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Carried Away
11/20/2012, Trinidad

Well, beginning to like this place more and more. Found a great nondenominational church in Port of Spain, West Side Community. Was invited to a small group meeting by Gary and his wife, Cynthia, last Tuesday night and will go back tonight. We have only six in attendance and are studying Josh McDowell's book 'More than a Carpenter'. Cynthia and Gary host the meeting in their lovely home. It's in a gated community and is gaily painted in Caribbean colors.

Took Jessie James, Taste of Trinidad, tour yesterday. That was a wonderful tour as Jessie is very knowledgeable in local history, customs, politics, geography and cuisine. I attempted to take photos of most of the foods he presented to us along the trip. The tour was for 11 hours and took a giant loop around the island. The farming areas and jungles were similar to Grenada's. As an added bonus Jessie treated us to 88 different food items along the drive, so we basically nibbled all day long.

Jessie is very proud of his island and it became infectious. There are about 1.5 million people living here. 40% are Indian, 35% African and the balance a big mix. They end up producing some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Crime is a problem in the major cities just like the US. As you get into the country there is a significant drop and the people become much more friendly.

Stan/Hot (Index at 102 degrees today)
11/15/2012, Same

Have gone into Port of Spain (POS) a couple time. They are a very industrial based country since fuel is so abundant here. Fuel and electricity are subsidized. It is also a very fast paced country without the laid back attitude that has been so prevalent in other islands.

Have included a few pictures and will get more this weekend and Monday. Doing a Taste of Trinidad tour all day and it goes around the entire island.

The malls here are first rate (much better than Cordova) and they have a Price Smart that looks identical to Sam's Club. They have a Movie Towne so Dennis and I saw 007 yesterday on a very large screen. Its been a long time.

Tour and Hash
10/23/2012, Grenada

Have been getting my to do list completed before heading to Trinidad. Did manage to sandwich another tour and a Hash (an organized hike)

Waiting for Nate to get here. He has been bumped a couple times by American Airlines and I know he is disappointed, but hopefully he can make it soon.

Am including some pictures of the last tour and the Hash

10/25/2012 | rusty
great to hear your voice..blessings on and around you
10/07/2012, Mt. Hartman Bay Reef

What a day yesterday was. Local fisherman, Gabriel, had his outboard go out so I volunteered to go with him using my outboard on his dinghy yesterday.

We went out to the reef and started spear fishing. Since he is native he can use a gun but I have to stay with the pole gun to be legal

Well, the fish stayed just out of my range so I started hunting lobster and then ended up following Gabriel with the dinghy taking his fish onboard

Soon we went to one of his lobster spots and just about every time he went down he came up with one, two were very nice

After a while we anchored and I got back in also. Gabriel can free dive to 40' and stay a long time. Not me, I can get down but have to come up quickly

I saw a nice ledge and knew it was perfect lobster territory. Went down and there was a large Nurse Shark laying inside

Got Gabriel's attention and we tried to figure a way to get him. We decided to try and lasso his tail (Gabriel not this guy). So we take the anchor rode loose and made a noose. Gabriel takes a short stick with a hook on it and dives down many times and finally lassoed his tail.

Sorry, no pictures underwater as this turkey knows better than to be in the water with a pis...d off shark

Anyway we are back in the dinghy and the shark finally realizes he is not free. The sleigh ride begins! He is pulling us and finally we got the rope to the back of the boat and started pulling him. After a long time he tired out (until we stopped and the he came alive again)

We finally got him to a beach and killed him. Turned out to be 7' long. Dressing him out was like butchering a hog. What a mess. Gabriel ended up with about 50 to 60 lbs of shark meat

I'm thinking of renaming Gabriel to Tarzan or maybe just Crazy

10/10/2012 | Kelley Jett
Hey Stan !! Just reading your blog....
Yes, please leave him in control of catching the sharks, he is obviously use to doing that sort of thing!! Crazy would be a good name!
Take care :)
Hanging in Grenada
Stan/ PC with NE Trade Winds
10/04/2012, Mount Hartman Bay

Well, it's hard to believe I've been here 3 months. A lot of sailors sail South down the Caribbean, winter here and then sail North back up the Caribbean in December as soon as hurricane season is over. My plans are still for heading south, Trinidad and then West to out islands of Venezuela or ABCs.

My friend Nate Clark has emailed saying he can come sail with me on the 17th so will plan on staying a little while longer. Could sure use the help and company. Hope he gets to bring his wonderful wife.

Just got out of another Yoga class. Wow, what a workout! It really helps with flexibility. I would have never seen myself in Yoga before this trip but I'm a believer now.

Well I'm off to cooking class again this afternoon. I really enjoy cooking. Last Sunday Grand Anse Baptist had dinner on the grounds after service and we really got to try a variety of different island cuisine. I took some simple rice pudding dish and they devoured it like it was ice cream (and I was worried about it being too simple).

I'm including some extra pictures that I started not to post, but this is the islands Mon.

Energy replacement and conservation is becoming a bigger issue daily. Refrigeration is great, but it sure sucks the batteries down.

Looking forward to that $1.00 fuel I've heard of in Trinidad. Sure beats $6.50 to $7.00

Later my friends

10/06/2012 | Kelley Jett
Hey Stan !! I see your doing great, and living your dream!! Just wanted to say Hello !!
You take care....
09/18/2012, Grenada


I'll be in Grenada until October 11th so I'm putting an open invitation out to my friends and relatives. If you want a marvelous week in paradise email me and book your slot. American Airlines has flights daily and last I checked were running about $350 one way.

I've an extra stateroom so you won't have to worry about lodging, just food and fun money. I'll show you waterfalls, jungle trails, chocolate and rum factories, spice processing plants. oil downs, inland tours, downtown open markets and much much more. Some of the friendliest people you will ever meet

I can have a taxi pick you up and bring u to my marina.


09/24/2012 | Chuck
Can you get a good, used AK-47 there for the rest of your trip?!
10/01/2012 | Heather Derek and Grant
Wish we could, Stan, it's clear you love the place and the people and that you really know your way around there! We're closing on a house, though. Kind of have to be here :-) Hope you get wonderful visitors who are happy to go for a sail or two as well!
10/03/2012 | Nate Clark
Hello Stan I am not sure of your plans but if you can delay your departure from Grenada I can get down there on the 17th of oct. and help you sail the 3 to 5 day sail and bring some things from the states if you need. Would love to help out and learn a thing or two

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