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Internet part 2
04/25/2013, Deep Bay, Antigua

Steve got so desperate that he went to the top of the rig to scout out potential internet opportunities.
When he was up there anyway he hung the cutter stay and running back's, secured the radar reflector, checked the masthead antenna connection and enjoyed the view.

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04/26/2013 | Sylvia
OMG you guys are hilarious! How fun that Sis and Steve are visiting. And what a clever way to get Steve up the mast to do some work for you. I'm going to remember that one.
04/29/2013 | ann perez guests can expect to be thrown overboard to plug thru-hulls, or be sent to the top of the mast for repairs.........maybe I will rethink the idea of being guests on your boat... maybe we can meet up at a nice bar in the Carribean someday....Hugs to all!
Internet access
04/25/2013, Deep Bay, Antigua

We are having a good time with Connie and Steve and they are actually having a very easy time adapting to boat life.
Most days we have 'office hour' in the morning - that is when everybody pulls out their portable devices to check e-mail, stock quotes, weather and the like.

We have a 'Rouge Wave' powered antenna that will pick up unsecured wifi from pretty far away. After we dial into the network it goes to a router and everyone can sign on. Sometimes, like in Deep Bay, all the newworks are secure, and there is NO INTERNET. Here is Judy, Connie and Steve trying desperately to crack the pasword to some hotel a mile away......

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Jolly Harbor
04/21/2013, Jolly Harbor, Antigua

We did a little harbor cruise early this evening at Jolly Harbor - here is the view coming back out to Tivoli.

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Classic Yacht Race Antigua

Saw 3 broken spars after a short 'Classic Race' session back at the dock at the Antigua Yacht Club.

We had no idea when we pulled in to Falmouth Harbor in the middle of a squall at night what would be going on in the morning. As it turned out, we anchored in the outside of the anchorage with a full view of the starting line of the 'Antigua Classic' the necxt morning. So as we get out of bed, all these big classic yachts skirt right by us and raise their sails, then head out to the starting line which is in full view for cool is that! Still raining a little, but watching a 100 foot classic schooner start a race close by makes the rain tolerable.

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From France to England
04/20/2013, Falmouth Harbor, Antigua

Connie and Steve inspecting the fermentation process.

When we woke up in the anchorage of St. Louis, Marie Galante, yesterday morning with Steve and Connie, it was pouring rain. Our plans was for a day of snorkeling at Iles de la Petite Terra some 18 NM away, but the forecast was for rain most of the day. An unexpected twist.
Since Steve and Connie got here we have dined out at French Restaurants in Guadaloupe and Iles des Saintes, stuffed ourselves with pate' and French cheese on the boat as well as a gourmet duck breast dinner with orange sauce and enjoyed French wine from both the bottle and box! We have also found time for some good snorkel experiences, including swimming around in the anchorage of The Saints with a dolphin and her baby. Oh, and we got in the obligatory hike to the local Fort and museum, got in and out of every tourist shop in Bourg de Saintes and rented a car for touring Marie Galante.
Marie Galante is a pretty laid back island and one of the few left in the Caribbean that still has an economy based on sugar cane. The harvesting as now done with big farm equipment that slows down driving around the island. They still have 3 big active rum distilleries as well as a pure cane sugar factory.
We visited the Bellevue Distillery and checked out the production process, which is very simple.....crush the cane, let the juice sit around for a short week to ferment into alcohol, distill and stick the juice with a little water into an oak barrel for a few years and have Rhum. Amazingly, they let us wander around inside a factory with spinning fly wheels and steam coming out of pipes unattended - we almost pushed some of the controls just to see if we could help them speed up the process.
Anyway, back to yesterday morning. After sitting around in the rain for 3 or 4 hours reviewing a forecast that was supposed to build to 25+ knots we decided to skedaddle to Antiqua, 84 NM away. After motoring along in the mist for a few hours the wind came a little earlier than expected with some most interesting squalls to keep us on our toes - wind stayed in the 18 - 22 knot range except on the front of the numerous downpours where it would build to the high 20's and low 30's. We finally made it into Falmouth Harbor, Antigua and got the anchor down at 11 PM during a major squall that felt like hail! Nothing like coming into a crowded anchorage at night with hardly any visibility finding a spot to drop the hook! We had a cup of that Bellevue Rhum before hitting the hay.

