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Happy New Year!
Union Island, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, West Indies

Well, as you probably noticed, yesterday was one of the four big days of the year. The days with only 1's in the date. It was also New Year's Day, which may or may not be important, depending on who or where you are. Where we are, it is of little consequence. However, on the islands, it offers the locals a new way of greeting when they come out to our boat to try to sell diesel, water, lobster, mooring buoys, etc. which I just found out today. Since we spent the New Year in a small, out-of-the-way anchorage called Windward Bay on Mayreau Island, we didn't have many vendors come out to our boat. Now that we're on Union Island, that's all changed, because Union Island is much busier than Windward Bay.
There are several reasons we came here. For one, we are running low on food (rather important). For another, s/v 'Juno' is here, and has been for several days. For yet another reason, Union Island is close by and we wanted to move somewhere.

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