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Carried Away
Exuma Land and Sea Park
01/18/2015, Warderick Wells

What a beautiful place this is. A totally protected park with mooring balls and no anchoring allowed. There is a 52' skeleton of a Sperm Whale on the beach. A park ranger house and shop adorne the hill next to it.

We went walking along a trail for a couple hours. Real rustic so you need good shoes. Lots of pictures coming. Oh yea, saw a few Hortia which look like hamsters or large rats.

Will go snorkeling today and try again to upload pictures.

01/20/2015 | Charles Cook
Sure wish we were all there too!
Norman's Cay

This use to be a drug runners island complete with runway. Looks like some major work going on to build something. Maybe a marina.

Just had a relaxing catch up day.

Highbourne Cay

Just anchored out for the night. Has a nice marina but no wifi was available.

Allens Cay

The reason I'm writing these blogs is because Ruby has a "short fuse" dealing with the wifi connection problems. I'm not much better. Playing catch up on these blogs while in Exuma Park at 3am in cockpit. It seems to be working somewhat now.

Anyway this post is about Allens Cay. Ruby caught a large barracuda while sailing over. This island has a large population of iguanas that seem to gather on the beach for handouts.

Ruby the conch hunter found 4 very large conch. Actually we had about 15 but just kept what we were going to eat. 2 for ceviche and 2 for conch fritters. Taught her how to extract, gut, skin, slice and pound them. She did 2 and so did I. What a slimy job.

Was a great place to snorkel and we have many pictures to upload when good wifi is available.

Rose Island

Very nice empty homes here. Looks like abandoned dreams. Kinda sad. No wifi and phone minutes expired while talking to my son, Aaron. At least got to touch base with a few people after no contact for a long time.


Got fuel and water. People are so friendly and helpful. We are on Paradise Island which is a massive gambling Mecca. Hired a taxi and purchased a cell phone, got some groceries and found a KFC. Wow was it good! The $20 talk time made 3 short calls to US. 80 cents per minute I think. It was a hurry up and depart stop to get to an anchorage before dark.

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