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The Anderson Adventures
12/13/2011 eight bells and all is well, Jan's watch is over
11/12/2011 Keep my mom in your prayers
11/12/2011 Update about Triple Stars
11/06/2011 So here we sit
11/04/2011 We are in safe zone
11/01/2011 Looks like today might be the day
10/24/2011 Maine to Newport... FINALLY
10/21/2011 Oh My's Friday already
10/18/2011 We did it...we're on our way...opps pit stop!
10/15/2011 It's time to head south
10/07/2010 And in a blink of an's October!
06/14/2010 I can't believe it's June already!
03/03/2010 YEA! We have passed the Winter 1/2 way point!
12/23/2009 Our sheet rock is all but done!
12/19/2009 Our 2nd snowfall ...just in time for a White Christmas!
12/18/2009 Welcome to Winter, DownEast style
11/09/2009 Is it really November...Already???
09/30/2009 September is over...But what a month!
09/08/2009 WOW...I can't believe it!
09/02/2009 Our addition finally begins
07/11/2009 Summer has FINALLY arrived...we hope!
06/13/2009 Anderson Adventure...Volume 1 is complete!
06/13/2009 We are making progress!
06/11/2009 Best laid plans
06/06/2009 Welcome to Southern New England
05/28/2009 What a great time to be in Annapolis!
05/04/2009 Ahhhh...Annapolis at last
04/29/2009 Success! We are in the Chesapeake
04/24/2009 1st full day on the ICW
04/22/2009 Opps, did I say Cape Fear?
04/20/2009 A beautiful, old colonial town
04/18/2009 These people sure like their stories!
04/16/2009 Our weather window to Beaufort, S.C.
03/19/2009 From the Dry Tortugas to....the Marquesas???
03/19/2009 Back in the good ole USA!
03/16/2009 We're back in the USA
03/14/2009 Our weather window as finally arrived!
03/07/2009 Ahhh we are still in Mexico!
02/26/2009 A great last port in Mexico
02/14/2009 Our final passage to Mexico
02/03/2009 Our last stop in Belize
01/30/2009 Now this is a laid back place!
01/30/2009 On the road again...
01/28/2009 Our "UnBelizable" Vacation
01/19/2009 What a fun passage!
01/15/2009 Here we wait....and wait....
01/10/2009 Another peaceful place!
01/06/2009 Now this looks Tropical - Caribbean style
01/04/2009 Happy New Year
12/21/2008 Christmas in the Caribbean
11/19/2008 Triple Stars meets the Swimming Pool
11/07/2008 Our 1st few days in the Caribbean
11/02/2008 Triple Stars (and it's crew) get alittle TLC
10/19/2008 Good Bye Pacific - Hello Beautiful Caribbean
10/18/2008 Miraflores Lock Entrance
10/18/2008 What Excitement! We're half way done!
10/17/2008 Preparations for our Canal Transit
10/17/2008 Boston Legal Final Episode Party
10/03/2008 Cruising Las Perlas Islands
09/21/2008 Little Tropical Paradises
09/17/2008 1st days in Panama
09/14/2008 Adios Costa Rica - Hola Panama
09/13/2008 Our last port in Costa Rica
09/09/2008 Final Anchorage in Gulf of Nicoya
09/02/2008 Our final views of Gulf of Nicoya
08/26/2008 Our fabulous Zip Line Adventure
08/26/2008 From clear water to brown water!
08/26/2008 Enroute to Isla San Lucas
08/24/2008 We left Paradise for gulf of Nicoya
08/12/2008 Bahia Santa Elena
08/09/2008 Ahhhh...the Marina Life!
08/04/2008 Gulf of Fonseca, A 3 country Bay!
08/01/2008 Our inland trip to Copan Ruinas
07/26/2008 Ahhhh...back to Paradise in Barillas
07/25/2008 What a GREAT vacation...!
06/01/2008 A little vacation from our
05/29/2008 Safe and secure at Barillas Marina Club
05/12/2008 We PASSED THE BAR
05/11/2008 Just outside the estuary mouth of Bahia del Sol
05/10/2008 Day 4 Passage
05/08/2008 No T-pecker for us!!!!
05/06/2008 Our final Mexican destination
04/30/2008 Cha Cha Kwal
04/27/2008 Underway to Huatulco
04/24/2008 We sailed to Acapulco
04/23/2008 Our last day here
04/18/2008 Zihua a nice place to be
04/11/2008 Zihua, Z-town ,Zihuatanejo,
04/07/2008 Isla Ixtapa get-away
04/05/2008 Our overnight passage to Ixtapa
04/03/2008 4 days in Las Hadas
03/31/2008 We are anchored in Las Hadas
03/29/2008 Our last day in Barra
03/26/2008 Safely in Barra de Navidad
03/21/2008 Anchored in Tenacatita Bay
03/18/2008 We are anchored in Bahia Chamela
03/17/2008 We made it past Cabo Corrientes....
03/16/2008 What a quaint village
03/04/2008 We've made it to Banderas Bay
02/23/2008 Now it's Chacala
02/15/2008 Here we are in San Blas
02/10/2008 Isla Isabela
01/28/2008 We are back in Mazatlan
01/11/2008 Rob & Jan visit Altata
11/08/2007 The Final stretch
11/05/2007 We finished the 2nd leg!
11/05/2007 We finished the 2nd leg!
11/04/2007 2nd leg on our way to Bahia Santa Maria
11/02/2007 Enjoyed the beach party
11/01/2007 WE MADE IT!!!
10/31/2007 3rd Day at Sea
10/30/2007 Day 2 at 6am
10/29/2007 Baja HaHa XIV Begins!!!!
Who: Rob & Jan Anderson
Port: San Francisco, CA
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