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Carried Away
Ponce, Puerto Rico
03/24/2015, Ponce Yaucht Club

Went to Sam's Club picked up on extra supplies. Got fuel and water had to get ice refrigerator went out. Staying in the bay but came up to the Yaucht club office to check in to use the laundry and get on wi- fi.

03/25/2015 | Charles Cook
Congratulations, you sea dogs! Enjoying all your blogs. Best wishes for perfect forecasts and fair winds!
03/18/2015, PR

Arrived in Mayaguez last night about 8:00pm after a 50 hr slog into the wind. At least is was less wind than it has been. Went to customs and now walked about 6 miles in search of a Wal Mart. Will try to catch a taxi back. Will work our way down the south coast of Pureto Rico over the next 1 to 2 weeks.

Luperon cont.

We have had a great time getting to know the people and some of the island. Wednesday we went with fellow cruisers inland to a water park. Was awesome! Walked up a mountain to the beginning of 12 waterfalls. Slid down some and jumped over others into deep pools. Finished the tour with the first buffet since leaving the states. Ruby unfortunately had to sit that excursion out because she had just had her hair braided and couldn't wear the required helmet.

We rented a motorcycle for the next two days. Unbelievably cheap at $12/day. It had been about 30 years since operating one but we managed. Off we went on a couple hundred kilometer mile exploration. Went to Imbert then Punta Plato and back to Luperon. Was a very senic drive down country roads through farming and ranching areas. The locals are very friendly but it sure has been a handicap not knowing much Spanish.

In Puerta Plato the cycle was having starting problems and died right in an intersection. A local came over an pushed it across the street and said he would fix. So we left it with him to have lunch. When we came back it was in about 200 pieces. All I could think is oh shit this is going to be expensive. Two guys working for three hours and parts was only about $60 US. Still don't know if we got conned or not. Oh well, dumb American tourists. It's just an adventure and we always have a great time communicating with the Dominicans.

We also got to stop at several of the roadside vendors to sample their treats. Bought some pineapples, mangoes and avacodos. Everything here is so cheap compared with the Bahamas an Turks and Caicos. Everything here is organic locally grown and with no import charges added on.

When we arrived back in Luperon one of the locals said to us "you have Dominican tattoos. What he was referring to was the burns on our calves from the exhaust on the motor honchos.
Will probably leave for Ocean World to get fuel and water Sunday then Monday hit the Mona Passage for PR. We are finally expecting favorable winds for heading East and South.

Trying to find an adaptor from camera to ipad. Have many photos to upload.

03/16/2015 | Charles Cook
Stan, braid your hair too!? :)
03/16/2015 | Charles Cook
Stan, braid your hair too!? :)
03/09/2015, DR

Left the wonderful South Side Marina in Southwest Caicos on Friday. Spent a rolly day going to South Point in Caicos. This was just a staging area for Big Sand Cay in the Turks which is another staging area for Luperon. The anchoring at South Point was very rolly and that after a hard and tense day coming across the banks. The water is usually 8 to 10' deep and you have to continually watch for dark spots which could be coral heads. It was a motor sail to Big Sand Cay but across deep water. At least the nighttime swell was bearable.

The trip across to Luperon was very rough with many squalls. Wind was gusting 30. Also had an unfavorable current
from the SE at about 1 1/2k. Was double reefed on the main with very little jib out.

Very very tired when we got in at Luperon. We did land a 4' Mahia.

The fees keep piling up to check in here: it starts with officials coming to your boat at no charge but there is an implied tip so out goes $30. The next stop in town is customs at $94 then Port Captain $20 then something else for $10 then the ag inspection another $10 to $20.

At any rate we are here and safe with a few maybe minor problems. Looking forward to some good sleeping tonight.

Photo is of Internet bar.

03/11/2015 | Charles Cook
Yay!! Keep on trucking!
South Side Marina Turks & Caicos

Stayed at South Side Marina for a week had to wait for a good weather window to leave. Heading out 3/6/15 Friday.

03/08/2015 | Charles Cook
Looking good! Smooth sailing! What ports are you shooting for in the Dom Rep!?
Providenciales, Turks & Caicos
Bad weather

Sapodilla Bay stayed until Thursday cause of rough waves.

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