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S/V Trim
Who: Captain Prozac
Port: California
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02 April 2016
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11 February 2010
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Decks Complete

The weather was so nice today I was able to complete two coats of Semco and finish the job. Seriously backbreaking work when you're an old fart.

Umbria Awesomeness! Repost with Photos
Captain Prozac
04/17/2016, The Red Sea

Since the videos we shot of the Umbria dives were all in UltraHD and my Director12_POS software wants $69 more just to be able to edit UHD, I decide to just provide screen shots.

Umbria awesomness! Once again, it takes a lot to make my awesome list.and Umbria is right there at the top. It lived up to its reputation and went beyond with bays full of bombs perfectly stacked 50 ft high, wine bottles in cases, and bays full of old Fiats. This wreck is superb! We got lots of video, at least 2 hours worth.

This is a very unique shot because the sunlight is coming through a porthole and shinning on a stack of thousands of bombs. What is difficult to see, is that the ship is on it's side and therefore the bombs are almost stacked straight upwards and held together by coral growth.

Shab Rumi Awesomeness - Repost with Screen Shots
Captain Prozac
04/17/2016, The Red Sea

Another one for the awesomeness list. Shab Rumi, or more properly Sha'ab Rumi is a reef used by Jacques Cousteau back in 1963 as an underwater habitat for studying sea life. His team built an entire underwater complex with submarine garage, tool shed and a futuristic hollow sea urchin looking living space and lab. The remains are all still here and we found them on our first dive. Sitting precariously on the edge of and abyssal ledge looking like a space craft preparing to launch. It sits on a tri-pod structure and still holds air. We even swam up inside and had an underwater conversation in a habitat that is older than me!

Just below the habitat is a stainless steel head stone marking the underwater grave of Alfred Hennebohl who died while diving with Jacques. He was 50 years old. Very interesting place and we have it all to ourselves and more dive tomorrow. Wind is blow 30 knots at the moment, but we have a nice sheltered mooring, so no worries.

From inside the Urchin.

Scrubbing the Red Sea out of the Decks

Hands and knees with a scrubber in each hand is the only way to remove the Red Sea from the teak decks. It was a full day job and tomorrow will be the start of the two days of Semco.

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