Racing and cruising on a Corsair 28 trimaran.

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Holy Mackerel!

20 April 2007
We left Great Sale Cay at dawn, and had a wonderful sail across the Little Bahama Bank, with a light S breeze. There was enough wind to get the boat moving at 7 knots with the screacher, and it was steady enough for us to set the autopilot and relax. However, soon we were close-hauled again, still making good progress over the beautiful shallow water of the bank. Tom (apparently tired of Trevelyan Stew) suggested we put a fishing line over the side, which we did. The wind picked up a bit, and we were sailing at 7-8 knots in a choppy sea. It felt strange to be sailing in shallow water waves while out of sight of land. It reminded me of sailing on Lake Erie (but warmer and quite a different color!).

Before long, the line buzzed, and Tom kept the boat steady while I fought the fish. This one was really strong, and whenever I got him near the boat, he swam straight down. We had a lot of trouble getting him on the boat - the net was not big enough. But we did, and I cut a couple of fillets. Tom (who is a restauranteur) took over cooking, and, with the boat bucking to windward, sautéed them in butter and served them with a marinara sauce. Delicious!

To be continued....
Vessel Name: Trevelyan
Vessel Make/Model: Corsair 28cc Trimaran
Hailing Port: Cayuga Lake, NY
Crew: Richard Stephens
About: Cruise: Laura (wife), Peter (9), Danny (7)
Race: Peter, Tom and Kim
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Who: Richard Stephens
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