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Yoga for Cruisers
Yoga for
Tobin - Sunny, warm - Spring is in the air
04/15/2010, Rollinsville, CO

One week from today, and we're outta here - leaving Colorado for Maine, via Kansas City and Saranac Lake, NY. Jamie will e teaching a weekend of yoga workshops in KC, and in the Saranac the following weekend. Then we are headed to Portsmouth, NH to pick up a huge order of gear from West Marine/Port Supply, and on to Islesboro. It's sunny, and in the mid-50's in Maine right now. Should be gorgeous for the beginning of our refit of Trust. We'll add photos as soon as we get there, and get started. Check out

02/10/2012 | ON ICW @CORE CREEK
saw you go by this morning..I was doing warrior position in your honor!!
Yoga for Cruisers .com
04/10/2010, Anywhere

As we're getting closer to departure for Maine, we're also moving forward with Yoga for Cruisers. As some of you know, Jamie, my wife, has been a prominent yoga teacher in Southern California and Colorado for many years. And in the past couple years, she's started traveling to teach all across the country, and into Europe starting this year. As a teacher of teachers, developer and teacher of specialized Yoga Therapy work, and host of retreats, Jamie's education, training and practice of yoga are among the most complete in the world. In addition to a successful Beginner Yoga DVD, we've produced The Single Track Series - Yoga for Mountain Bikers and Skiers. And we are now starting a series of Yoga for Cruisers. These DVD's will focus on working, stretching, and strengthening parts of the body used and abused by sailing, and by life on the boat. Jamie will also take time to demonstrate safe and effective ways to use your boat's space for yoga. Jamie's teaching focuses on correct alignment, safety, power, and grace. Check us out at: or

01/23/2011 | penelope dixon
please contact us re. your work. we saw your boat go by our apt. in miami last week and were sorry you didn't stop in our harbor! we are both yoga practicioners and sailors and would like to know more.
Two weeks and two days
Tobin - Sunny, light snow
04/06/2010, Rillinsville, CO

Two weeks til departure for Maine. We're at the house after a few day of fresh powder at Wolf Creek in Southern Colorado. Spring is in the air here. We've cleaned up the mountain bikes, started to organize the boat gear, and are getting very excited, and even anxious to go. It's 65 degrees in Maine! Port Supply is readying our order for pick up in New Hampshire. My Mom is coming this weekend to pick up Apollo, our cat. He's going to live in Nantucket for the Summer and Fall. We'll pick him up in October. The Bat Dog is making her rounds through the woods - tormenting all the little critters she can before we head East. More to come from Maine.

Three weeks to go
03/26/2010, Rollinsville, CO

Three weeks, and a few days to go. We're packing, organizing, repacking, and repeating. The dog is giving her regards to her favorite trees, squirrels, birds, and the rest of the local mutts.
It's sunny and cold in Maine, and Trust lies on the beach, wrapped up tight in her plastic winter clothes. The first week of May, we'll open her up, air her out, and get to work. Fresh epoxy, fresh paint, tune ups, polishing, beers, glasses of wine, and off we go - six weeks or so later.
We're looking forward to seeing all the friendly, helpful Maine-iacs in Islesboro. We've been lucky enough to find a great boat, in an equally great place. We're about ten nautical miles off the coast of Camden, Maine. Dead center in the middle of Penobscot Bay - a place many consider to be the best sailing grounds in the world.
We'll spend a few weeks exploring Maine, NH, Massachusetts, and move on to Newport, RI, Annapolis, MD, and into the IntraCoastal Waterway in Virginia. Along the way, we'll see swamps, wrecked boats, local fisherman and their shortage of teeth, and a highlight will be Cumberland Island, GA and it's packs of wild horses.
We'll keep you posted. Please check back.

03/26/2010 | s/v Windrifter
So exciting to be doing this at your age. We took an early retirement and did it 2008 and 2009 season. Our trip is still posted on sailblogs and it was a great. We hail out of Falmouth, Me Do you know s/v Endeavour from Islesbo. I'm not sure if they'll be back before you leave, but they are a wealth of information. They have sailed the world. Best of luck and looking forward to following your adventure. Be safe.
Not in Maine yet
Jamie Elmer
12/14/2009, Rollinsville, CO

We're not out there sailing yet. We're planning to leave CO after ski season at the end of April, 2010. Currently we live in Rollinsville, CO.
We moved here last year and built our house in the mountains after selling a sailboat in CA which we lived on. The idea was was that we would go cruising "some day". After we built our house here in the mountains it became clear that the right time was now instead of "some day".
Two months ago we bought a Laurin Koster 32. Right now its in Islesboro Maine and will remain there until we arrive in late April, 2010.
Lately we have had many boat supplies delivered to the house. This is the time of year to get things on sale, so we've picked up things like our dinghy, an outboard motor, a composting toilet. Its a bit funny to have these things arrive at our house as we have had about two feet of snow on the ground lately.
We'll keep you posted once we get to Maine and start working on the boat. The plan is to spend a month or six weeks cleaning our new 32 named Trust (new to us, its about 40 years old) practice day sails off of Islesboro and leave Maine to sail down the Eastern Seaboard by mid June, 2010.

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