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Another Day In Paradise
11/24/2012, Les Saintes

What a great birthday celebration. Sixteen of us got together at Rodney Bay Marina to celebrate Dominique's and my birthday. The company was excellent, the food was great and the live entertainment had us up and dancing.

On the 14th, we had a great sail to St. Anne, Martinique where we spent the next six days. Our most exciting purchases are the inexpensive wine, cheeses and great baguettes....vive la France!

Heather and Judy, great friends from Sarnia/London will be arriving in Sint Marteen on December 6th so we are quickly heading up that way before the Christmas winds arrive. There is a period of heavy winds, from the north, at the beginning of December that makes travelling next to impossible.

On the 20th, we were in St. Pierre, Martinique, the 21st in Portsmouth, Dominica and arrived in Les Saintes, Guadeloupe on the 22nd.

We are spending a few days in Les Saintes to have repairs made to our genoa; the stitching on the uv protector had come apart. We found a great repairman locally. Phillipe picked up our sail on Friday evening and returned it Saturday morning. He re-stitched the length of the uv protector for only 65 euros; we were expecting to pay much more.

Sunday we will continue north of the island and check out of Guadeloupe on Monday.

11/24/2012 | Helene
Yahoo........always great to hear from you. Happy you're enjoying your boat ride. We've had a huge snow storm, yesterday. Boy, it didn't miss us. Hwy. was closed from Kap to Long Lac. Your letters are warming our cokles. Keep them coming. Go on photobucket and send more pictures. Thanks. Love to you two. God Bless, H & H. xo xo xo xo
St. Lucia
11/11/2012, Rodney Bay

Up and at em at 4:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning for our 5:00 a.m. departure for St. Lucia.

It was quite an eventful crossing. It was a mixed bag wind....some wind....great wind; we did get to sail, yes without the engine for a good part of this 11 hour crossing.

The highlights of the crossing were a school of dolphins just north of St. Vincent then a whale sighting across the Pitons of St. Lucia.

It does feel great to be travelling and visiting again.

Thursday we went shopping in Rodney Bay; I found a great pair of Merrell sandals to replace my defunct pair of Teeva.

Friday we took the bus with friends from Julia IV, Dominique & Jean Francois and Manoi, Liddy & Daniel then headed to Castrie. Although there were two cruise ships in port, we saw very few tourists.

Our anchorage in Rodney Bay is one of the best we've had so far; the water is fairly shallow (we are anchored in 18') and very calm. The bay is quite large and could hold hundreds of boats; many of our friends are anchored here as well. Several resorts align the white sandy beach; we dinghy to the south end of the bay to take advantage of the beach and warm water.

Tuesday will be a big day of celebration as Dominique of Magajo is having a birthday on Monday and mine is on Wednesday. We are planning on getting a group together for dinner at the Ocean Club restaurant located at Rodney Bay Marina.

11/11/2012 | Jacques & Denise
Wow, I checked the place out on Google Map, looks very nice. Enjoy, Bucqet List almost half way there, following them with S.P.O.T
11/11/2012 | helene
Hi Sue, Hi Dan: Rodney Bay....sounds like deja vu. Where are we going next? Love the ride. Hope you're thinking about us, starting to freeze our butts, off in Northern Ontario. Nov. 14, is it going to be a Heinz 57? Turn your phone on, so we can call. Have a great sail......God Bless, Helene & Hughie xo xo
Allo Mado
11/12/2012 | Sue
Yes, 57 on the 14th.
We'll be having breakfast in St. Lucia & dinner in Martinique.
We will have no web access at the boat; leave a message on our phone and we'll pick it up later.
11/13/2012 | Terry and Randy
Happy Birthday Sue, breakfast in St Lucia and dinner in Martinique sounds like a perfect way to celebrate, enjoy
11/14/2012 | Helene & Hughie
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Sue.....
Have a great day.
Love you, xo xo
11/22/2012 | MADO
Je suis de retour a Montreal depuis hier et j'envie votre température. Rodney Bay me rappelle des souvenirs! Avez-vous pris le temps de visiter l'île un peu? Je vous souhaite une belle 2e saison
11/23/2012 | Jim and Peggy
Just catching up with you two. Thanks for the good wishes for our Thanksgiving. I hope Sue had a good birthday. Glad to read you are on the move again and all is well.
11/05/2012, Admiralty Bay

Last Monday we toured the island of Carriacou with Joanne & Regil of Joreane. Dustin, our tour guide, shared his knowledge of the island as well as of the flora and fauna. We stopped at all the mountain peaks around the island to view and take pictures of the surrounding islands; the views were amazing.
The three-hour tour of this 13 square miles island was fantastic; it's population is 7,000.
We finished our journey in Hillsborough, capital of Carriacou, and had lunch at a seaside restaurant.

What better way to cool down than to head back to the boat, which is anchored at Sandy Island, and go snorkeling; the underwater life is the best we've seen since we chartered in Belize.

Tuesday morning we checked out of Carriacou and sailed up to Clifton Bay, Union Island. Our formalities were done after lunch followed by a quick tour of the village. We went to happy hour at a bar sitting on a tiny island at the east end of the bay. We met several boaters from a Sunsail flotilla.

Wednesday we motored a few miles to Mayreau where we enjoyed a quiet morning in the water. In the afternoon, we were invaded by catamarans that were anchoring for the night.....charter season has begun!
We were invited to our friends, Don Quillechotte, for a Halloween happy hour. Juliette and Elianne did a great job handcrafting invitations complete with menu; Nancy, you would have been proud.

We spent two great days at Tobago Cays snorkeling and enjoying the sunshine; the weather is a bit cooler so we are now much more comfortable.

We would like to welcome the newest addition to our family...Dan's niece Pam gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Mylah Helena on Friday, Nov. 2nd.

Saturday, we had a fantastic four-hour sail to Bequia. We went to the market shortly after we arrived and low and behold we were approached by a lobster fisherman; the price is back down to what we were used to paying in Grenada...$15 EC per pound.....guess what we had for dinner last night...LOL.

We plan on heading to St. Lucia in a few days.

11/06/2012 | Lise
"Life is grand"! Have you taken any photos underwater? Maybe a winter project to set up a Picasa account or like.
11/07/2012 | Sue
We have no underwater camera and do not take pictures very frequently. We'll set up a photo album at some time....we're on island
11/08/2012 | Jacques & Denise
Sounds like a good start to the season. Fair winds

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