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Bimini - Started...

From the Balme Sail-Loft - old and new on the way...

Turns out to be a whole bunch more complex than we thought - at one point I was studying how 4 pieces of material came together at the same seam for hours! Which got attached to which first, then second...

I think it's highly likely that there'll be some final fitting required :-(

Sailcover - Done!

A lot of firsts this weekend...

-We managed to learn how to use the new sewing machine.
-We turned our house into a sail loft - with a cutting table (the floor) big enough to lay out the 6ft wide x 22ft long sailcover.
-We learned how to sew in zippers (more accurately, we learned how not to), managed to get away with it and know how to do it right next time (we think).
-All this while the two of us prepared for every 50+ year-old's favorite medical examination!

But, we got it done and now have a nice new brighter blue sailcover - all it needs is the fasteners - which we'll put in place when it's on the boat.

03/18/2012 | Michael Eslinger
Is that a drink in Laurie's hand?? I would certainly need one after that!! -- Jane
Winter Projects just got Longer!

So we decided there weren't enough projects on the books so we added some. On it's way is a bunch of Sunbrella, Zippers, and a new Sailrite sewing machine. Yup, we're about to build a new Dodger, Bimini and Sailcover!

Anyone done this? We need all the help and encouragement we can get!

02/29/2012 | Sewing Samn
Take your old one apart and use it as a pattern. You will have to compensate for stretched and out of shape pieces. Makes life much simpler, though it is still a big project if you've never done one before.
02/29/2012 | Bill Balme
With a name like Sewing Samn, you're maybe a resource we should tap into! W= e are complete novices at this. However, we have everything at home, planni= ng to start taking it apart - carefully - and then will lay out and use as = a template. Any advice on how best to deal with obviously stretched areas?

We're planning to tackle the sail cover first - seems like the easiest piec= e to gain experience with the sewing machine and the fabrics - then the Bim= ini and finally the dodger. Make sense?

(Thanks for the comment!)
Winter Projects

In between travelling to Europe, India and South America, various boat projects need to get done... Some are moving along nicely:

New maintenance free Cockpit table construction - half done - but won't look as good as a real Edson unit. Working with Starboard is quite the challenge!

Phil Lee from Cay Electronics gets my recommendation - he came aboard to sort out some of the confusing systems aboard and get the bits to talk to the computer...
• AIS Outputs "Toodle-oo" now - nothing ties us to Adagio anymore! :-)
• Pactor Modem talks to the computer
• GPS also talks to the computer!
• Looks like we'll be moving to using the Raytech navigation program in order to take advantage of all these systems...

Salon table varnishing (fixing PO's dents) - nearly complete.

Main winch cross threads is being fixed and the top plate being re-chromed

The boom has been attended to by Hall Spars - Replaced all rivets with machine screws, nuts and bolts where possible and added Spectra straps to all mainsheet attachments and the outhaul. Sparcraft replaced the outhaul car for free (steel ring was ¾ severed).

But... there's a whole heap more to do - mostly fixing things that have been neglected for a while and sprucing the place up to standard!

Headliner Velcro replacement
Winch and windlass covers
Fix companionway door
Fix fridge hinges
Fix bug screen hinges
Make new weathercloths
Replace curtains
Refinish the floor
Refinish the companionway area
Service winches
Fix stanchions
Fix all the gelcoat dings
Review traveler drainage
Replace running lights
Install cockpit lighting
Install storage system to rear locker
Install rope cutter on propshaft
Repair oil pressure gauge/alarm

There's probably more.... (bloody boats!)

New Boat!!!

Check out the new boat - an International 420 - to teach us how to really sail! (Might prove useful at some point!)

Anyone know how to rig a dingy?

12/08/2011 | Abigail
I do :). I'll have to teach you ;)
11/11/2011, Pirate Cove Marina

So I gather Toodle-oo! came out of the water yesterday - now can only do sailing vicariously - anyone else taking in the Volvo Ocean Race???

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