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S/V Trim
Who: Captain Prozac
Port: California
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15 January 2010
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15 January 2010
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Baja Sailing Pictures

Hull Speed under autopilot and gennaker on the final run to Cabo.

Full moon over Bahia Santa Maria the night before final run to Cabo.

Dinner in the cockpit at Bahia Santa Maria...Fresh Lobster and Dorado!

Thanksgiving in Mexico
11/26/2009, La Paz

Happy Thanksgiving family and friends! We wish we had everyone here with us to enjoy the celebration here at Palmira Marina in La Paz. There were over 300 cruisers attending the party. Everyone brought a dish and the Marina supplied the turkeys. I find this odd that the Marina would help a bunch of cruisers celebrate an occasion in which a bunch of Europeans on boats came to American and claimed it as their own. How quickly they all forget ;-)

We plan to head out of here this weekend sometime depending on the weather...everything in our life now depends on the weather. There was supposed to be a big Northerly coming down the Sea of Cortez on Sunday, but now that is being replaced by a strong wind storm on the Pacific almost exactly like the one that we dealt with on the second day of the HaHa. This system will steal the energy from the Northerly and produce some strong winds coming across the Baja peninsula directly into La Paz from the West which is "No Bueno" if you are in any of the coves at Espiritu Santo. We will probably sit here in our slip for a few extra days as we have learned that being in a hurry pays no benefit.

We celebrated my 44th birthday last night with friends from Chrokeva who bought me a 12 year old Rum. Lori baked a wonderful chocolate cake and we watched several more episodes of 24 on DVD. The 24 series is quite addictive...especially when you don't have commercials or week long breaks between episodes. It was a perfect birthday!

All is still well on Trim!

Another Northerly Coming
11/25/2009, La Paz

It seems that we have another Northerly coming down on us Sunday 29th. We were planning to sail up to Espiritu Santo on Saturday, however we have had our fill of dealing with these Northerlies. The Northerly winds blow strong and long in the Sea of Cortez from November to March. The winds start up near San Fillipe and build in strength as they draw energy from both dry deserts running the length of the Sea. It seems that they blow once every other week like clockwork. The winds build to over 30 knots in just a few hours and remain there for several days. Since they have an enormous fetch, they produce large ugly seas. By the time these seas reach La Paz, they are 10 to 15ft with very short period. It is this short period that makes life rough for most of us sailboats.

Cleapoint weather forecast software showing formation of Northerly in Sea of Cortez.

Although Espiritu Santo has protected coves from the seas, the Islands are low and don't provide much protection from the strong winds. We have talked to several boats that were at Espiritu during the last Northerly and they said it was not fun as all the boats were dragging anchors all night long in some very narrow coves.

Isla Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida just North of La Paz.

We plan to spend several weeks at Espiritu Santo diving so we want a sustained period of good conditions. In addition, we plan to cross to Mazatlan directly from the Northern tip of Isla Partida.

Gavity is Strong in La Paz
Hot and Sunny
11/24/2009, Palmira Marina

We are still in La Paz and the gravity here is very very strong...especially in the morning when you want to get stuff done.

Emailing with our friends on Follow You Follow Me who did the HaHa last year, they concluded that La Paz is like a trailer park by the sea...we can't think of a better description for the place. Maybe a Tucson Trailer Park by the Sea.

Picture of the La Palapas located along the beach in La Paz. They are very popular during the mid day heat

Picture of our guest that landed on our helm to check his location on the chart plotter. He stayed with us for nearly an hour and would let us pick him up without care.

Picture of Bahia Santa Maria with all the fleet on anchor in the background.

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