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The Anderson Adventures
And in a blink of an's October!
10/07/2010, Hupper Island

The old saying is so true! How time flies when you are having fun...on Hupper Island. The Summer was AWESOME! The addition is all but done and if I must say so looks fantastic. So many people to thank and who had big parts in this true labor of love. JoAnnne and Jerry have been awesome, coming up every chance they could WORKING on their vacation and always right there with suggestions, solutions, picking colors and SUPPORT! Rob and I have certainly put alot of heart, soul, blood and sore muscles into this project and have learned alot. Rob, of course, designed this project from start to finish. His knowledge, logic, talent, problem solving abilities and dedication, just never ceases to amaze me. July brought the Anderson/Milbourn families together for the big event. Cooking the 1st meal in our new kitchen, all together! We had a great week together, working, hiking, clamming, visiting, boat riding and just enjoying the time. Of course the annual Hupper Island 4th of July picnic was a huge success. Lots of great weather, food, conversation and meeting new friends!
We were also lucky enough to have some good friends come for a visit. Terri & Lyman (our crusing buddies) and John, Judy and Janna from Texas. And spending time doing some of the "home-town" activities...Lobster Festival, St. George Days, Rockland's Boat Show, wine tasting, Camden Harbor & Arts Festival, lots of hiking around Hupper and visiting with our neighbors.
Rob and I have decided to stay 1 more winter, here on Hupper and continue the next phase of the project...rennovating the old kitchen into a laundry room, bathroom and bedroom in the main house. Be sure to check out our photo gallery, as I tend to post more pictures than write about our adventures.
We head to Acadia National Park to view the fall foliage, so no doubt more pictures will be posted later this month.... Enjoy your fall and thanks to all of you for following our adventures!

I can't believe it's June already!
06/14/2010, Hupper Island

It's been 2 months since last I wrote a blog! And it's now been 1 year since becoming....CLODS (Cruisers Living On Dirt) What a busy year it has been around here and what a beautiful spring it has been! We have been working really hard on the house and doing the finishing touches on the inside are such fun! Walls are painted, Jo & Jerry came for a week and knocked out the tile floor in the kitchen and we got all of the cabinets stained and sealed. Working feverishly on tiling and flooring of the bathrooms and having the kitchen countertops installed have been the latest projects. Our goal is a fully operational kitchen and bathroom in the July 1st! By golly, I think we will make it!!!
Triple Stars is still on stilts, as our attempt to get her launched last week was thwarted by our prop being reinstalled...BACKWARDS...forward went reverse...reverse went forward...opps! Anyway, with any luck the boatyard has gotten it corrected and we are set to launch 1pm on Tuesday the 15th almost 8 months out of the water... Be sure to check out our photo gallery for more current pictures.
We were so happy to greet John, Judy & Janna Morris...good friends from "home town" in Texas as they visited Maine, Hupper Island and us for their 1st time "DownEast" A very short 24 hour visit but a fun one! We are also anxiously awaiting a visit from our cruising buddies, Terri & Lyman. as they travel all the way from the Caribbean aboard sans cles.

YEA! We have passed the Winter 1/2 way point!
03/03/2010, Hupper Island

I just can't believe we have made it this far with such little difficulty! It's been 2 months since my last entry and the time has really flown. The holidays were delightful with fresh snow on the ground, talking with our family and even a delightful visit from friends,Wendy and her 4 grown children on Christmas. New Year's Eve we spent in a very down eastern style: Lobster for dinner and then over to the Harpoon Restaurant with many new and old friends of Port Clyde for the traditional New Year's Eve Bash. It was 12:00 straight up when we arrived back at home with the snow beginning to fall...WELCOME 2010! Temps in January were mostly in the 30's but several bouts of teens and 20's for highs did keep us inside more than outside! We also had a 2nd episode of "runaway skiff" in the 35+mph winds. But it only wandered to the neighbor's shore, so Rob is hoping 3rd time's a charm and gets to look at new skiffs someday! We've only had 4 snowfalls since then. One being a 3 day, 19 inch event with the rest only dropping 5-6 inches at a time. Hupper Island is truly a beautiful place with fresh white snow on it's shores and boughs. Our new snow shoes are still new and now that it's March, we just might have new snow shoes for sale in May! But there are still 2 months left so I have my fingers crossed the white stuff will still fly. After all, Washington D.C., New York and New Jersey all have way more snow than we do! The only thing to deal with is the wind. It seems that the winds are higher than 15 mph only 3 or 4 days a week, sometimes day after day, but we just stay on island until the conditions are right to get across safely and not wet or frozen! The addition is coming along quite nicely. We move a bit slower in the colder weather but things still get done. Rob, however, seems to handle the colder, damper weather much better than me or Dana. The tides, wind, rain/snow and daylight really does play a major role in island life. The new wood burning stove stayed in the back of the truck for over a month, just waiting for all the forces to align so we could get it over here. The outside cedar shingle siding is our priority now, with wet, rainy weather on the way, we need to get the house protected from the wet elements. We are probably only a month behind our "island schedule", but hope to be working on getting the new kitchen in working order in April. While building a structure from scratch has been awesome, putting in cabinets and appliances and painting decorator colors sounds really fun! I am happy to report that Triple Stars has survived all of these high wind gusts...40-45mph sustained and 50-83mph gusts! She's never been out of the water longer than a week before, so this 7 month dry dock hibernation in the WINDY weather, snow and below freezing temps has been quite the experience I'm sure she hopes NEVER to repeat! Be sure to check out our photo gallery for more pictures on the progress of our house and the beautiful sites of Winter in Hupperland!

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