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Sun Harbor
02/03/2009, Panama City

Here we are, we have to wait for the water to calm down before we can move the boat into a more protected spot. It is pretty calm in this picture but not tonight it's kind of wild out there. The waves are really hitting the back of the boat hard. The winds are to get up to 30kts, a nasty cold front. Our first night here was so calm and quiet, but last night and tonight...........different story. I know I won't sleep much tonight.

03/31/2009 | Dick and Nancy Schneider`
Hi Nancy and Tom
Hope you are doing well. You folks have done a wonderful job on your boat! She is beautiful! We check your blog, but are wondering what your plans are? We will be in Ft. Pierce for a short time in April, where we will keep Blue Bay. Then, we will be back again in November to pick her up and head south. Hope to see you sometime (and your boat). Take care
Hathaway Bridge
02/02/2009, Panama City

This is a picture of the Hathaway Bridge. I rode my bike up there today. We have a great view of the bridge and at night it is lit up blue. Riding up the bridge wasn't too difficult, coming down was really nice. We might chance slips to a more protected area. I love it here but the waves are crashing into the boat hard and makes a heck of a noise. In the bayou that we were in it was very protected so the water rarely got rough.

Paddle Boat
02/01/2009, Sun Harbor

We have moved and here is a view of the Paddle Boat right behind our boat. It is so pretty. I really do like it here so much better. It is a very nice Marina.

01/31/2009, PC

We are off to a new marina tomorrow. The owner raised everyone's dock rent, so bon voyage. Not many people plan to stay in this marina anymore. We are taking our boat to Sun Harbor. We are looking forward to everything as this marina has nothing. We will have WiFi, cable TV, clean showers, laundry room, there is a huge TV in the lounge with a couch. I haven't sat in a couch in months. I'm use to being uncomfortable. The best of all will be the hot shower.
Oh here is a picture of my car (bike) it is all ready to go, sitting on the back of the boat. In the morning we will fold it up.

Oh it's Super Bowl tomorrow, and I have the 3D glasses. With cable TV we should be able to see really well. It will be nice to watch Wheel of Fortune and see the letters clearly.

01/27/2009, PC

This dolphin was racing around our boat today chasing a fish. He caught the fish, raced by the boat and went back into the open water. The dolphin swam so fast, flipping and turning.

01/18/2009, Panama City

It has been kind of cold here lately, but we managed to get another baggy wrinkle made. We have done a lot of things that you just cannot see.

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