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And Another Step Forward!

The workshop is gone. Hopefully the new owner of the tools, Matt Johnson will be able to make great use of them in his venture - check out his stuff here: - really neat mixture of wood and metal work.

The house gets a step closer to being sold and the boat a step closer to being home...

2012 Schedule

After last night's planning meeting (during which far too much Guinness was consumed), I think we can conclude the following tentative sailing schedule for 2012...

May 14 Splash
May 25 - 28 Block Island

June 2-3 Newport
June 9 Laurie's Day-Sail
June 10 Squash Club Day-Sail
June 16 - 17 Father's Day sail to Cuttyhunk
June 23 - 24 Menemsha
June 29 - July 1 Newport - Americas Cup Races

July 3 - 4 Bristol Fireworks
July 7 - 8 Local

July 14 - 29 Summer Cruise: New England's Islands.
- 7/14 Newport Anchorage
- 7/16 Fishers Island
- 7/18-21 New York City (Take in a show)
- 7/22 Depart New York
- 7/23 Arrive Nantucket
- 7/25 Dinner event in Nantucket
- 7/28 Cuttyhunk
- 7/29 Newport

Aug 4 - 5 Cuttyhunk Kids weekend
Aug 11 - 12 Local
Aug 14 - 27 France

Aug 31 - Sept 3 Fall Cruise
- Aug 31 To Shelter Island
- Sept 1 Shelter Is.
- Sept 2 Block Is. (? If open! ?)
- Sept 3 Home

Sept 7 - 9 Marthas Vineyard
Sept 13 - 16 Newport Boat Show
Sept 22 - 23 Local
Sept 29 - 30 Local

Oct 6 - 8 Columbus Day Menemsha Cruise

If you're interested in joining us on any of these days, please let us know...

04/08/2012 | Michael Eslinger
Very nice, Bill, but was I at the same meeting? LOL

We need to add the Newport Boat Show and July 4th. Well, it looks good on paper .. I wonder how much we'll actually do!
04/09/2012 | Bill Balme
All fixed Mike - and a link to Jamin added! Where's my link to Toodle-oo! on your blog???
04/19/2012 | Diane
ELIXIR is gearing up for Block on Memorial Day - Cover's off, to do list made!
Brazil then Argentina
03/27/2012, Itajai

So here I am in Itajai - venue for the arrival of leg 5 of the Volvo Ocean Race - and I got here a week or two too early! Rats!

Beach right outside the hotel I'm staying at - can't be bad!

Bimini - Started...

From the Balme Sail-Loft - old and new on the way...

Turns out to be a whole bunch more complex than we thought - at one point I was studying how 4 pieces of material came together at the same seam for hours! Which got attached to which first, then second...

I think it's highly likely that there'll be some final fitting required :-(

Sailcover - Done!

A lot of firsts this weekend...

-We managed to learn how to use the new sewing machine.
-We turned our house into a sail loft - with a cutting table (the floor) big enough to lay out the 6ft wide x 22ft long sailcover.
-We learned how to sew in zippers (more accurately, we learned how not to), managed to get away with it and know how to do it right next time (we think).
-All this while the two of us prepared for every 50+ year-old's favorite medical examination!

But, we got it done and now have a nice new brighter blue sailcover - all it needs is the fasteners - which we'll put in place when it's on the boat.

03/18/2012 | Michael Eslinger
Is that a drink in Laurie's hand?? I would certainly need one after that!! -- Jane
Winter Projects just got Longer!

So we decided there weren't enough projects on the books so we added some. On it's way is a bunch of Sunbrella, Zippers, and a new Sailrite sewing machine. Yup, we're about to build a new Dodger, Bimini and Sailcover!

Anyone done this? We need all the help and encouragement we can get!

02/29/2012 | Sewing Samn
Take your old one apart and use it as a pattern. You will have to compensate for stretched and out of shape pieces. Makes life much simpler, though it is still a big project if you've never done one before.
02/29/2012 | Bill Balme
With a name like Sewing Samn, you're maybe a resource we should tap into! W= e are complete novices at this. However, we have everything at home, planni= ng to start taking it apart - carefully - and then will lay out and use as = a template. Any advice on how best to deal with obviously stretched areas?

We're planning to tackle the sail cover first - seems like the easiest piec= e to gain experience with the sewing machine and the fabrics - then the Bim= ini and finally the dodger. Make sense?

(Thanks for the comment!)

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