Racing and cruising on a Corsair 28 trimaran.
The final day

The bay was calm with no wind, until the sea breeze filled in right before the race. The first race was our lucky race. Half way on our first downwind leg, it suddenly got very windy. Everybody else overstood, which means they sailed too far to one side. There were only three boats ahead of us when we started to go upwind. We finished first on corrected time!

In the overall standings we beat Linda. I enjoyed racing, because it was an awsome close competition, and the wind wasn't too strong.

The closest race of my life

On Friday the races were tiring because it was more windy and we had to beat Linda. She won two races and we won one. The races were very close: just two seconds in between our finishes in the last race. We still might be in the lead. At the start I made videos standing right at the back of the boat, but in the third race the memory card was full.

04/17/2010 | Mama
Good luck today on your final day of racing. I hope that your last day is your best yet!!
04/17/2010 | Mema
Hi Pete, Sounds like your having a great time!!Love the picture with the lizard!!! Hope the races are big wins for you!!! Bring home some of the sunshine with. Love and miss you!!! Love Mema
The close match

There was a boat exactly like our boat, sailed by Daddy's friend, Linda. It was a close match. One time we got a good start, but we almost collided with Tom. All our training really payed off because we gained a few boat lengths on Linda each time we rounded a mark. I took some videos of the starts while we were in sequence five minutes before the race. The weather was perfect again: around 10 knots of wind and sunny.

04/16/2010 | Mama
How exciting to finally race boats that are the same without the need for corrected time!! It's a good thing that you guys practiced rounded the marks. Every second counts. Hope you're having fun. Love, Mama and Danny
The first race day

The race committee fit in two race today. We had lunch at Lincoln park between races, with all the other racers. We thought that the other exact copy of our boat didn't make it, but she did, and she beat us in the second race. My favorite part was in the first race when we flew the spinnaker and sailed into the narrow bay. A spinnaker is a big sail for downwind. Our spinnaker is yellow and blue.

04/15/2010 | Laurie
Wow! What a busy day to have two races. You must be exhausted. Lincoln Park is a beautiful place to have lunch. I hope that you got to play on the playground. It must have been nice to have a break between races on the land. Good luck today. Lots of love, Mama and Danny
The catch of the lizard

I caught a lizard today. I found it on a palm tree. It was a small black lizard that can move realy fast, and it had mysterious flanges on it's sides.

04/14/2010 | Laurie
Cool, Pete! It looks very comfortable on you. I hope that it doesn't decide to move in with us!
04/14/2010 | Your class
Hi Pete! We wonder how you caught the lizard. What kind of lizard do you think it is?
04/14/2010 | henry
Mysterious lizards have no trouble walking over you.
The exciting sail

The wind was perfect, not to strong not to light. We went up and down the bay more than eight times. We saw other trimarans also practicing. Daddy would not let us head in until we did a perfect leeward mark rounding. That is where you take the spinnaker down and head back upwind. My jobs were outhaul, and helping Ben get the spinnaker down and sitting on it to stop it blowing away.

04/13/2010 | Laurie
You look like a professional sailor in the picture, Pete. It sounds like you guys are working very hard, but having a lot of fun. I'm glad that the crew finally got the job done up to Daddy's standards. Good luck in the races tomorrow. We'll be thinking about you!! Love, Mom and Danny
04/14/2010 | Your Class
Pete -
We are curious, what is a spinnaker?
We also wish you great luck in the race today! We can't wait to hear all about it. Kick their bottoms! :) Mrs. Civiletto added, kick their anchors!
-Your Class
04/15/2010 | Peter
You can also talk to Mrs. Dennis for questions like that.
The relaxing day

We went sailing with our crew, Keith and Ben, and Julia came too. The wind started off pretty light, but then it picked up to around 14 knots. We sailed windward-leewards, and we put the spinnaker up six times, and practiced rounding marks. When we got home I ate a whole entire pizza. Dad and I went swimming in the swimming pool and we did races. I beat daddy every single time (on corrected time!)

Pete's blog

After a week of relaxing, fishing and catching all kinds of things that live in the sea, we are now switching to race mode. Peter is taking over blog duty:

We had a great sail to our condo. I liked that we didn't heel too much, and we put up the spinnaker. We had a nice reach to the condo. And there we went for a swim in the pool.

04/12/2010 | Lulie
Pete! check YOU out using all the sailing lingo! I barely understood any of that...although I think I know what a spinnaker is. Did I spell it right?
04/12/2010 | Laurie
Wow! It's great that you get to stay in a condo with a pool. How awesome! Miss you! Love, Mom

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