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What??!!! Another storm!!!
10/29/2009, Naoussa, Paros

First off, I'll tell you the meaning of the title. The title means that we're about to move off to anchorage while we wait for a Beaufort Force 8 wind (apparently it'll get real rough in the marina when the storm hits). We'll be anchored in the north bay of Naoussa (Naoussa has protection from any wind) hopefully out of the way of the full fury of the storm. It'll be just like last storm except that we'll be in a different anchorage. (Golly, I sure hope so!!!)

Right now we're waiting for a(nother) package coming from the windlass people. That is the only thing keeping in chains and shackles here in Paros. Hopefully it will arrive during or after the storm.

Got to go out to anchor!

Well, we're back!
10/21/2009, Naoussa, Paros

Well, I guess I've been forgetting to blog for the last ten days. Sorry about that! (And just after John said to keep writing!!) I'll do a recap of what happened in the last few days.

From what I can remember, we left Paroikia and sailed up to Naoussa to weather a storm that was forcasted to have 30-35 knots of wind. We didn't know that the marina was free (and jam packed full) so we decided to ride the storm out at anchor. It was a rough time, but there wasn't any fetch so it was mostly wind. But afterward, when I was pulling up the anchor, I noticed that our snubber line was like wire in its stiffness!

From anchor we promptly left and went into the marina to do our laundry, get food, and check the pst office for packages. We ended up staying in the marina for like a week! (We stayed the week because we arrived here on Thursday and had to stay the weekend to get all of our stuff done.)

So, we finally left the marina and went to an anchorage on the East side of Paros intending to move on to Naxos while we waited for the package(s) to arrive. We ended up going back to Naoussa the next day! My dad took the bus in to Paroikia and our package was there!

Finally. We thought that we were free of Paros. But, the next night my dad decided that he wanted to rebuild the windlass (you've probably read about that on my dad's blog) in a marina!! So, back to Naoussa!!!!

And Naoussa is where we are now. We will stay for (hopefully) 1 or 2 more days and then....on to Marmaris!!!!!

Home, sweet, home!
10/11/2009, Paros, Greece

Well, we made it back "home"! We've stayed here long enough for it to be like a second home. We've even just found a new bakery!

As we left Mykonos, we reached the decision to sail along past some of the beaches on the south coast. It was definitely not what we expected. Have you ever heard of Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach? Well, we couldn't see any difference between them and all the other beaches we saw! I mean, we thought we saw a photo of Super Paradise Beach with beach chairs 6-8 rows deep(!), but did we see that?!!

The rest of the trip passed peacefully with a game of Scrabble® thrown in.

Our residence is now Paros, Greece and we plan to stay here tomorrow and then move up to Naoussa before the 30-35 knot storm hits on Tuesday. The harbor at Naoussa is more protected from the storm.

10/13/2009 | John Marston
Hey Will! I thought my kids had a cool blog going with all their stuff from the San Juans, but you take the prize...a long way from Seattle! Keep on writing!
10/21/2009 | Will Nelson
Yeah. I do like the San Juans a lot, though! My dad and I once took our sailboat from Seattle (sold) up there with my mom and sailed around there for about a week (?).
Finally! A normal day!
10/05/2009, Mykonos, Greece

Today we had an unpleasant surprise as we heard that there would be 25-30 knots of breeze from the north. (Our bay's mouth was facing north.) So we picked up anchor and moved around to a protected anchorage. The forecast has so far been right.

Since my mom came with the Wi-Fi antenna we have had good Wi-Fi. But that still doesn't mean that we will have continuous internet. It is nice, though, to have an almost reliable source of internet.

P.S. We are on the west coast of Mykonos.

Too bad (setback)
10/05/2009, Mykonos, Greece

When we made it to Delos we were immediately dissapointed when a woman came over and ordered us off the island because of a "special day". That was on Sunday. Now, for you to realize what just happened you need to know the Delos is open Tuesday-Sunday...

But, on the positive side of things, we got in a nice sail.

Becoming a tourist
10/04/2009, Mykonos, Greece

We came to Mykonos yesterday on a southerly breeze from Siros. Today we plan to go and act like a normal tourist and go see Delos, across the channel. Go to Lonely Planet or something for the history. You might find it interesting.

Question: Which Greek island in the Cyclades does not end in "os" excepting Thira (Santorini)?

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