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Time Bandit
First Morning
06/03/2008, 42 12.53'N 68 50.3'W

Good morning. First night at sea and all went pretty much OK. Ellen MacArthur has gone up in all our estimations. Perfect intro to Atlantic sailing (ish). We had to motor for fist 45 miles/ 12 hours and, about 04:20, just as we were getting wind; 10kn from south east, the engine temp alarm sounded. We shut down, put up the rags and have been sailing in calm seas and now sunshine for last 5 hours. Everyone is happy, Phil is about to look at the engine (poor man is now Dan the engineer). Forecast for today is 10kn form SW dropping to 5 tomorrow then 25 on 5th.Bacon and eggs for brekky, Ian in the master suite watching a movie. All going great, boat is running well.

06/02/2008, Boston

So far we made it out of Boston harbour 3 times. Hopefully we won't have to turn back again. Other than pushed for time I suppose all has gone quite smoothly given we've taken an unused boat off the hard after 18 months, tossed it in the water and left 48 hours later. We've been up since 7am and worked all day, had a shower and headed out. Ian and Dougie on watch in ½ hour while Phil and I sleep. (Dougie slept all afternoon while Phil worked).

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