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Timshel - Harmony Under Sail
Live your dream, don't dream your life...
12/11/2008, Bundaberg, Australia

We have arrived back in Australia after a 18 day sail from Tonga. It was a great trip and it is really good to be home.

19/11/2008 | Mauro Migliorelli
Well done, guys!!
Swallow's Cave
19/10/2008, Vava'u, Tonga

The following photo is of Swallow's Cave in Tonga. It was so beautiful there.

Very Late Update
16/10/2008, Vava'u, Tonga

Well this is a very late update - it has been such a while!!! When we left the Galapagos we found the Internet expensive and slow in other places. So here is a brief summary of what/where we have been up to:

Galapagos to Marquesas - 22 day passage with wonderful weather conditions. The Marquesas were brilliant and some of the most spectacular scenary around. We went to Nuku Hiva and spent about 2 weeks there.

Marquesas to Tuamotus - What can I say, other than Pearls!!!! Wow... Each lagoon had at least one pearl farm and the pearls are quite captivating. Pearl fever springs to mind.... We went to Manihi and Ahe atolls.

Tuamotus to Tahiti - Spent a while in Tahiti with my sister and her son who came to join us for a month (Tuamotus & Tahiti). The enjoyed the company of my aunt and uncle after Kathy left. Hired a car there and toured the island and Tahiti Iti.

Tahiti to Moorea - Waterfalls and pearls... Oh and for me, one of the absolute highlights was swimming with the stingrays.
Moorea to Bora Bora - Small little place with blue lagoons. The colour of the water in Bora Bora is spectacular.

Bora Bora to Aitutaki/Palmerston Island - We made it to Aitutaki but arrived at nightfall and continued on to Palmerston Island. We were greated by Bob Marsters and hosted during our stay by Bill & Metua Marsters at the Palmerston Island Yacht Club. I spent a few days enjoying the company and hospitality of everyone there and fell in love with the family, especially Grandma Inano Marsters.

Palmerston Island to Niue - Niue was a place that can take your breath away. The whole island is limestone and volcanic. There are chasms filled with fresh and sea water, chasms hidden by craggy rocks and filled with sand and palm trees (Togo). Spent a good week here cave hunting.

Niue to the Kingdom of Tonga (Vava'u) - Well here we are in Tonga. Swallow's Cave and Mariner's Cave are two totally different experiences but well worth visiting. We have enjoyed our time here so much that it is looking like we are going to have to go direct to Australia from here instead of stopping in New Caledonia....

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