August 2016 | 36 06'N:146 56'W, 1050nm from HI
06 August 2016 | 35 38'N:147 42'W, 1000nm from HI
05 August 2016 | 34 25'N:149 18'W, 900nm from HI
05 August 2016 | 33 47'N:149 47'W, 850nm from HI
04 August 2016 | 32 10'N:150 40'W, 750nm from HI
03 August 2016 | 29 40'N:152 16'W, 575nm from HI

That'll do Tiki J...that'll do.

24 August 2012 | 37 36'N:122 19'W, CPYC
Final Statistics: Departed KYC at 13:15HST (16:15PDT) Sat, 8/4 Entered SF Bay at 15:04PDT Sun, 8/19 Arrived CPYC 18:30PDT Sun, 8/19 Ran engine approx 12 hours charging batteries before motoring in earnest on 8/10 at 16:00 Total engine hours: 132 hours Departed with 130 gallons of fuel 85 gallons burned, 45 gallons in reserve

85 gal divided by 132 hours equals .65 gph equals 8.5 nmpg

2200 nm divided by (15*24+2) hours equals 6.06 knots average for the mileage sailed

"Anndd, done..."

Tiki J is officially back at Coyote Point

19 August 2012
Tiki J is officially docked at Coyote Point! The end of a great adventure. Now the fat lady sings and the race is officially over. Cheers to a great 2012 Pac Cup and Bac Cup.

Signing off...for now,
Kim (& Scott)

They are in the Bay!

19 August 2012
The 2012 Tiki J Bac Cup Crew has been officially spotted from The Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francis Yacht Club webcam! They are bucking the current to Coyote Point Yacht Club as I type. Friends and family await them (im)patiently (or maybe I'm the only impatient one!)! It's killing me I'm typing this from my pc in my kitchen in Portland. Men...drinks on me at the club, you deserve it!:)

Yeahoo & Thanks again!
Kim (& Scott)

Anxiously Awaiting Her Back Home

18 August 2012 | Portland, OR
Well, I don't know about you but I have so enjoyed the blogs from Tiki J along the way back to her home. I don't think my brother Brad has said that many words to me in our lives:) I can't believe Tiki J will be in her berth ETA within the next 24 hours. She and the crew are AWESOME. They have officially been named the "2012 Tiki J Bac Cup Crew"! Liz will be on The Gate whistling and taking some aerial photos (here's hoping no fog!). If anyone from Coyote Point Yacht Club, the Marina and Dock 25 are around Sunday evening, please keep posted (I will text Renea as soon as I know their time under the gate) and come down to Dock 25 to welcome Tiki J back home. Unfortunately Scott & I will not be able to make it back to San Fran on Sunday, we have kiddo commitments, but Scott will be there Monday or Tuesday. It has been a great adventure so far, and it's not over until The Fat Lady Sings and the dock lines are tied on...but she is sooooooooo close! Thanks to Jim B. for all of the 2010 insight, it's been extremely helpful and encouraging. I don't know about you, but I'm jealous about all of that sushi and fish tacos they have had. On the way down, I guess we were a little too focused on sailing and not enough on fishing (TIC)!

Okay, back to doing something else vs. looking at the miles to go every hour:)


18 August 2012 | 37 48'N:125 48'W, 158 nm to SF
Here's the product of Vince's morning trolling. He and I enyoyed maguro/hamachi for our big meal, while Dad had baked beans and rice.

We're starting to see the "last" of things: last full day we'll spend on the boat; last half of the last banana bread; tonight is the last for midnight watches and radio checkins, and the last night sober (tic)...

The wind hasn't filled in from the NW just yet though it's still showing the signs. Currently it's about 9 knots from just North of 270 degrees, which sounds pleasant enough but we have places to be and people to see! (it's just not enough pressure given the direction) It's been no hardship though these last two days as we had more sun/warm today after the marine layer burned off. I'm hoping the new marine layer that's encroaching from the North has our wind with it...I think it's a good bet. We flew the A6 for about 4 hours yesterday afternoon, and I'm thinking/hoping it'll go up in the next couple and possibly stay up over night if the angle is right.

For those who've been emailing us, don't stop! This last 150 miles seems to take the longest...

"You gonna eat your tots?"

War Paint!

18 August 2012 | 37 45'N:126 30'W, 192 nm from SF
Let this pic serve as notice to competition...

Actually, Vince caught another tuna (or close relative) this morning! I'm carrying the wasabi on my person, as I never got my sushi out of the last one. The fish is chillin in the fridge at the moment....figure I'll wait until lunch.

The wind has all but died now, but is showing signs of the Northwesterlies that should carry us through the Gate. The forecast has moderated a bit with peak winds between 15 and 20 knots, so we might be adventurous enough to fly the A6 to/through the Gate if it holds that long. ....that'd make it easy for Liz to spot us (the a6 is a pretty, aqua blue with 33 on it and black chevrons on the luff).

I'll wait until the wind fills to wager an ETA, but currently we're making 6 knots over the ground and have 192 nm to go at 10:45 PDT. I expect our boatspeed to go up as the breeze fills in...
Vessel Name: Tiki J
Vessel Make/Model: J/42 Sail No. 33
Hailing Port: Coyote Point YC, San Mateo, CA
Crew: 2016 Update - Kim Worsham, Scott Dickinson, Brad Worsham, Vince Swerkes, Max Dickinson & Cody Dickinson
2016 Update: Max (12) & Cody (9) Dickinson will be joining us this year. Their first passage half way across the Pacific Ocean. Scott and Kim are former Foster City, CA residents recently transplanted to Portland, OR. [...]
2016 Update: The Year of the Kids! A lot of Worshams and those mental enough to be on a boat with them! In the Small World department, the Tiki J race crew, return crew (including Bill Sr) and shore support crew a.k.a. our extended families were saddened to learn of the passing of Charley [...]
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