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S/V Trim
Port: California
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Catching-up with the Sail Indonesia Rally
09/21/2014, Lovina Bay, Bali

After being more than a month behind the rest of the Sail Indonesia fleet, we finally crossed paths with them in Bali.

Anchoring in 6 Knots
09/21/2014, Komodo Island

While in Komodo we experienced currents exceeding our ability to motor against them. The short video shows a dive on anchor in 6 knots to confirm that the anchor has in fact set while we wait for slack tide.

Safe Arrival in Bali
F'n Hot
09/20/2014, Lovina Bay

48 hours from Komodo to Bali with anchor down and we have finally caught up to the Sail Indonesia Rally...better late than never.

Photo is of Komodo Island Dive Boats. They appear to be a combination of Spanish Galleon and Chinese Junk. They all seemed to be full to capacity with European divers.

As promised some Komodo dive video. I did this in 5x speed to show more in less time and for some reason I lost many clips that I wanted to include. So, apologies for crap editing, but my 15 year old computer is absolutely choking on HD videos. The most important part of the video is the evidence that Lori actually does dive...if only begrudgingly.

Lori's Pearls

After hours of negotiations with one of the locals, Lori got her pearls.

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