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Stop 2
07/16/2009, Almunecar, Spain

Last night we stopped in a port near Malaga and this morning continued on to Almunecar. It was a trying day -- physically and emotionally. Stuff's breaking real fast for one. Also, I was feeling homesick (maybe I still am!).

No wind today. We motored most of the way here.

The pillars of Hercules
07/06/2009, Gibraltar, United Kingdom

Well, we made it to Gibraltar. The pillars of Hercules apparently are on the rock of Gibraltar so I, at least, would like to go see them. There is a cable car that goes up the rock.

We are probably going to be stuck here until my Dad receives his credit cards (again [he lost them before]) and we fix the main traveler (again [it broke on the crossing]). That could be a few days!

The picture is of the rock of Gibraltar.

Target reached.
07/02/2009, Cadiz, Spain

The target was acquired about 2 weeks ago and now has been reached! Cadiz is not considered the Mediterranean, but the coast of Spain is pretty much in the Mediterranean.

Today was fairly eventful. For a start Alex left today. He left around 11 a.m. to catch a taxi to catch a train to catch a plane to catch a connector flight to go to Frankfurt.

Secondly today is our first day in port for 8 days. It was exciting bring close to land again. I've never experienced the feeling of the land tipping after being at sea for awhile.

The third, but most exciting was our experience with groceries and public transit. It goes as follows:

We took the bus to near the Post Office/Bank. From there we went to a super market. We picked up 8 bags of food there for, guess what...85 Euros (that's cheap)!!!! Check out the exchange rate! Anyhow, 8 bags of food is really heavy (as we soon found out). We moved the groceries to the bus stop and proceeded to cross the street 4 times trying to find the right bus stop (luckily the bus stops we close together)!!! We found the right bus and the bus driver said it was a kilometer to Puerto Sherry. We took his bus. We got off the bus nowhere near the water and started to carry the groceries down the road. We were like, "Boy, I don't think we can do this!" We came to a man who was starting to load up his car and we were so desperate that my Dad asked him for a ride! The man (his name is Rafael) gave us one (God bless him). Rafael took us directly to our dock. "Muchas Gracias!!!"

Anyhow, that is a recount of our adventures so far on land (and a little bit of on-the-water stuff thrown in there).

Off again
06/23/2009, Horta, Azores

We're off for Cadiz, Spain tomorrow. It should take about a week.

Today Jon, Nick, and Alex went up to the crater of Faial and took a lot of pictures. My Dad and I chose not to go (we wanted to save money). I wish I could've gone, though.

The next blog should come from Spain!!

06/22/2009, Horta, Azores, Portugal

We made it to the Azores!!! It was an exciteing trip, though nothing really happend that was too exciting. It was just a fun trip.

In the Azores evrything is cheap. Gas is the only expensive thing. about $5.00USD a gal. (3.60 EUR). But we plan to stay here until wednesday. My dad's blog has a more detailed account of our crossing.

06/07/2009, St. Georges, Bermuda

We made it!! (OK, maybe only part way.) We had intended to go to Hamilton, but the only Customs house is in St. Georges. We hope to leave for the Azores tomorrow morning.

It was a fairly rough ride to get here, though. We had VERY light wind first, then the wind built and we had 25 knots on the beam (With waves. The waves were the wost.). But we made it.

We'll see if the ride to the Azores is as rough. (I hope not!!!) I don't think so, but you never know!!

N32 22.454
W064 40.476

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