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01/02/2009, Palmetto, Florida

S/V Wings

Still home on Orcas Island!
Tom Averna/ sunny and cool
01/02/2009, Orcas Island, Wa.

It looks as if I'll finally get off the rock, (also known as Orcas Island), in a few days and start my road trip back to the boat. We have been planning on leaving since November but one thing after another kept us here, like kids coming back in need of a place to live, appliances breaking, getting snowed in and just general procrastination.

I'll keep you updated on my journey south and what I find when I get to Florida. Our boat has been hauled out at Snead Island Boatworks in Palmetto since last March. I got a call from the boatyard a few months ago saying there was about three inches of water over the floorboards, even though the boat is in storage. I couldn't quite figure it out until I realized the yard most likely stored the boat with the bow down to help drainage in the cockpit. In doing that the bridge deck filled with rain water and ran over the companionway into the interior. Last I heard the boat was dried out and all is well.
I have been a marine surveyor for about 20 years and have never heard of that problem before.
It's a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest. The long range weather forecast looks good for a drive to Florida, as long as I go south to Los Angeles and make a left for about 2200 miles.
The photo is overlooking Westsound at one of Jennifer's rental houses. It was a beautiful day today.

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