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Red footed boobie
by Bronwyn, Samuel and Taylor James 10.2.2010
23/02/2010, Equator

Red footed boobie

by Bronwyn, Samuel and Taylor James 10.2.2010

Where did you come from red footed boobie and where are you off to next?
In the night, the sky made you, oh so bright, a little white blob on the bow.
Its the day now and youre' still with us, holding on tight to the bar.
Fluffing your feathers, drying yourself, making yourself all new.

Where did you come from red footed boobie and where are you off to next?
We named you Harry and as we carry you along, to your new island home,
How long will you stay before you fly away, along to your new boobie home?
You have big red feet and big blue eyes, they help you to eat at night,
We think your home is far far away to the east in the Hawaii Isles.

Where did you come from red footed boobie and where are you off to next?
You stayed three days and three nights and made the boat your home, but then you decided to leave.
Off you went to fish, you flew far away and didnt come back, so today must be your day.
The wind has changed, its from behind, so maybe thats why you left, an easy run, great glider bird and with your
wings held forward, you can fly so fast and low.
Thanks for visiting, it was good fun, checking you out on the bow, the shrieks of delight as the boys discovered
you had stayed another night.
Now you've gone and flown away to find another home.
Where did you come from red footed boobie and where are you off to next?

TaTa PNG see you next time

Our time in PNG is nearly over, our alternator is on its way to us from Port Moresby, so a few days of installing the alternator,fixing our furler then provisioning and getting the boat ready to go offshore again and we will be off north full steam to Micronesia and Guam.We havent travelled so much in PNG but we have met some great people, the children have loved every minute and we have caught our breaths but its time to move and we will be on the move for the next 4 months through micronesia ,Japan and Russia, constantly thinking about getting to Alaska in early June sometime.It will take a months cruising in the Aluetians, then we will probably spend 4 weeks or so around Prince William sound, aftera 2 week stint near Anchorage including some inland adventures and then spending 6 weeks or so sailing south in the inside passage finally reaching Vancouver in early October, making it a solid 4 months cruising in Alaska, we are excited and Alaska is never far from out thoughts many times a day.

Earlier today we went for a walk on Ugalik to an old hospital that was used for a leper colony 100 or so years ago. Looks like it was built by Australians and had elecricity running 3 kms across the top of the island in the glory days of PNG.Many colonial buildings are still standing but they have seen grander days. Those aussies left some legacies but since PNG's independence it is rare to see any evidence that the countries many assetts are maintained in anyway. PNG is resource rich in so many ways minerals, gold and timber but the population as a whole sees none of the money as it is squandered or taken by a few who spend it outside PNG.The resources are being raped by rich nations and the locals see nothing.Hospitals are a mess,the public health system is corrupt and hopeless, the roads are a mess there is no electricity to most villages and even where there is generators and lines have deteriorated with the rest of the country. The exit of Australia was the beginning of the demise of a potentially great nation. The inherent laziness and relaxed nature of the locals doesnt exactly help the basic situation of government monopoly and corruption, then add beetlenut and alcohol and its a molotile cocktail for daily disaster.Despite this, the people are lovely they will never starve and they live in a beautiful the status quo will remain, the country will become poorer but the locals will not bat an eyelid as they dont see the money anyway.

Oh its just like living in a house......yer right.....
17/01/2010, Kavieng PNG

Lots of people tell us "oh its just like living in a house." The last time I looked living in a house means you pay a power company to get that magical static to the toaster,and you pay another company to service the generator so that the power keeps coming to the toaster.Then you pay a government body to get H20 that pours from the tap and keep it pouring and someone else makes sure the water will not kill you , then there is the mechanic who fixes your car engines and the plumber who fixes the leaks and the electrician to fix the toys and the internet company you pay to get 24 hour broadband and phone so you can talk to your mates and the doctor to keep you healthy at call and then when you want something sent to you it comes from a courier company with a tracking number all tickadee boo, so the next time somebody tells me "its just like living in a house I will take deep breath and tell them ...yer right

This is not a moan, just a reality check, we have chosen to go cruising, to be independent , to fix the boat when it breaks, to maintain it and to sail to far off lands, we are loving it but we have our moments where all this overwhelms you and you are reminded how nice it can be to live in a house !

