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10 December 2016
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Showing Off

10 December 2016
324 channels and there's nothing on the television so, at risk of boring you all, here's some videos from 2016

Bashing through a squall in the Bahamas

Passage Planning Time Bandit Style

10 December 2016
Such is our level of passage planning, right up until we heard this in Juky 2015, we were going to spend 2016 in the Caribbean. When the lyric hit "downhill run to the Marquesas" we thought, "Must be an omen. Why not?" And off we went. Simpls!Your text to link...


06 December 2016
It didn't start that well. Our trip home that us. Our 30 something hour flight home.

A one on the morning departure was never great planning but, with nothing else to do we headed for the airport in plenty time.

Plenty time as in you could have smelted aluminium and built your own plane from plans and still been early.

Despite that, somehow we managed to get behind a family who looked like they were making a weekly shipment to Tesco. Each person had at least three cardboard boxes, all wrapped in polythene loading a half dozen trolleys to the limit.

"Dad" had a fistful of passports which at first glance looked liked way too many for the folk I could see. And that was a lot.

Then, horror of horrors I spotted that half the women folk had a screamer in their arms.

Consequently, about four hours in I decided I'd start a new pressure group. KWAP.

Keep Weans Aff Planes.

OK. I'll accept this is a bit hypocritical as we still remember when our wee Fiona crashed teeth first into the marble floor of Geneva airport and screamed for the first two hours of that flight. However, 1) I'm now of an age where being grumpy is part of the job description and 2) she did stop, although it took the guy in the seat in front to turn and jangle his keys in front of her to achieve that. Fiona instantly stilled, gazed, oooh'd and ahh's at the keys then grabbed them and chucked them, irretrievably out of reach down the sides of the seats.

We then had to suffer this bloke wailing for the last hour.

Anyway. Time to go. The flight just got called for the next 12 hours of the joys of travel.

Chinese Funny Hat Competition- You can weld in this one.

05 December 2016
Got dragged screaming onto a Hop On / Hop Off bus tour of Auckland today or, more accurately for me and my sciatica, more limp on / limp off. That makes two tourist bus trips in less than a week and we've still three or four months of touring left. Oh dear.

The bus was filled with other cruisers. The P&O type. All gleaming sneakers, long shorts, funny hats and a tad "heavy set" belts straining after days or even weeks of four meals a day, shuffling on and off, cameras and name tags swinging like beads on a 60's hippy.

We have been known to torment ourselves by fantasising about big ship, luxury, all the food you can eat cruising when enduring long wet, cold and windy night watches. However, the reality seems a bit different with these poor folk shuffling from boat to bus to venue to bus to venue to boat etc....

We rumble and rumble round the town then into the outskirts overlooking a long bay where a yacht lies peacefully at anchor. Couldn't help looking out and thinking "wouldn't it be nice if we had a wee boat?"

Christmas New Zealand Style

02 December 2016
According to the Whangarei Brass Band, apparently it seems a lot like Christmas.

While young girls prancing around in bikinis in front of a Christmas tree makes for a pleasant distraction after a hard day's varnishing, when it's 20c on an early evening it really doesn't seem a lot like Christmas.

However, if any of the family are reading this don't forget, Stuart likes his Christmas pressies as much as anyone else.

In fact, if anyone wants to send a present feel free to do so.

C/o nicely varnished Time Bandit
Christmas Town
New Zealand.

Old Farts Tour Of New Zealand

28 November 2016 | The Kitchen
OK. I said the Blog would shut down but there's just too much great material here that would otherwise go to waste. That, and I'm addicted to woffle.

Having parked Time Bandit on the hard, we're off to see New Zealand from the land in our old 2008, 65,000 km Beemer.

Day 1
Arrived at Kaitai Mainstreet Backpackers lodge.

Unable to speak any of the many foreign tongues heard in the communal kitchen (do we know how to enjoy ourselves or what!!!!) we resorted to that reliable and tested method of communication for "Brits Abroad", speak L-O-U-D-L-Y.

Having found where the plates were and how the cookers worked I elbowed aside the health freaks preparing their noodles and couscous and proceeded to lower the tone of the kitchen somewhat, contaminating the childrens' salads and noodle dishes with my spectacularly unhealthy fry-up.

Once the blue smoke clears I'll maybe give them a thrashing at Pool.

Looking around, I'm glad I'm not the VP of Sales for Levi's or Gillette as I seem to be the only one who's shaved in the last two weeks and Levi's appear to have been replaced by cut off Bermuda shorts and baggy pants your average Moroccan street vendor would be proud of.

Don't these folks have jobs to go to? Who's going to pay the taxes to fund our old age if they're out here just chillin' instead of working?

Tomorrow we're off to Cape Reinga, the northernmost point of New Zealand taking in 90 mile beach. On a bus as I don't fancy driving up 90 miles of variable firmness sand. I'll need to be careful not to fall asleep, drooling with my mouth half open, in case one of the "dudes" puts in something healthy.

A Turkey Is Not Just For Christmas

24 November 2016
A turkey isn't just for Christmas

Not in America and apparently not here either. So, 60 of us got together at the Opua Cruising Club and noshed on several of the poor birdies for a New Zealand version of Thanksgiving.

This morning we were woken by yet another strange noise. I'm beginning to think I've already been ashore too long but, still unaccustomed to terrestrial sounds, I find waking to something other than a halyard, wind or waves somewhat disconcerting. First Neddy Seagoon. Now a low moan.

I first checked I wasn't being reprimanded for some late evening misdemeanours but no, Anne wasn't the source. Nothing wrong with the plumbing either, whether mine or the house. Turns out it was a fog horn. The day dawned like early summer in Maine. Thick fog and only a milky, cloudy outlook in all directions.

Good news is, while it's -5 at home, here, within an hour the sun had burnt off the fog and we were back to blazing sun and 25c.

Which made it all the more weird to walk into the supermarket and hear Noddy Holder screaming "Its Chrisssstmasss". When its 25 and blazing sun it's just not right!

Neddy Seagoon

22 November 2016 | The Heroes
Woke with a start this morning. Something was wrong. Way wrong. First, the funny noise. Second. It felt like I was in the Tardis, space all around.

Then I realised it was the first morning of our road trip around the north island. The funny noise was a bird pattering across the tin roof of the Opua Motel like a feathered Neddy Seegoon and the Tardis was in fact just a large bedroom. One that didn't move.

Next, a long hot shower followed by breakfast on the sun drenched deck. We like cruising but man, this is heaven!

We feel we really ought to invite Jonas and Sparrow to come and use the empty bed and facilities after their gruelling (the eyes tell the story) single handed 1000 mile single handed adventures in their Allegro 27 and Contessa 26 respectively. Days of 35 knots in 8 metre seas. Not much fun. So boys if you read this, come on up.

We are back in Opua for the Island Cruising Club's All Points Rally. This is where all the cruisers who've been "up island" make their way from, well, all points, to New Zealand. Last night was the welcome buffet and main event. So guess what we did!

Went on a bloody boat trip.

About 70 cruisers came off their boats and, just for a change, got on another one.

It was really good though. The skipper powered us into all the flat calm, idyllic nooks and crannies of the Bay of Islands spinning his giant steel three deck catamaran around the anchored boats, leaving them choking in a cloud of black diesel fumes as we roared off to the next bay.

At lunchtime we're off on the vineyard trip complete with free wine tasting. Looks like a sleepy afternoon on the deck coming up.
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