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Look at Santa!

Throw Ring


This was a white ring that someone threw out and Tom painted it red and put on the black letters. It was not a pretty sight when Tom found it but it doesn't look too bad now.
Today I painted a bit of white on the throw ring to accent the black letters.

New Line

Many hours have been spent whipping these lines, and there are still a lot more of them to do. We have put all new line on the boat much nicer than the ratty old lines that were on the boat before.

12/30/2008, Panama City

Tom and Big Rich were busy today putting up the booms. A little boy sailing with his Grandfather said, "Look Grandpa, a pirate ship!" Well it's starting to look like it is suppose to look. Tomorrow I plan to do small jobs, touch up some paint on the dead eyes, whip a few more lines, and maybe paint the boom. It all depends on the weather.

Mast are up
12/22/2008, Panama City

It was a very cold day. Only 34F when we got up but everyone showed up so we were lucky to get the masts up today. First they took the tall mast and put it on the boat. Then the boat was warped to the slip between two boats. We used their halyards to lift the masts. Our masts are solid wood so they weight about 300 pounds each. The boat was put into the slip stern first to put the tall mast up. Then we had to warp the boat around so the bow was in first and install the smaller mast. DJ climbed the mast to untangle one of the lines and remove the some lines used for lifting the mast. He will climb the masts again to put the cable between both masts, but it was too cold today and windy. Also with the masts so nice and shiny he found it very slippery climbing. So he will go up the masts when it is warmer and less windy.

I was busy making coffee, and the chili I made didn't last too long as everyone was cold and hungry.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Merry Christmas Nancy and Tom

12/22/2008 | Al & Jen
Hey it's looking like a real boat! 34F? try -17c & way too much snow here in Ontario. Hope you both can relax & have a Merry Christmas
12/24/2008 | Nancy
Hi Nancy, the boat is looking great. I know you are happy with the progress too. Want to wish you and Tom a very Merry Christmas. Once it warms up a tad we will start coming back down on a regualar basis. Just too cold right now.
Top of the Lower Mast
12/19/2008, PC

Top of the 'lower mast' that supports the 'top mast'. We look forward to Monday and we will have the masts back up on the boat again.

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