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Beers of the World - Penang
02/24/2015, Penang, Malaysia

Tiger Beer @ Penang Hill

George Town
Blistering Hot and no breeze
02/07/2015, Penang

Yesterday we ventured into Penang to learn how to use the local mass transit system that everyone says is exceptional. Rather than take two dingies, we shared Plane Sailings hard bottom and made our way to the pier across the channel from the anchorage. The pier is quite new and it has space on a floating dock for guest to tie off their dinks. Considering that the South Asia Cruising Guide clearly stated that there were no anchorages in Penang, I think we are doing extremely well. The pier is even guarded by police...very nice!

From the pier, we walked out to the main street and waited about 10 minutes and a modern bus stopped to pick us up. The cost to travel from the Southern end of the island to the Northern end, about 10 miles was 2 Ringgit, or about $0.50 cents. The bus was air conditioned and perfectly clean. The cool air was a welcomed comfort even at 10 am.

George Town is the capital of the state of Penang and was named after the British King George III. There are over a half million people living in a small township which is mostly Indian and Chinese. George Town is known for it's colonial style building and heritage. All the buildings are narrow and deep making for some very crowded street fronts. The contrast between the glaring sun on the street and the dark overfilled shops of everything known to exist on the planet, makes for some very memorable shopping.

One of the shops that Bob was impressed by was filled with piles of electric motors that a group of three men were rewinding starters, alternators and art form completely lost in the 1st world. Lori and Diedre spent nearly an hour shopping in a silk store where all the clothing was pure silk and "sparkly stuff".

We met-up with our good boating buddy for lunch in George Town. Janet from S/V Revel who came across Indonesia with us now lives on her boat in a marina near George Town. The meeting place was Kapitans Indian Food which is on one of the main corners. It is a two level colonial style building with balcony seating upstairs so you can people watch while you eat. Five of us ate lunch plus drinks for a total of $67 Ringgit...$18 US! We are loving George Town!!!

Electric Motor Rebuilders

The Silk Shop

The Mogwai Shop...prize to the first person to name the reference.

The Narrow Buildings

Local Taxi Service

Love this guy!

Locals at work.

Welcome to Penang
Sunny and Hot
02/05/2015, Palau Penang, Malaysia

We made our longest jump yesterday arriving at our anchorage just before sundown. We had to transit under the Penang Bridge (13,6km long) above and then pucker across mud shoals to our excellent anchorage across from the Queensbay Mall in Penang.

More Pangkor

Photo from the Singapore orchid garden.

"Hello - Bye - Bye" This was the standard greeting from the locals as we walked up the street to the Chinese Temple. The locals say it as one word. Chinese New Year is just around the corner and everyone on Pangkor is getting ready to party.

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