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The Anderson Adventures
Triple Stars's Photos - The house is weather tight!
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This is the Reliance...Island Transport
Good Bye to the 40yd debris box that saved us tons of time and many trips to the dump...
Trucks need to back onto the Reliance to leave the island
Here comes the sheet rock
Here comes the windows
Reliance awaits next load
The guys "quickly" unload 12 windows and 14 doors
It takes 4 strong guys to unload the kitchen door!
Dana & Rob install the 1st window
Only 5 hours later 10 windows and 1 door are installed!
8 windows done by lunch time
Rob & Jerry rearrange and distribute 4
Jerry & Rob install the remaining windows
Thumbs up!  Good job guys
at least 35 nails in each window
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Who: Rob & Jan Anderson
Port: San Francisco, CA
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