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Carried Away
08/03/2012, Secret Harbor-South Grenada

Have been neglecting my posts lately so will update and add new pictures.

We all have been busy last couple of days getting ready for this Tropical Depression or whatever it may become. Looks like we may have escaped all the major problems. Its just rainy with some squally weather but not bad. Gives me a chance to come to the marina at Secret Harbor and catch up on this blog.

Have taken a couple of bus rides into the interior again. Went with Cuddy who is very knowledgeable on flora and fauna. He drives his own bus and farms a two acres up in the mountains. Went to another cocoa processing plant, Annondale Falls, Crater Lake and Rivers Rum again.

Have been taking a cooking class every Thursday with Esther and Omega. These ladies are comics as well as great chefs. If they were found they could easily have their own TV show in the States and make big money.

Also took the bus with 'Shademan' over to watch the Lime Comancheros and see the costume making frenzy now that Carnival is so close (13th and 14th)

08/04/2012 | James and Gail Hartley
Stan, it was great reading your posts and following your adventure. James will be jealous!
08/05/2012 | Heather Derek and Grant
Stan, it's great that you are really getting into the life there, and exploring all that Grenada has to offer! When we see you again, you have to do a cooking night, OK? :-) Stay snug for storm season, and have a wonderful Carnival!
08/12/2012 | mike
I'm jealous again..glad your having so much fun,,do miss the adventure,(not the bed),,picked up any island ladies yet?
Prickly Bay
07/21/2012, Grenada

Still here. Waiting for boat parts, SW Caribbean chart card and extra drive belt for autopilot. Thought this would be the best place to wait. Will probably be here until mid August before going to Testagos

If anyone wants to come down this is one of the best islands so far

Bus Tour
07/13/2012, Prickly Bay

What a great day Thursday. Vans picked up sailors from all around the different anchorages and took us to a Grenadian cooking class then to a pan band performance at St Paul then a tour of a plant making costumes for Carnival.

Check the pictures

07/15/2012 | Heather Derek and Grant
So, Stan, what did you learn to cook??? :-D
Great having your regular updates, we can vicariously enjoy your adventures!
Inland Tour
07/11/2012, Mid and North Grenada

Putting in new pics in photo gallery including location of Kick'em Jenny and entrance to Prickly Bay. Also many pics of inland tour including waterfalls, chocolate factory and rum distillery.

Met some nice sailors anchored next to me. We shared a taxi tour inland which was superb. Our driver, Bert, was born and raised here and was a wealth of info on history and places to go and it was very rerasonable since shared three ways.

First we went to Annandale Falls and watched divers jump off cliffs into the pool at the base of the falls, It was early in the day and cool so we didn't get in the water this time. There was this lady there with a beautiful arrangement on her head so i took a picture only to learn later that it cost to do that. Oh well

Next we went to Grand Etang Lake which is a crater lake supplying most of Grenada's water. The trip to these places is great because of the narrow roads and jungle. All the people you see are natives so you really see how they live.

Then we went to Seven Sisters Falls. You have to go through private property and consequently have to pay a small fee. They issue you a walking stick which really comes in handy as the trails are steep and muddy. We met the gardener at the start of the trail who was mowing the grass with his machete. He was very kind showing us all his fruit and nut trees and giving samples. He didn't even ask for money which was highly unusual. I only slipped and fell once but coming back Dennis slid off the trail about ten feet. We were both lucky we didn't hurt anything but our pride. We went swimming inthese fall and it was sooo refreshing. This trail took about two hours total.

We next toured the Grenadine Chocolate Factory at the Belmont Estate. Everything used here is organically grown and the chocolate is made in small batches. Our tour guide was very helpful showing us hands and feet on how it is made. The best part being the samples at demo end. They make 60 and 82% dark chocolate See the Photo Album

Finally we toured River Antoine Rum Distillery. This was my favorite since my hobby has been wine making which is somewhat similar. They make rum here the same way as they did 230 years ago. The rum crusher is still run by a water wheel an an elaborate set of reduction gears. The cane husks are used to fire the kettles to reduce the juice. We got to sample the end product. I took a sip of the 75% or 150 proof and I literally lost my breath. Again see Photos.

Stopped on the way back and bought fresh fruits and vegetables and a tuna

Going Thursday to a Grenadian cooking class and then to a costume making shop that designs and makes outfits for Carnival

07/11/2012 | Heather Derek and Grant
Great to see your progress, Stan! Where is next -- islands or mainland?
Prickly Bay
07/08/2012, South Grenada

Left Tyrrel Bay yesterday about 6:30am and had a great sail only having to crank engine last mile out of 38.

Went very close to Kick'em Jenny which is an underwater active volcano with an exclusion zone. Saw nothing and smelled no fumes. Had heard horror stories of people getting to close and sinking in the gaseous air. Got my attention!

Prickly Bay has a lot of cruisers here waiting out hurricane season. I hope to push on after a stay to check out the interior. Want to visit a chocolate factory, a rum distillery, rain forest, spice areas, waterfalls and hiking trails. This is the Spice Island

Will post more pictures when I get reliable wifi

12/29/2012 | "Buzzx"
Was in that area three summers ago. Unfortunately the captain was not interested in touring the island. Seems I missed a lot.
Arm Chair Sailor
Tyrrel Bay cont.
07/04/2012, Carriacou

Would like to say Happy Birthday to my youngest son Aaron today. 23 today and a real firecracker boy he is. My youngest daughter, Ashley, was born on December 31st so they both thought everyone shot off fireworks just for them for the first few years of their lives.

Caught a bus ride into the town of Hillsborough, at least thats where i think we were, looking for the illusive pastry bakery. The bus ride is truly a trip in itself. The buses are minivans for like 8 people but u can put 20 in there somehow. The fare is only $3.50EC which is about $1.30US. Not bad but the trade-off is in being a sardine.

Made it to town after many school and daycare stops. These kids are so sharp in their uniforms and white shirts with ties. Anyway the bakery turned out to be a booth about 4' by 6' and only sold bread and sandwiches. Made it back to Tyrrel on a different bus later.

The people here speak English and some bastardized version that must be creole. They use it to talk among themselves and u can't understand it at all.

Went on a dinghy ride into a mangrove swamp and then went snorkeling in the bay. Saw a few tropicals but forgot to take my camera. Saw some cuttle fish also.

Latter snorkeled from boat to shore and collected 7 conch. A boat boy, Robert came by as i was cleaning them and sold me some mangrove oysters. These are very small in comparison to ours but quite tasty. Gave Robert some of my conch for showing me how he cleans them. And oh yea, Fixed him a drink, a sandwich and a coffee. He was very interesting to talk to though and u lear a lot about the island thru them.

Went ashore last night but the retsaurant was not serving. They were moving all these oil cans and steel drums around to the side of the store in preparation for practice. I would have loved to have been in it myseff but was too late. Some of the natives were showing yachties how to play them and it was so hilarious watching them. These drums have many note facets beaten into them and sound awesome. This Friday the real band plays and i'm going to be there listening.

Was going to stick around until my mail came but it got delayed so will probably go to Grenada Saturday and arrange to get my mail there. They have a lot of cruisers there and have a cruisers net on 68 VHF

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