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Sunny Seattle
02/16/2010, Maple Valley, WA

The reason that I titled this blog "Sunny Seattle" was because it has been quite sunny -- or rather Seattle sunny (which means that it's been raining). Actually, as I'm writing this blog, the sun just emerged! But, you can click here for a NOAA forecast for Maple Valley.

Anyhow, things have been boring but interesting around here. My dad went to a Red Cross class yesterday which is a requirement for his Coast Guard license while we just drove around town doing errands. But other than that, things have been kind of boring.

We've been watching the Olympics as a nighttime activity.

Bye for now!

Oh, say, does that Star Spangled banner yet wave...
01/31/2010, Salt Lake City, UT

Well, we're in the U.S. now. We made it! After long flights, connections, and car rides, we're in SLC, Utah. I'm sorry that I haven't been keeping up with my blog lately, but that's how things go, I guess.

Anyhow, Salt Lake City reminds me of Istanbul -- cold and snowy (we got 2" this morning (it's all melted)). But the air here is terrible. If you've ever been to Los Angeles... (The first four of the top five cities with the worst air pollution are in Utah. Salt Lake City's #1. The last city is not even in California.) But the recent snow-storm hopefully will have cleared it out.

It's been fun seeing all of our family on my mom's side. Hopefully we'll continue to have fun! :-)

One long day
01/28/2010, Seattle, WA

Well, we made it!! It was a hugely long flight (actually I thought that it was quite short for its length) and we are still very tired. We woke up at 5:30 a.m. this morning (about 3:30 p.m. Istanbul time)!!

But we are flying out to SLC in a couple of hours. (By 'we' I mean me and my mom.) So that should be fun. That's when the vaction starts. Right now we're just trying to get to the vacation! :-)

Ok, see my dad's blog for more updates.

01/09/2010, Marmar is Turkey

Well, tonight's the big night!!!! My dad (not me) has acquired free tickets from Yat Marin office to the kick-boxing match tonight. So he's going, but I am staying firmly planted here on the boat.

Nothing's been happening lately. It's just the old routine of waking up in the morning, getting out of bed, going out of the cabin door, coming into the salon, etc. etc. Pretty boring.

Anyhow, we'll be back in America on Jan. 27 (the 28th actually as we will be arriving late on the 27th).

Finally, a new blog
01/05/2010, Marmarmarmarmarmarmaris, Turkey

Well, I am so sorry that I haven't been able to blog, but here goes...

For an update on what has happened, we've been to Rhodes and not done anything else. Okay, I guess we have done other stuff, like going to movie night and going to the quiz's, on the Sunday's and Monday's of the week, but other than that, thing have been pretty quiet. But, I guess that's what comes with living in a marina. You don't have to worry about you motor cover getting blown off, your dinghy stolen, the sky falling -- life's a lot better.

As for the excruciating boring-ness of this escapade, I feel like now that school's back in, all I do is school, piano, school, and piano. But, to see the sunny side of things, I am getting better at piano (I won't say anything about school:-)).

In Turkish:

Iyi, yazıklanan ki görünüm blog, ama burada giderse ...

*ünkü bir güncelleme ne oldu, tartıžmamıza Rodos'a ve žey. bažka. Okay, sanırım yaptık diľer düdüklerini gibi, için film gece ve giden quiz ve , Pazar ve Pazartesi günkü hafta, ama bažka bir žey, da oldukça sakin. Ancak, sanırım bu ne geldiľinde'da yažayan bir marina. Siz de hakkında endiže you motor kapak havaya alan, your dıžtan çalıntı, gökyüzü düžen -- life'nın lut iyi.

Olan acı veren bıktıran - ness bu kaçamaľı, gidemeyeceľim gibi artık okulu'nun geri, tüm BEN bir okul, piyano, okul, ve piyano. Ancak, bakalım güneç žey, elime daha iyi piyano (küçümsendiľimiz oldu ama evet her žey okul hakkında:-)).

01/07/2010 | Rick Salsman
Great blog Will-you're a terrific writer and a great photographer too! Hope to see you on the water in the spring.

Bonnie and Rick Aisling 1
01/09/2010 | Will Nelson
We are flying out of the U.S. on Mar. 1 and are arriving in Marmaris on Mar. 3 (we lose a day).
What??!!! Another storm!!! IV
12/17/2009, Marmaris, Turkey

To continue the 'What??!!! Another storm!!!' saga...

Well, to make a long explanation short, we're getting another storm. This time, from the west. But, thankfully, we are still nestled in Yat Marin. I hope we will be able to ride this one out like we did. I was commenting today, that the time between each storm is just enough to let you fix all the stuff that broke in the last storm!!

Nothing new has happened around here. My dad went to town today and picked up a second-hand 220V battery charger, so we will install that tomorrow (weather permitting). But, other than that, nothing to report.

12/19/2009 | Bill Seaman
Will, I so enjoy reading your accounts of life at sea. Obviously, you have grown into a man through all of your adventures with your parents. I'm looking forward to your next entry. peace
12/21/2009 | Peter Nelson
Yeah, well I don't usually get on the computer at reliable times. Sometimes I will be a week before I can post another blog entry. Other times I can post 2 or 3 days after.

We haven't had any waffles, but I still try to fill all of the holes with syrup!!!


P.S. My e-mail address is nelson.will att live dott com

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