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Water, water everywhere and every drop to drink
04/13/2009, Charleston, SC

It's true. We got the forward water tanks installed along with the new high-output alternator. We now have eighty-six (?) gallons of water in the forward water tanks and about thirty gallons in the back tank.

The tanks went in without too many glitches. We were missing one part and that was it! It was amazing! It only took half of an afternoon! And luckily the tanks arrived with all the correct fittings.

The alternator went in with a little more difficulty. My Dad got all the components installed within a day but...he had difficulty finding the right-sized belt. It took him the total of about a half a day and four or five trips to the store to get the right one! The store is quite a distance away. We're at St. Johns Yacht harbor (SJYH) on Johns Island near Maybank Hwy.

But speaking of the saying "Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink." It's true. Even besides the fact that you can't drink salt water, the water here is terrible. Absolutely terrible. When we flush our heads (not our own personal heads, but the bathroom head!) we can't tell if the water that we flush down is recycling and coming back up into the bowl! The water is brown and contains a lot of silt. SJYH advertises that their water is their pride, but I don't know where that comes from!

We are getting ready to install the SSB now. In another week or so we should have all the parts for it.

The local boat I mentioned in the blog "Completion" is called Illyria. She is a J-120. Anyhow, we are doing Charleston Race Week(end) on her. (The reason I called it Race 'Weekend' is because it's only Fri., Sat., and Sun.) It should be fun.

Liquid sunshine
04/02/2009, Charleston, SC

We're, right now, getting weather that Seattle is famous for -- liquid sunshine (aka. rain). The weather reports called for storms today and tomorrow and maybe even the next day. But the pressure hasn't dropped yet so I don't know.

There hasn't been much going on lately. Parts are starting to arrive so my Dad will start installing stuff again soon. He ended up having to order a new high-output alternator. So he'll be installing that soon too.

Sorry. SailBlogs won't let me post a picture. :-(

04/10/2009 | Kay Havig
Will, Kelly told me that you were at the top of the list for the basketball pool. I want you to put my name at the top of your list for a big loan when the money comes thru. Let me know and I will be there to pick it up...LOL Hope that you beat them all.
04/13/2009 | Will Nelson
I'll make sure I do! :-).
03/24/2009, Charleston, SC

We just completed the Starboard heater!!!!!!!!! After we got past the head, it was relatively easy. All we had to do was run duct-work under the settee and into the forward head with a few Y's in between. It went really quick and soon we had heat on both sides.

Now my Dad is going to switch out the vent on the Port side in the V-berth with the one on the Port side in the Galley. That shouldn't be a problem with a teak mill in the area. The last blog explains.

We went on a race Sat. on a local boat. We're going to go to a practice this evening.

Yesterday I went to my 2nd Boy Scout Meeting. It went about the same as the last meeting. We did the opening ceremony and started calculating and paying dues. This Troop does there dues differently. They have Scouts bring $1 every week. It's kind of inconvenient. I also got some Troop gear. This Troop has their Class A uniform, a whole bunch of Class B shirts, a Troop hat, and a travel Class A!

The picture is of the thermostat. We don't have th heat on either! (Lucky we even have that option!)

03/15/2009, Charleston, SC

The port heater is almost installed. Almost. My Dad, on the last hole for a vent, measured the wrong vent (a non-closable which is 3")! (There are 3 different vents. One type for closable vents (2"), another for non-closable (3"), and still one more type for intake air for the heater itself (4").) Now there is a mark on the teak along with a hole that's too big (4". He should've drilled a 3" hole)! On an after thought my Dad is thinking that he should've put a 2" vent there instead of a 3" vent. The hole that he drilled was already too big for the 3" vent, so if he puts a 2" vent there.....

I know. That was confusing. I don't expect you to understand that.

At least the port heater is working.

03/04/2009, Charleston, SC

Today my dad tried to install heaters. Tried. I wasn't there to witness most of the struggle, but I was there for a little bit (thank goodness!). From what I could tell there was a lot of swearing. He's not making much progress (brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!) unfortunately. And he's only started on one heater. (We have two.)

That's the big news. My Mom and I went into town and looked and shopped around there (away from the swearing). We're starting to get an idea of how the twisty winding roads are laid out. The road systems are pretty confusing around here.

My Dad wants me to get off the computer so he can play Sudoku. (He probably will eventually, it's his favorite game.)

03/03/2009, Charleston, SC

It has been slow going in the unpacking department. But we're getting through all of our stuff gradually. I've just finished moving my stuff from bags into lockers and cabinets.

Not much to report lately, except that the boat has done fine and that it's COLD! Check so you can see for yourselves! It's been so cold that my Mom talked my Dad into staying at a Hotel!! We're staying for two nights while the cold-front blows over and then...back to the boat.

This is a picture of the forward locker. Now it's almost completely full of stuff!

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