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03/03/2009, Charleston, SC

It has been slow going in the unpacking department. But we're getting through all of our stuff gradually. I've just finished moving my stuff from bags into lockers and cabinets.

Not much to report lately, except that the boat has done fine and that it's COLD! Check so you can see for yourselves! It's been so cold that my Mom talked my Dad into staying at a Hotel!! We're staying for two nights while the cold-front blows over and then...back to the boat.

This is a picture of the forward locker. Now it's almost completely full of stuff!

Our new home!
02/28/2009, CHARLESTON, SC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We made it! At about 4:30 p.m. we arrived at the Days Inn. We stayed there for a night, then moved on to the boat. It was quite a move! We moved in (if you can call it moved in. We still have stuff on the table and the cushions!) in about 4 hrs. We moved at a slow pace trying to find a place for stuff! In the end, there was a lot more room than we anticipated. (If I can say that before we've found a place for everything!)

We went through Atlanta, GA (Georgia) yesterday (matter of fact, we went through all of GA yesterday). I noticed that Atlanta (if not all of GA) was wetter. Apparently that wettness makes it ideal for pines because the pines were definatly in more quantity than the deciduous trees. We went over Lake Oconee and the Savanna River also.

In South Carolina I noticed that there were more farms alang the highway. they grow peaches, peanuts, tobacco, and pine trees mostly.

All of my pics are "too high of quality". SailBlogs won't let me upload them!

What has 4 eyes/I's but cannot see?
02/25/2009, Oxford, AL

We hit a change in the scenery at the OK/AR border. The scenery changed abruptly from bare hills to tree covered hills. I was surprised at the amount of deciduous trees. There were only a few pines in amongst thousands of deciduous trees covering the hillsides.

Today we covered a lot of ground. We went through 4 states -- Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Arkansas was swampy. The deciduous trees combined with the water made it ideal for lots of wildlife. Wildlife that can easily be eaten by hawks! Needless to say, we saw quite a few hawks searching the land for a dinner.

In Tennessee we only went through the southwest corner. Which meant that we went through Memphis. But, before we got there, we crossed the great Mississippi River (more on that later). Memphis seemed that it was a nice city. Based upon the fact that we saw no people on street corners with signs saying "Feed me!". From what I could tell, Tennessee was pretty much the same scenery-wise as Arkansas.

Now for Mississippi. Mississippi was considerably drier seeing as there was a golf course with brown grass instead of green grass! There was also more evergreens in Mississippi (mostly pines). Apparently it's warmer there too -- Daffodils were in bloom! Sewage treatment ponds weren't that un-common either.

In Alabama the scenery didn't change much, but the skies did. They went from a semi-grey to very drab grey. (Luckly it didn't rain) But we finally made it to Burmingham. From there we drove 'till 6 p.m. and arrived at Oxford.

Fun Fact: We saw a barge on the Mississippi River that was pushing...12 barges! SailBlogs won't let me attatch a photo so there isn't a photo today. Sorry!

Answer to the question is...Mississippi.

02/23/2009, Elk City, OK

Today the scenery was flat (OK, it wasn't too flat). We went through Texas and part of Oklahoma. We went through the Northern part of Texas which is not the completely and totally flat part. So it was more interesting than the Southern part of Texas. (I noticed that much.)

I (again) read most of the way through Texas (because it was so flat and boring) so I don't really know many interesting aspects of Texas. Same with Oklahoma. One thing I did notice was that both the states have moderate hills. The hills are mostly covered in cacti. There also were many wind farms along the way. You can see that wind power is catching on. Also, the dirt was very red. It's good for farming beans.

New Mexico already?
02/22/2009, Albuquerque, NM

We made it to Albuquerque, NM today. VERY uneventful. We took some photos. You can probably find them at my Dad's gallery.

Colorado, I think, is cool because of the mountains and all of the wildlife that lives there. We even saw a sign that said "Bighorn sheep crossing!"

Now for New Mexico. NM is interesting because it has a mixture of hills and flat. There are also different plants in NM; Sagebrush and cacti mostly.

I was reading, mostly, through NM, so I can't tell you much.

Picture is of a sign form Route 66.

02/21/2009, Moab, UT

We're in Moab, UT right now which is "The Gateway to Arches and Canyon-lands National Parks". Today we went to Arches. It was very cool! We saw Delicate Arch, Devils Garden, Garden of Eden, Balanced Rock, and that was about all (we got there at 3:30 p.m.). There is a picture posted with this blog.

Before that we were in SLC, UT visiting my Mom's family. We stayed there all of yesterday.

Other than that there has been not much going on besides strech after strech of scenery.

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