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Settling down for a while
09/27/2010, Almeria, Spain

We finally got to settle down for a little while in Almeria because it's a big town and we broke stuff here (laptop charger, wind instrument). But, our settling down happened a few days ago, because now we're getting ready to head to Almerimar late tomorrow morning.

All in all, things have been uneventful. We left from Torrevieja and went down to Aguilas (we were there last year -- very rolly anchorage), Garrucha, San Jose (pretty place), and finally here.

If you can believe it, we're now only 150 n.m. away from Gibraltar! We'll spend a few days getting there and then head down to Ceuta (Spanish port in Morocco) to haul our boat out (again). We have to haul out because we scraped our rudder on a rock in Bonifacio, Corsica. From there we go to Las Palmas for the start of the ARC in 55 days.

Oh, and the picture is of the sunrise with Cabo de Gata.

Sorry for the short blog. Adios!

The mainland
09/19/2010, Calpe, Spain

We have now made it back to the rocky-rolly coast of mainland Spain. If you remember from last year's blogs, we found this coast to be one really big, bad anchorage. Right now we are doing OK, but when the sun sets I'm sure that the waves will find a way in.

We got here about three hours ago after my dad woke up at 2 am this morning and got us started on our day. Other than that, nothing has really happened that's worth reporting. (I could go on and on about little nuances that would probably be really boring.)

09/08/2010, Palma, Mallorca

We now have free internet on our boat so I am taking the opportunity to post a brief blog.

We are now back in Palma (or rather Palmanova) getting ready to move into the main town to get some shopping done. When we were here last year, we spent all our time up here because of the Med cup that was going on while we were visiting.

From here we plan to go up to Soller on Friday and then return to Palma to meet up with s/v Juno.

09/18/2010 | RJ Pimentel
hey will! were in sicily now about to go to vulcano. remember when you get to port de soller take the tram up to soller (thats the main town) and right on the outskirts of town find a ice cream shop with an arch made out of present boxes at the entrance and get the orange soller. hope you are well

The cala’s
09/06/2010, Cala Mitjana, Mallorca

From Porto Cristo we went directly here, on a long, uneventful journey of maybe 15 miles. If you've read my dad's blog before mine, you'd know about our anchoring adventure in this anchorage. But we're safe now, for the moment, with a stern anchor out. Unfortunately we are a bit uncomfortable, since a swell is coming in and bouncing around on the cala's sides. But the anchorage is really beautiful and it has awesome snorkeling.

We plan to stay today here and possibly move on tomorrow morning, to where, I have no idea. Probably down on the SE point of Mallorca.

Back to the Balearics
09/04/2010, Porto Cristo, Mallorca

As the blog title suggests, we are back in the Ballearics where we spent a portion of last summer. We haven't ever been on this side of the island, so this is a nice experience. We also get to go fairly slow which is a relief after the west coast of Italy. Now we're in Porto Cristo going to get Wi-Fi at Burger King (we don't normally eat there, much less find one).

For the next few weeks we plan to relax and not do a whole lot of overnighters (preferably none). We met up with our friends that we'd met over e-mail in Mahón and have been sailing with them for the past week or so which is a good chance to slow down and have fun. We met up with another American boat in Mahón too but we said goodbye on Menorca.

I can't remember where I last blogged, so I will leave it there. My dad keeps a (very) detailed account of our doings on his blog, so you'll have to read his to figure out what happened since I last blogged.

The full loop
08/24/2010, Carloforte, Sardinia

Well, we've circumnavigated Sardinia now. Not quite the same as circumnavigating the world, but at least that I can say that I've gone around something all the way.

As you can probably tell, we're in Carloforte now, more extraordinarily with free Wi-Fi! We plan to leave tomorrow morning early and head to Mahon, on Menorca. We're meeting some friends that we met via blog there so we hope to be in Mahon in the afternoon of Thursday, August 25.

If you want to know what happened between Bonifacio, read on.

We left Bonifacio for Stintino in a fairly strong headwind (maybe 15 knots upwind). It was a 50 n.m. leg, so we couldn't go slow. We actually turned on the motor for the last 16 n.m. after the wind had died down a bit. We then spent a peaceful night at anchor before moving on to Porto Conte. We spent two nights there and saw Neptune's grotto while we were staying there. Then we moved on to Alghero 10 n.m. away to break up the long passages.

We spent another two nights there and in the morning of the second day, tied up at the fuel dock, filled up with water, gave the boat a bath, and then left before the dock opened. We arrived here in the afternoon and since have spent two or three days on free fast internet.

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