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S/V Trim
Who: Captain Prozac
Port: California
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The Complete Refit of Trim - Part IV
Kenneth Newell
09/07/2006, Long Beach Shoreline Marina, CA

Figure 28 - Steve decides we need a larger wheel and thus pulls out his trusty skill saw and starts cutting holes in everything. When Steve breaks-out the skill saw, things always get expensive. I don?? t even touch the thing because it has only one purpose…to cut big expensive holes. When the skill saw does it?? s job, there is no turning back. It is a very decisive tool.

Having completed the teak deck project, Steve and I felt we could tackle any project. What we didn?? t know, was just how complicated the cockpit project would be…not to mention how expensive it would become.

To begin, we had to remove the helm and the old teak flooring followed by the removal of all the old LP paint and sanding to bare Gel-coat. Once this was completed, we had to decide how exactly we were going to accommodate a larger diameter wheel since the aft section of the cockpit closed to within inches of the 24” wheel. There were two options available, slotting the aft seating surfaces, or completely removing approximately 2 feet of seating surface on both sides aft of the helm. Following some research and looking at some of the newest Swan cockpits, we decided that it made since to simply remove the aft section of seating since the helmsman will have a fold-down seat anyway. This would allow for the steerage plus some much needed additional maneuvering room for the helmsman.

The Complete Refit of Trim - Part IV Cockpit & Paint
Kenneth Newell
09/07/2006, Long Beach Shoreline Marina, CA

Figure 27 - View of the cockpit at the start of the refit project. Notice the useless 24" little wheel and the pools of water sitting in the seats. The old teak floor was problematic as well.

It seems that another sailing season has come and gone with two years having past since we started this refit project. The really funny part of all this insanity is the fact that Steve has never been sailing! He has dedicated every weekend, thousands of dollars and even some blood just because I told him there isn't anything like the feeling of mooring in Catalina on your own beautiful sail boat, drinks in hand and a few bikini clad ladies sunning on your teak deck. I certainly hope I haven't mislead him…I'm sure I haven't.

Following the completion of the deck project and our 4th of July teak deck party, it took some time to refocus our efforts on the next project at hand…the ugly cockpit. The existing cockpit design had some positive aspects but mostly it had a long list on negatives that we wanted to correct. I guess the only real positive attribute is the fact that it is a deep trough design that bodes well for blue water sailing and heavy weather. When you stand in the cockpit you feel quite safe and the helmsman rarely gets the taste of salt water. On the other hand, the list of negative attributes is quite long. Most noticeable of these is the 24” wheel that might have been fashionable and mechanically sufficient in the late 70?? s, however having sailed on many racing sleds, I knew the benefits and increased ease of handling with a 44” diameter wheel on a 50?? boat. Besides the undersized wheel, the fiberglass seating was poorly designed allowing water to collect in the aft sections. Several other design items were problematic as well, including the location of the instruments, the storage access hatch and the cockpit floor drainage. All of the design flaws needed to be remedied before we would be happy with the layout of the cockpit. In other words, we needed to completely rebuild the original cockpit.

The Complete Refit of Trim - Part III Epoxy Bonding, King Plank Pattern, Filling and Finishing
Kenneth Newell
09/06/2006, Long Beach Shoreline Marina, CA

For those of you who think that a teak deck or teak veneers are a project that you would be interested in doing yourself, allow me to itemize everything that goes into such a large job. This list is based on 360 square foot deck space which is considerably more than most boats of 45-50' length would need. Nonetheless, it should provide some insight as to the cost of such a project in terms of "primary" materials, tools and time.

Item # Required $ Total Source Description Web Address
Epoxy - Slow Cure 10 gallons $640.00 WEST SYSTEM 105 resin w/
106 hardener
Alternate Epoxy Supplier 10 gallons $241.00 US Composites 635 kit
Pump Kit 1 $10.00 US Composites WEST 5:1 kit
Graphite 80 oz. $70.00 US Composites WEST-423
Alternate Graphite Supplier 5 lb can $29.89 McMaster-Carr -325 mesh
404 High Density Filler 2-30lb bags $315.20 US Composites WEST 404
83oz mixing tubs 2-50 sleeve $75.00 US Composites CON-WP083
#10 Sheet metal screws 25X100 $89.00 McMaster-Carr Zinc 1.25"
Washers zinc plated 25X100 $66.75 McMaster-Carr 91090A120
Latex gloves 6X100 $49.74 McMaster-Carr 6071T15
8/4 Teak 10"x12' rough 10 $4000.00 Bohnhoff Lumber Slab cut
2/4 Teak 10"x6' milled 20 $1500.00 Austins Hardwood milled
Acetone 5 gallons $50.00 Ace Hardware
5' Wood vice clamps 4 $100.00 Home Depot
Large spring clamps 10 $60.00 Home Depot
Phillip Head Bit Kits 4 $40.00 Home Depot
Shop Rags 8 boxes $45.00 Ace Hardware
Disposable Putty Knives 3x36 $52.92 McMaster-Carr 1-1/2" X 3-5/8"
Masking Tape 15 $97.20 McMaster-Carr 1-1/2x60' Blue
Ryobi Portable Band Saw 1 $198.00 Home Depot
Ryobi 18V Driver 2 $178.00 Home Depot
Delta Chop Saw 1 $98.00 Home Depot
Makita Orbital Sander 2 $189.00 Home Depot
Makita Belt Sander 1 $148.00 Home Depot
5 hole Sanding Disks 20x25 $189.00 McMaster-Carr Hook Loop 60/120 grit
Drum Sander 2 days $120.00 Home Depot Rentals
20 grit drum pads 4 $50.00 Home Depot Rentals
Disc Sander 3 days $160.00 Home Depot Rentals
Orbital Finish Sander 3 days $160.00 Home Depot Rentals
Sanding Pads & Discs 10 $120.00 Home Depot Rentals 60/80/120
Hydroprayer 1 day $40.00 Home Depot Rentals
Makita 1200rpm grinder 1 $129.00 Home Depot
Grinder Disks 10 $30.00 McMaster-Carr 20 grit

Material & Supply Grand Total = $9069.56
Estimated Man-hours Labor = 850

We estimated that there were approximately $2000 worth of incidental expenses such as drill bits, knives, shop vac, vice grips, hammers, and cell phones. All of these items are now located at the bottom of our slip. From this experience we also hypothesized a new gravitational relationship between the value of an object and its attraction to water. We believe it to be exponential.

The Complete Refit of Trim - Part III Epoxy Bonding, King Plank Pattern, Filling and Finishing
Kenneth Newell
09/06/2006, Long Beach Shoreline Marina, CA

Figure 26 - Left: Margin board accents around winch platform, Right: Stainless steel drains in-laid below top surface of deck for drainage.

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