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S/V Trim
Port: California
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12 February 2011
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11 December 2010
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Chew Jetty, Penang

This was an interesting place in which several clans of Chinese have built competing Jetties out over the water. Numerous families live over the water and their home fronts along the wooden pier are their businesses.

It is a UNESCO sight!

Talaga Marina, Langkawi
Really Fucking Hot

We are hold-up in Telaga Marina restocking before we head to Phuket and the local islands. There is a nice resort on the beach here that we are forced to crash their pool party each day.

Arrival in Langkawi

We finally arrived in Langkawi and anchored among the incredibly beautiful limestone fiords that tower thousands of feet strait up from the water.

It is hot but there is a nice breeze blowing through the canyon and there are 3 other sailing vessels at anchor with us...most are from Germany and one from Australia.

Lori is enjoying her calm anchorage after a hellish night on a mooring at Palau Payar. We had 5 foot wind chop and 30 knot winds all night that kept Lori up all night while I slept like a was a mooring after all.

We also visited the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden which is a short dinghy ride from our anchorage. The lake is fresh water produced by natural osmisis through the limestone that separates the lake from the sea. Along the trail to the lake we encountered some really cheeky monkeys.

Beers of the World - Penang
02/24/2015, Penang, Malaysia

Tiger Beer @ Penang Hill

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