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Koh Ha Yai Dive Thailand

On our way to Koh Muk there is a set of five limestone rocks rising out of the middle of the ocean that provide excellent diving and an incredible swim through at the base of one of the limestone monoliths that almost appears to float in the air.

Koh Muk and the Emerald Cave

Photo is the hard to find entrance to the Emerald Cave.

There are very few places that we have called awesome...places like Yasur Valcano at Tanna Vanuatu, Beveridge Reef and the Fakarava South Pass Tuamotus. The Koh Muk Emerald Cave is Awesome! However, you must get there early in the morning before the tourist crowds slam the place with hundreds of day trippers.

The cave is exactly what Walt Disney used as a model for his Pirates of the Caribbean ride and the cove to which it leads is a perfect hidden beach with towering limestone walls covered in thick vegitation, trees and vines making it impossible to enter from any other route besides the cave.

The cave itself is about 100 yards long with 10 to 15 feet of crystal clear water and white sandy bottom. The sounds of waves crashing into the various tubes that connect to the cave make it and exciting experience. Truly Awesome!

Looking up from the Emerald Cove Beach, all you can see is a hole which actually aligned with the moon on this morning. The towering limestone walls can only really be appreciated in person, but the wide angle gives you and idea of how steep they were and how amazing the cove is.

Emerald Cove looking directly up...

Koh Muk Beach...just around the corner from the Emerald Cave entrance.

Thai Tigers
03/19/2015, Phuket Thailand

We really enjoyed the visit with the Thailand Tigers where you can pet the cats as they lay around trying to escape the heat. Many of the tigers simply found sleeping in the pool to be the best escape from both the humans and the heat.

It was quite an experience to pet such a large animal knowing that with a single slap from the paw would kill a human. The one Lori was petting actually growled at us as we pet her. I think she was tired and needed her nap for the day.

Hanging out with Delos
03/16/2015, Chalong BAy, Thailand

After years of playing tag across the Pacific, we have finally caught up to Delos in Chalong Bay Thailand at the Lighthouse Bar.

These guys have made cruising into a cottage industry woking as a team to produce their blogs and high quality videos. As soon as they logged onto the internet, my ability to download torrents which to nill! These guys are a hard working bunch. We love the Delos gang.

Team Delos hard at work in Thailand.

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