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The covers are off the boat all ready to install the masts. You will see the small mast in front of the boat. People have gotten so use to leaning on the mast that we hope they remember the leaning post is going up on the boat........and don't forget and fall into the water.

Tall Mast
12/16/2008, PC

This is the tall tall it hardly fits into the picture. Every aspect of the masts have been totally reconditioned. Seven coats of hand sanded epoxy. This is one job we don't want to ever do again so we did it right.

Finished Painting Masts
12/08/2008, PC

Finally yesterday Tom finished painting the masts. It has been a long job as the weather hasn't been that good for painting. Today Tom will start to reassemble the mast again. Tom put seven coats of epoxy on the masts.

12/09/2008 | Al & Jen
11/26/2008, Panama City

Well here we are still working on the masts. This seems to be one project that will never end. Tom had to buy more of that expensive paint today. The stuff he got before is now $120.00 so he got a smaller amount $80.00. Yep just for the mast. The birds are going to be sitting in high class on our masts. The weather hasn't been helping too much. At this time of year it is nearly noon before it warms up enough to paint. The sun sets so early you can only put on one coat of paint. In the past couple of weeks the temperature is so low you don't want to waste the expensive paint so we wait for the warmer days.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so I hope everyone has a good time.

We will be going to Ritchie and Carie's house for dinner so no painting tomorrow.

This bird seems to like our boat. Wait till you see him sitting high atop the mast!

Oak Spreader
11/22/2008, PC

This is the spreader for the main mast. It is made of oak. Tom stripped it to bare wood and we will prime it tomorrow.

Top Mast
11/21/2008, PC

This is a picture of the top mast. It is made of clear spruce. Tom removed all the paint and sanded it for primer. There is no damage to it. We have decided not to put the flag at the top. This way we do not need three more screws, and 50 foot of flag halyard. We have enough halyards to deal with. We epoxy and prime it tomorrow.

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