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04/20/2013 | Annie
A most excellent adventure! I can't wait to see the picts. This brings back memories of my Antigua week in 1996. It's so great that Steve and Connie are there. Tell Steve to keep up with the FB posts too. Ain't we all livin'!
Judy and Torben
04/13/2013, Pointe a Pitre, Guadaloupe

Could this be Tivoli 2

This may come as a surprise to most of you. It certainly came as a surprise to us.
We posted Tivoli for sale yesterday on Yachtworld. Here is a link to the listing:

For the last several months, we've been talking about our next adventure for cruising, namely our planned trip across the Atlantic in the spring of 2014 and stay in Europe for some seasons . Each time we have talked about it we have discussed what modifications we would want to make to Tivoli for the trip. While crossing the pond on her would not be an issue (having sailed her through every kind of weather one can imagine) we did come up with lists that would enhance being in Scandinavia for a couple of summers. A diesel heater, full cockpit enclosure and a place to stow all the extra blankets needed was high on the list. Also, anticipating hosting visitors that want to come see the Home Country made us wish for a boat with more elbow room. We don't know what we will be getting, but it will be bigger!
So Tivoli is listed and our plan has changed. Rather than haul out in Trinidad for hurricane season we will sail her to Charleston, SC in the end of May after we have spent time with Connie and Steve ( arriving today ), Jackie and Dave ( in Antigua ) and my cousin Niels, who thinks he is joining us going to St. Lucia! No, he is not, he is going North to the Virgins!
If you know of anyone interested in a cruise ready boat conveniently located in the Caribbean, send them our way!

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04/13/2013 | Gary & Kelly
Wow that is breaking news. Kelly and I are going to the boat show. We will look for a boat that fits your new requirements!! Cheers Gary
04/13/2013 | Mark Howe
Gary going to boat show also. See you there to help pick out new boat for Torben and Judy
04/13/2013 | Berit
Jeg har lige hørt i radioen at Mærsk har sat Klem VIII til salg for 40 mil. Var det ikke et emne til en ny Tivoli?

04/13/2013 | Lare SV Rocinante
Hi Guys! We're in Port Antonio, Jamaica and heading north in about a month. Maybe we'll see you in Charleston.
04/14/2013 | Sanne
Exciting news! Can't wait to make plans for visiting you somewhere in Europe next year - apart from lunch in Skovshoved and dinner at Læsø.
04/14/2013 | Kathleen Dolan
You guys are just having TOO much fun!! Wow, dreams really do come true. Vive la France! Perhaps we'll see you in Copenhagen when we visit our Danish friends there. Cheers!!
04/14/2013 | Debbie Farner
Understand completely! Will you buy something on the other coast and sail across or buy something on the other side of that puddle? Hope that it all will work out soon for you so that you don't get stuck.... Hugs, Debbie & Al
04/15/2013 | Jens & Lis
Experienced atlantic sailor looking for job on "Tivoli 2" heading Europe. Have seen the picture, an I do not think you can manage the boat alone. I have crossed 1/2 atlantic, Baltic sea and Oeresund! You will not regret hiring me. Please reply ASAP. Looking forward hearing from you.
04/15/2013 | Capt Steve Hill
Sign me up
04/17/2013 | mark thomas
I understand the trauma of listing a boat. Kind of weird but why not cruise down here to Abu
Dhabi instead. You won't need a heater and blankets...miss you all. Ciao
04/28/2013 | s/v Skylark
Wow! Congratulations on making a decision and having a plan. We are envious of your ability to do that. Some of us remain stuck in indecision. Maybe we'll see you as you head to the States. Where are you leaving from for your passage to SC? Fair sailing, Ed, Elizabeth and Luna
05/28/2013 | Jim Gregory
Here's an idea. Sell your current boat where she is on the Western side of the Atlantic, and buy the new one where you are going on the other side. Humm....perhaps you've already figured that out??

I think that company you sell boats for actually builds them in Europe?? Probably figured that out too??

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