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Turning Left, Heading South
Work Yard
11/10/2011, San Carlos, MX

Hi Everybody,

Today we start painting the bottom. It only needs a light sanding and then two coats of bottom paint. We contracted the yard to do this dirty job. We are staying away from the boat while the dust flies. This gives us a little time to write an email and post a blog upday to catch you up on our first week in the yard.

The picture is of Adagio at the mast pulling station. She's dirty, and the sun has baked the duct tape to dust, but otherwise she survived the summer OK.

Our first project is to pull the mast and fix whatever has been causing the main halyard sheaves from turning properly. Before we can pull the mast, we need to un-do all the electrical connections in the bilge then stuff those wires into the mast base so we don't cut them as the stick passes through the mast collar on it's way out of the boat. Of course all the standing rigging also needs to be loosened and disconnected from the boat. Next the mast has to be rigged to the crane and hoisted up and out of the boat. We put tarps down to protect the wires from grit and dust as we land the mast onto jack stands.

Then the yard workers go away and leave it to Ed and I to sort through the various parts of the mast. First we look to see why the main halyard sheave is not turning properly. After some poking about, we discover one of the screws that holds the Windex (wind direction indicator) to the top of the mast is too long. It passes through the top of the mast and pushes against a separation plate which jambs the sheave. We fix that problem, then move on to inspecting and cleaning all the pins and shackles and other fittings. Then we do a little repair to the mast step in the boat. Finally we get the mast itself cleaned and polished and we are ready to put the stick back in the boat. That gets done, and the trailer comes to move us to a regular work station so that other boats can get their masts serviced.

Today the bottom job is getting done. Usually we wait until we are only a few days from launching to do the bottom. But this year we decided to wait to clean the boat until we were finished with sanding the bottom. That way we will get the sanding dust cleared away at the same time we wash away the summer's dust.

Both Janie and I are a little under the weather. Janie's pneumonia is still giving her trouble. We took her to the local doctor who changed her meds a little. I have a bit of a sore throat and slightly swollen glands in my neck. We are taking lots of vitamins, drinking loads of water, and trying to get some extra rest. With the boat back in a normal work station, the pressure is off to get lots done as soon as possible. Maybe we can back off a bit now. Keep making progress on the boat, but back off just a bit and give our bodies a chance to heal.

We hope this finds you all well and happy.


2nd Half of Drive to MX
11/05/2011, San Carlos, MX

Hi Again,

Here's the second half of the trip down to San Carlos, Guaymas, Mexico.

From Las Vegas we drove South on 93 to Green Valley, AZ, about 30 or 40 miles south of Tucson and 25 miles north of the Mexican border. There are some pictures of the traffic backed up going north from Mexico to the US. We did not look at the odometer to measure the length of the line, but it was miles long. Not quite stopped. The truck wheels were just barely moving.

The maze of the concrete Jersey Barriers as we crossed the border were interesting. No Smokey and the Bandit style blowing through this border station. That's for sure!

At the end of the ride we arrived at our rented apartment. It's even nicer than the one we had last year. Great views of the bay. Nice cross ventillation through the apartment. It's warm here. High 80's. Both Janie and I are a little tired. I think it will take a day or two for us to get acclimated and to get back to full energy levels. We have bumped into lots of old friends. We had dinner at our place w/ Ed and Fran of AKA last night.

Bye for now,


The trip from OR to MX
11/04/2011, San Carlos, MX

Good Morning Everyone,

Here's a picture of packing the car. Driving from Portland to Twin Falls, Idaho. And from there to Las Vegas. It was just a little rainy when we left Portland, but things were clearing up by the time we made Bend. We had rain in the morning in Twin Falls, but that soon cleared. By the time we were closing in on Las Vegas we had the air conditioner on. Our room in Las Vegas was on the 16th floor of the Plaza Hotel and we had a great view. Unfortunately the room we got had not been made up. The tub was full of water. So we had to switch rooms.

It was halloween night and our hotel was at the west end of Freemont Street. After we got settled in our room we walked Freemont Street. It was quite the show. Unfortunately we left the camera in our room so we don't have pictures to share. But you can imagine. The street was a mob. Janie and I had to hold hands to keep from being separated. I can't begin to explain the various costumes. But there were lots of very creative outfits. Everything.... nuns, nurses, doctors, cops, indians, ghouls, lots of pirates, lots of skin.

Freemont Street has a sort of conestoga wagon cover about four stories above the walkway. The cover is actually a huge LED video screen which lights the street, and fills the space w/ dazzling visuals. A zip line concession has a half dozen wires strung the length of the street and every few seconds hooting figures shoot into and out of sight and hearing, speeding along overhead suspended from harnesses. It is a pedestrian street with jewelry shops, restaurants, liquor stores, curio stores, etc. Every 100 yards or so there is a stage with a live show. One guy with a saxophone was a solo act, but there were other stages with rock and roll groups that may have included a dozen or more on the stage including background singers, etc. All in fantastic costumes w/ huge loud systems, lighting, stage decor. I suppose the street runs about four or five blocks.

We found a nice restaurant on one of the side streets where there was a vintage hot rod display. There were about twenty cars on display. All show quality. All personally owned. Many of the owners were there showing their cars off, and every now and then starting them up to wow the crowd w/the sounds of the powerful tuned engines.

We made it back to our room before midnight. The sun had climbed a bit over the horizon before we got back on the road after we awoke. The crowds were gone, but there were a few hearty revelers weaving their ways back to their rooms. That evening, after 10 hours of driving we made our last USA stop in Green Valley, AZ.

That's where we will open the next chapter of this trip.

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