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04/05/2010, Rhodes Town, Rhodes, Greece

We made it! We had a nice sail over here (upwind, but still fun) with 15 knots and no big waves. Now we are in Rhodes and plan to sail to Crete in the next few days. Supposedly there is a couple storms coming through and we will have a couple 60 n.m. days (up at 5 a.m., anchored at 5 p.m.) to avoid getting caught in bad anchorages.

That's it for now! We've had some pretty uneventful days lately! :-)

04/05/2010 | Bonnie Salsman
Hey Will, great to see that you are blogging again- your "Day We've Been Dreading" posting made me laugh out loud! With you as first mate, I'm sure it will all go well. And now it's on to Crete- I am positively green with envy! We will look forward to reading all about it.
04/06/2010 | Will
Hi, Bonnie! I'm glad you've been reading my blog! :-)

By the way, when are you going to be back on your boat?
Fethiye and beyond
03/31/2010, Fethiye, Turkey

After we left Marmaris we took 3 days sailing to Gocek (near Fethiye) with our friends on Mehari. Now we are in Fethiye planning to leave and cruise the huge bay. Apparently there is a water pipe we can fill up at across the bay, so we will go there with Mehari today.

But we are still getting used to life out of the marina. I think we went through our water twice as fast as we normally would've if we hadn't gotten spoiled at the marina! :-)

So far all of our major projects have been done. The solar panels are in, the dinghy motor is fixed (again), life is good! :-]

04/03/2010 | Laura
Hi Will, I heard you had a pretty rough sail the other day. Sorry to hear that. You've sailed with us in some rough weather, so what's different about the seas that's making you sick? Hope all is well and you're having a good time.
The day we've been dreading is going to arrive
03/15/2010, Marmaris, Turkey

It's true. Soon the dread day of March 20 will arrive and force us to leave Yacht Marine. After that we're at the mercy of my dad's decisions.

But really, it isn't that bad of an idea to look forward to. I mean we'll be getting our hull cleaned off and new scenery to boot.

Our schedule's getting crowded as we come closer to the end of our stay in Marmaris Yacht Marine. My dad is ordering new solar panels at a really good price from Ístanbul; the boat jumble is coming up; our departure date is coming up; we are just busy!

03/17/2010 | Laura Sullivan
Hey Will...Just think of all the new adventures ahead of you. I suspect when it's time to hop off the boat and back to reality, you'll be missing the daily adventures....Enjoy it while you can. In about 7 years, you'll be hard at work, with no time to play or travel!
Planes, buses, and timezones
03/04/2010, Marmaris, Turkey

As you can see from the blog location, we're in Marmaris. But our trip did not go without incident...

Our weird sleep patterns began in New York where we went to sleep at noon. But things didn't get any better. In the Apex hotel in Istanbul we went to sleep around 3 p.m. and I woke up at 11:30 p.m. (my parents slept 'til 1:30 a.m.). We then stayed in bed 'til about 4 a.m. at which point we got up and started to gather our stuff (our flight left at 7:05).

The shuttle was originally supposed to pick us up at 5:30, but when we were up so early we decided to have it come at 5. Luckily we did because we were just 15 minutes early for boarding our flight!

Since we made our flight and further plans to upset an uncomplicated trip were thwarted, we had a fairly uncomplicated bus and taxi ride to Marmaris (except for the slight price misunderstanding mentioned on my dad's recent blog...).

Anyhow, the photo is of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

Oh, and for all you Turks...

Gördüľünüz Gibi'dan gelen blog konum, Marmaris'te. Ancak gezi olmadıľını olay ...

Bizim yönden uykunuzu modellerini'da bažlayan New York nereye uyuduľu öľleyin. Ama ama herhangi bir elde daha iyi. 'da Zirve Istanbul yanına gittik uykunuzu yaklažık 3 p.m. Ve uyandım saat 11:30 p.m. (Benim ebeveynlerinin cinsel 'til 1:30 a.m . ). Biz orada kaldı oda 'til yaklažık 4 a.m . Bu noktada kalkıp bažladı ve bir araya düdüklerini (uçak solda 7:05).

Bu havaalanına bažlangıçta olduľuna inandıľı için abd'de 5:30, ama biz bu kadar erken vermeye karar verdik de ve gelecek 5. Allahtan bizim için sadece 15 dakika erken yatılı bizim uçak!

Biz bizi uçak ve planlıyor bir ateže uncomplicated otel bertaraf olduľunu, bir oldukça uncomplicated otobüs ve taksi trene Marmaris'e (dıžında farkla fiyat anlažmazlıľının konusunda söz babam ayakkabı boyacısı fakat çok borcumuz var'in son blog ... ).

Ise, fotoľraf Mavi Cami.

3 days of evil
03/01/2010, Maple Valley, WA

Well, we have 3 days of tiredness and travel to look forward to now that we're going back to Turkey. We have an overnight flight to JFK and then we get to go sightseeing in New York in the snow (I hope that they have snowplows at the airport)! After that (assuming we can take off) we take the 10 hour flight to Istanbul. (Actually it's more like the 30 hour flight with time-changes included.) Then we rest before we fly down to Dalaman (about forty km away from Marmaris). Marmaris is still a taxi ride away, though!

Anyhow, my next blog will either be from JFK or Istanbul.

02/28/2010, Maple Valley, WA

Well, we're leaving tomorrow, so tonight will be our last night in Jerry and Laura's home. Then it's off to Istanbul (via New York). We have something like a 6 hour layover in New York so we'll be able to see the sights. Hopefully I'll be able to post a blog before we board.

After New york we board a flight to Istanbul. Then we spend a few nights recovering in Istanbul (the flight will be very tiring) before we fly to Dalaman (40 or so kilometers from our final destination). After that, we take a taxi(?) to Marmaris.

But, for now we're holed up in sunny cloudy Maple Valley.

[::( )::]

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