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Carried Away
01/16/2013, Aruba

Have enjoyed my stay in Aruba but is time to move on. Met a lady, Roni, in Grenada who wanted to crew with me. She flew down from California and will crew for awhile. Thats good because I lost my autopilot and hesitate to make a long passage alone.

Leaving today for Cartagena which will take three to four days depending on average speed.

Cleaned boat bottom yesterday and general provisioning and cleanup for passage making. Will double reef main and roll in most of jib. may have to lower all of main. Will see.

Aruba was pretty but it is a tourist mecca with cruise ships coming in daily. Even saw a Club Med boat yesterday. It is a fake sailboat with five mast but no sails other than small roller furling staysails. Oh well!

Spent Christmas Eve with my friends friends from Saarina. they sang songs in Dutch and we shared a meal. Sure missed my kids.

You would not believe the fireworks these islanders set off for about two weeks. I was told that the government gave container loads of the fireworks away. On NY Eve there must have been a hundred different locations firing simultaneously. These are all commercial grade monsters too.

Met a lovely lady, Luz Marina, who showed me some of her beautiful island and also took me to a Protestant church service last Sunday. Thank you Luz for sharing with me.

Like i said this is a tourist town so its time to move on.

01/16/2013 | ralph & Mary
Great to here all is well. Have a great voyage. we worry about u.
01/17/2013 | Buzz
Following you'r voyage with great interest.
Everyone should do this at once in their lives!
Stay safe!
12/24/2012, Anchorage off runway

Arrived in Aruba yesterday at one pm. Checked in at Customs and immigration and the had to move about 2 miles to anchorage

Left Curaçao at 8 pm on tandem with Saarina the Finnish  boat. They were kind enough to lend me Hanna and her husband Kai as crew. Sure helped standing watches of three hours each. First night winds were under 10k but next day they jumped up to 20 to 25k on a downwind reach. Had to go off course several miles just to keep sails from slating. Got separated from Saarina quickly. My two crew got seasick with all the motion but they helped out tremendously.  No success on fishing at all

Had Saarina's crew over for pancakes and eggs after anchoring.  They thought that was a real treat. It seems they mainly eat porridge and biscuits

Caught a cold last night so stayed on boat this morning. It was a good thing because Saarina drug down an me this morning. They had just dinghed in. Heard a bump and jumped up to find their boat on mine. Jumped over on their boat and another dinghy came over on pushed them off my boat. They had a spare anchor do I dropped it and got a ride back to my boat. No damage thank God. Just another day out here

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas.  Now I'll attempt to find some free wifi

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12/26/2012 | rusty
Merry Christmas to you my bro. I think of you often and pray for yo too. love you bro
Aruba bound
12/21/2012, Curacau

Leaving Saturday night heading for Aruba. About a 70 nm trip. Buddy boating with my Seventh Day Adventist friends anchored next to me. They have been so generous as to loan me a married couple to help do watches. What a godsend that is. Will be without wifi for a few days. Wind will be higher that I like but I can't pass up the help, do will reef and go.

Stan/overcast and windy
12/13/2012, Spanish Waters

Sorry about the lack of blog post. Subscription to Sailblogs had lapsed and needed to wait for next payday

The wifi connection won't support my picture uploads yet do will have to wait some

Off grocery shopping and boat parts provisioning trying to get ready for move to Aruba when wind lays down. Grocery prices are reasonable and there is a huge selection (even off you can't read the labels. The Dutch cheese is very good and sold by the hoop or portion thereof

Refrig is down again and will have a guy look at it later today

Was invited to dinned aboard my Finnish neighbors boat. An old man and four of his young adult kids, son in law and another teenage friend. They are devout Seventh Day Adventists. What a nifty family. They sang grace as a harmonizing unit and it was beautiful even if is was Finnish and I didn't understand a word of it. I'm inviting them over tonight for dinner

12/13/2012 | Ralph & Mary
to Aruba, then where. Looks like a lot of water ahead. Lots of ships to Panama. Islands suppose to be nice. Columbia has some spots, I read. Good sailing.

New country with another learning curve. Dutch mainly spoken, currency is guilders at 1.77/us.

Caught a ride with a local sailor to town to clear on. Wow! Customs first and a long line then immigration which was a long and confusing trip. But it's all done and I caught a local bus back (sort of). Got lost walking from where bus dropped me. I probably walked 15 miles today.

So it's off to explore a new island. Will take pics and update after the 12th.

Leaving for Curacoa
11/29/2012, Bonaire

Will sail for Curacoa about 1am tomorrow. Only about 50 miles.
Blog site will be down until Dec 12 when I renew my subscription.

I can be contacted at [email protected] in the interim.

Could not get computer to load wifi here but phone still did. Weird! So pictures later


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