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12 November 2011
06 November 2011 | Somewhere in the North Atlantic
04 November 2011 | Hupper Island, ME
01 November 2011 | Newport
24 October 2011 | Newport, R.I.
21 October 2011 | Booth Bay Harbor, ME
18 October 2011 | Booth Bay Harbor, Maine
15 October 2011 | Hupper Island
07 October 2010 | Hupper Island
14 June 2010 | Hupper Island
03 March 2010 | Hupper Island
23 December 2009 | Hupper Island
18 December 2009 | Hupper Island
09 November 2009 | Hupper Island
30 September 2009 | Hupper Island
08 September 2009 | Hupper Island
02 September 2009 | Hupper Island, Port Clyde, ME

eight bells and all is well, Jan's watch is over

13 December 2011
On Sunday Dec. 11th a memorial to celebrate Jan's life was held at the school where she worked for over sixteen years. It was attended by family and friends from the school, swim club, tennis club and cruisers that we have met on our journey. I wish to thank all the people that attended and those who were their in thoughts and prayers. Your notes and cards are a comfort to me and my family.
Eight bells and all is well, your watch is over sleep well my love......

Keep my mom in your prayers

12 November 2011
Thank you everyone for your support. Here is another link for an update

Update about Triple Stars

12 November 2011
Hello everyone this post is by their daughter Kristen. As many of you already know yesterday November 11 there was a weather related accident and my mom was swept off the boat. My dad called in a mayday and the Coast Guard was dispatched right away. My dad was rescued by a freighter boat and is safe aboard it. As of now the search and rescue for my mom is continuing. She is a very strong woman like all of you know and we are still praying that they are able to find her. I will attach the link to the Coast Guard website that has already posed one press release. Please keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers and I will try to update everyone as much as I can.

Vessel Name: Triple Stars
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 380
Hailing Port: San Francisco, CA
Crew: Rob & Jan Anderson
Rob & Jan sailed from Sausalito, Ca on October 11, 2007, headed south. Our ultimate destination is down Mexico, Central America to Panama. We will transit the canal end of 2008. We will then travel up towards N. America again, ending in Port Clyde, Maine in spring of 2009. [...]
What a journey we have had! We arrived in Port Clyde, Maine in June 2009. A rainy, chilly summer on Hupper Island but thrilled to have completed our journey. We began building the addition onto our summer home which was finished in September 2010. Rennovation of the original house is in the [...]
Triple Stars's Photos - Passage to Newport, R.I.
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Seas finally calmed down...we were passing Cape Ann...still a bit chilly with the cloud cover setting in fast!
But what a sunset after the "little" cloud bank passed us
Almost a mini Bridge of the Americas that is at the Panama Canal...
entering Naragansett Bay and the town of Newport
Okay, day 1 and while moving the boat around in the slip, we caught the line around the Rob went swimming with his huka system
Just the beginning of a white knuckle passage thru 2 fog banks in the Canal
Water was pretty clear and not toooooo bad... only about 65 degrees
the final sunset at BoothBay Harbor...looking forward to a nice 36 hour sail onward to Newport

Who: Rob & Jan Anderson
Port: San Francisco, CA