21 February 2018 | Town Basin Marina, North Island, New Zealand
08 February 2018 | Town Basin Marina, North Island, New Zealand
04 February 2018 | Marsden Cove Marina, North Island, New Zealand
01 February 2018 | Motuarohia (or Roberton) Island, Bay of Islands, New Zealand
31 January 2018 | Opua Marina, Opua, Bay of Islands, New Zealand
29 January 2018 | Mangahawea Bay, Moturua Island, Bay of Islands, New Zealand
27 January 2018 | Otaio Bay, Urupukapuka Island, Bay of Islands, New Zealand
26 January 2018 | Whangamumu Harbour, North Island, New Zealand
25 January 2018 | Maroro Bay, Off Aorangi Island, The Poor Knights, New Zealand
24 January 2018 | Urquhart Bay, Mouth of Whangarei Harbour, North Island, New Zealand
21 January 2018 | Town Basin Marina, Whangarei, North Island, New Zealand
18 January 2018 | Town Basin Marina, Whangarei, North Island, New Zealand
17 January 2018 | Town Basin Marina, Whangarei, New Zealand
10 January 2018 | The Pūkorokoro Miranda Shorebird Center, Firth of Thames, North Island, New Zealand
09 January 2018 | Seabreeze Holiday Park, Whenuakite, North Island, New Zealand
07 January 2018 | VR Rotorua Lake Resort, Mourea, North Island, New Zealand
06 January 2018 | Parkside Lodge, Napier, North Island, New Zealand
05 January 2018 | Zealandia, Wellington, North Island, New Zealand
03 January 2018 | Stratford Kiwi Motels & Holiday Park, Stratford, North Island, New Zealand
02 January 2018 | Otorohanga Holiday Park, Otorohanga, North Island, New Zealand

Skipping Fiji and heading to New Zealand

03 November 2017 | Mata ´Uta anchorage, Uvea Island, Wallis and Futuna
Photo: Birthday-boy Randall with his seafood dinner in Mata ´Utu, Wallis
We have enjoyed our week in Wallis eating baguettes and pan chocolat, riding our bikes all over the place, peering into a deep crater lake, admiring beautifully decorated graves on All Saints/Souls Day, snorkeling in the lagoon, and celebrating Randall's birthday, and there is plenty that we have missed, but it is time to move on. The summer heat is making its presence felt, with spring high-tides and little wind the anchorage is becoming rolly at times, and in the Gulf Harbour Radio weather reports, David has finally used the D-word, a depression. If it forms, it will be south of New Caledonia and Fiji and so is not likely to develop into a scary tropical depression but with the cyclone season starting three days ago, its potential formation is a sobering reminder that it is time to head south.

We look forward to going to is probably just not going to be this year. Unless the winds blow us in that direction as we head south, we have decided to skip Fiji and aim directly for New Zealand. We have thoroughly enjoyed exploring Samoa and Wallis in the last month but the idea of rushing around another new country in the next couple of weeks has rather lost its appeal. As they would say in America, this horse is heading to the barn.

Leaving around noon on November 3rd, we will probably have to motor for the first 24 to 48 hours, as there will be little useful wind but we should reach suitable sailing conditions after that. If we wait until the wind reappears here, then conditions do not look so favorable further south. We will be sailing south through a slot between Tonga and the Lau Islands of Fiji. After five or six days, it is quite likely that we will have to stop at Minerva Reef to wait for good sailing conditions for the seven- to eight-day passage to New Zealand but given the good snorkeling at Minerva, that should be no great hardship. If the depression, or any other conditions, look threatening on the way to Minerva, or if we use more fuel than we anticipate, we can always swing into Vava'u or Tongatapu.

We have not had access to WiFi here in Wallis and we will be using only the SSB radio on our passage, so I will be posting the details and photos of our adventures touring Samoa and Wallis after we get to New Zealand. We have thoroughly enjoyed this cruising season in the South Pacific Islands but it does feel as though it is time to be heading "home" to Whangarei.
Vessel Name: Tregoning
Vessel Make/Model: Morgan Classic 41
Hailing Port: Gainesville, FL
Crew: Alison and Randall
About: We cast-off from Fernandina Beach in north Florida on 1st June 2008 and we have been cruising on Tregoning ever since. Before buying Tregoning, both of us had been sailing on smaller boats for many years and had worked around boats and water throughout our careers.
Extra: “Tregoning” (rhymes with “belonging”) and is a Cornish word (meaning “homestead of Cohnan” or “farm by the ash trees”) and was Alison's mother’s middle name. Cornwall is in southwest England and is where Alison grew-up.
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