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Carried Away

Will try to fill in later. Left Georgetown then went to Coception then Rum Cay then here. This has been the first wifi available.

Had a rough three day passage to here. Was only 90 miles +/- but took three days of tacking. Weather got really windy and of course not in the right direction. You guys quit sending those cold fronts down here. We have had a front about every 2 days.

Coming over we lost our computer, just won't power up, refrigerator quit, camera quit and worse the engine died for lack of fuel. Either the fuel tank has a leak or perhaps the fuel pickup line has a hole in it. Will work on that tomorrow. Got the camera working again. Won't be able to send many pictures until we replace the computer. ( not likely out here). Maybe Luperon or Puerto Rico.

It sure was nice to get a full nights sleep. Ruby got sick once. Thought I was when jury rigging a siphon from a jerry can to the engine and priming it. That will be tomorrow's project to locate the problem.

02/21/2015 | Charles Cook
Hang in there! The weather sucks here too!
Georgetown 2

Have been stuck here with cold fronts coming from the west every two days. The last one was rough, 25 to 30 gusting 35K.

Have also been waiting for some sail parts to come in by DHL Express. Maybe they make it today. Parts cost $26 but shipping was $75 on the U.S. side and probably around $45 on this end. Was due in three days but now on day seven.
Oh well, couldn't have left due to weather. Finally under 10K today.

Forward water tank empty. Must make six trips to town at 20g/trip. About a two mile round trip. Probably move boat closer to town to shorten trips.

Watched several boats drag anchors last few days. A very scary scenario. A boat behind me started dragging so he threw out a second anchor on a chain rode. That didn't hold so he got his wife to motor towards the anchor as he was hand retrieving the second anchor. The first anchor was already in the windless. It was scary in that he was very close to the lee shore. Had the boat gotten sideways to the wind they would have been on the rocks. I couldn't do anything but watch. The waves made it impossible to dingy over and help. Tense situation with a lot of yelling going on. Had to be a strong marriage.

Hopefully will stage behind Fowl Cay and head for Coception Island early tomorrow (if part arrives).

Will get Ruby to download more pictures today.


Ruby caught a small Cero Mackeral trolling to here from Farmers Cay. We motor sailed out in the Sound. Wind was directly astern. Not the best point of sail in following seas. Was a 9 hr trip and weather window was only for that day.

Arrived about 3pm and anchored with about 600 other sailors from around the world. It is a joy to hear the French folks talking on the VHF net every morning. They mostly speak English but their dialect is awesome. An awful lot of Canadian flags flying here Peter.

Finally got the wifi booster working David. I think one of the cable connectors was loose. Found that I could pay for a provider and route it thru the whole boat. That has been the only way to update our blog site. As an added bonus it has been nice to get Netflix and catch up on Marco Polo.

We dinged to town and found that you are going to get wet going or coming back.

Will be here until some sail hardware arrives. My friend Peter Robinson will mail them to me. It is a real hassle receiving parcels here.

Well, off to beach church now. Only church you sit outside at pick nick tables and bury your toes in the sand. Has guest speakers, volunteers, each Sunday.

Little Farmers Cay

What a great treat this island was. Took a mooring ball because weather was deteriorating $20/n.

Ashore we were cordially greeted by the local comedian, Terry, at Ocean Cabin Rest. Met some more cruising friends Derek, Saha and their little girl, Emily. Also met Mark and his wife and a single handler, Bill. We great provider men went lobstering later to no avail.

Ruby and I walked around the airstrip and met a few locals. All very friendly.
Got to see the local kids in their neat uniforms. The school here is an all grade with only one teacher. Don't know how they do it.

This was one of the most Friendly Islands yet. If you ever go be sure to see Terry.

Blackpoint Settlement

Went ashore and saw a baby goat tethered to a house. He was having fun butting kids who were pestering him.

Ruby offered some tubes of M&Ms to a few of the kids and before you knew it they started coming out of the woodwork. More kids than candy. Some even wanted some for their cousins. They were calling me santa and her Mrs. Clause.

Had a enjoyable lunch at Deshamons Rest. These folks make Ruby feel right at home. I don't think she would ever go back to the U.S. permanently.

Staniel Cay

Nice friendly island with two groceries, pink one and blue one. Prices here are expensive because everything comes in by mailboat every week to ten days. They just started a 7 1/2% VAT here also.

Got some BAT phone cards that supposedly lower our cost from 90 to 30 cents/min. Purchased a few groceries and ordered two loaves of fresh bread for next day pickup.

When we got back to the boat is was aground on some rocks. Couldn't motor off and didn't want to be pulled off for fear of damaging the rudder. Had to wait 6 hrs for the next high. In the wait the stern was up about 20 degrees and the boat was resting on its fin keel. Very scary! Thank got there was only minimal wave action. Was too embarrassed to take pictures. Was probably my error in that the tide range here is 3 1/2 feet. That and the anchor may have pulled. It finally came off in high tide that night about 11pm and we anchored in a better location.

Went to a local church Sunday (only one) and went to where the James Bond movie Thunderball was filmed on a rock grotto. The pastor had lost a hand in some kind of duel between his truck and an airplane on the small runway. He was doing quiet well in that he played the keyboard also.

As Ruby an I was having lunch at an outside picnic table some local drunk came up and sat beside Ruby. He put his arm around her and was just being your typical drunk. One of the other men there quickly and sternly told him to leave the tourist alone. Tourism here is a big income produced and they guard us well.

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