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04 February 2011
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Nothing Worse

The bus ride from hell...Chau Doc to Saigon.

There really isn't much worse than being sick while travelling. However, worse is being sick with explosive diarrhoea and finding that you have been booked on a 6 hour bus ride packed in like sardines and there is no onboard toilet!!

When we booked the bus trip we were told it had sleeper seats and we envisioned first class lounge seating with limited number of occupants. Well, nothing could have been further from the truth. The bus contained three rows of bunk style seats with narrow isles between each row. The sleeper seats were reclined bunks designed for people 4.5 feet tall...not 6.5 feet tall. Just to make things more unbearable, we had the seats in the very back of the bus situated above the hot and noisy engine. Janet was located in a seat in which the ceiling was only 6 inches above her nose.

Overflowing with passengers as they sold more tickets than they had seats.
So, people just filled the narrow isles.

Bus loaded on ferry crossing Mekong River.

The narrow isles were a real challenge for me since I'm a big guy. I could hardly fit down the isle sideways and when I did, I tore all the buttons off my shirt. Once we made our way to the back of the bus and climbed into our coffin style seats, the bus driver cranked up Vietnamese Music videos as loud as the speakers would go. Now I'm sure Vietnamese people love the sound of their music and I'm sure it is lovely in some regard, but to most Europeans, it is the closest thing to torture I can imagine. It really does have the potential to make your head explode.

So there I was, lying on my back in a hot and humid coffin on a over crowded bus knowing that there is no toilet for over 6 hours listening to painfully loud Vietnamese this is living the life baby!

Beers of the World Saigon Beer in Chau Doc, Vietnam

Saigon Beer in Chau Doc, Vietnam

The Asia Travel Map

Just to help everyone visualize where we have been and where we are going in the next week I've made a map showing where we left from Langkawi to Bangkok, to Siem Reap Cambodia, drive to Phenom Penh, Mekong river boat to Chau Doc, Vietnam, to Ho Chi Minh City, to Dong Hoi.

Short video of our hotel here at Chau Doc overlooking the rice fields. Truly an amazing lodge.

Cambodia to Vietnam via the Mekong River

We departed Phenom Penh, Cambodia at about 12 noon on a high speed river boat down the Mekong River going to Chau Doc, Vietnam.

Photo of the boat station overlooking the Mekong in Phenom Penh.

Part 1

Fishing boats at the boarder of Cambodia and Vietnam.

Stunning view from our hotel in Chau Doc overlooking the rice patties below.

Part 2

Picture of the swimming pool at our hotel in Chau Doc, Vietnam.

Part 3

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