We are still in Kavieng waiting now for our alternator to be fixed, some bearings for the furler and then we will sort these out, stock up the boat next week, get fuel and move on.

17/01/2010 | Redman
Happy New Year you guys!
I have been reading some of your posts, and it looks like all is going well apart from the minor maintenance issues. I suppose it gives Richie something to do eh?
All is well with us here in NZ. Just spent 3 weeks on holiday down at our bach, and now I am facing my first day back at work - I preferred the holiday!

Same old shit happening here. Keep enjoying your adventure and take care.
17/02/2010 | sandra and da boys
Ha! I'd still rather be on your boat! loving the adventures and am composing a return email .... have just been on my annual keeping-in-touch hiatus which is now over! wish you were here but glad you are there x
Kindergarten Folders
17/01/2010, Kavieng PNG

We have been away 8 months to the day.I just want to let the kinda girls know that the boys are still pouring over their kinda folders on a weekly basis.Its a link to the past, its their mates and teachers and somehow they know that they will see some of those folks again.I am so thankful that they have the folders and we are making ones for school this year as a memory of the folks we have met and friends they played with and things we have done.

17/02/2010 | sandra and da boys
omg - how gorgeous you boys are! keep up the hard work and the kinda gals were asking after you the other day! x
Squid Jigging
17/01/2010, Kavieng PNG

If you've never done it you wont appreciate the excitement and pandamonium that squid fishing off a boat causes.Its addictive so beware.Its not like fishing for fish you actually have to lure your squid one by one and hook them on and in these waters we are doing it, at or near the surface and we can see clearly what we are doing.After we have caught a squid the real fun (mess) begins. The squid squirts ink absolutely everywhere, normally all over children and boat and if you dont work fast with bucket and rag it stains said children and its a family activity where kids are fishing and we are scrambling to clean squid and boat and kids all amongst shreiks of joy as another squid is lured to his death and moves on to the after life as calamari.

Food Glorious Food
17/01/2010, Kavieng PNG

Food Food Glorious Food 15th January 2010

I thought I should write some notes on food aboard.Its important!Its fun and challenging and sometimes I dream of living once again in the restaurant mecca of Melbourne.I remember all those wonderful markets delis,cafes and
restaurants I used to frequent, I feel old and nostalgic.The Paragon Cafe in North fitzroy comes to mind for saturday lunch with enormous chocolate cakes and amazing coffee I cant forget the the delis of carlton and st Kilda and my favorite haunts of the cafes and pizza joints and thai and indian eateries of north fitzroy...oh you are all so so spoilt.....but the human condition tricks us all into taking it all for granted. Well as I see it from a remote outpost in rural and isolated PNG Melbourne is gods answer to all your culinary wishes and what I would do for a weekend in food heaven.I think when we return home Richie and I will go to ground and spend a week in Melbourne in
a hotel somewhere eating our way round the city the diet can start next week!

Back to my reality, its early morning in Kavieng one of PNG remote rural towns.Its a red sunrise its rained all night the sea
is flat the surf swell is up on the outer reef and the first surfers have passed already.The main market in Kavieng
is Saturday morning and its big. Locals travel for many hours from the mountain gardens to come to market.
They bring spinach of all varieties,lettuces,cabbage,and added to the staple food that you see in the market each week day of Taro, Kasarva,kumera,sago,capsicum,avos,long green beans and the fruits of pineapple, coconuts, watermelon, paw paw
(which our crazy kids hate) here is plenty to eat. Trading has pretty much ceased as the PNG folks that live here dont tend to have gardens on the islands and instead rely on the market too.The town has changed the balance and the locals no longer have a garden of their own.

The supermarket on the other hand is not so well stocked and pretty expensive.But if you look you can find some variety of what you need.After all it is an outpost here. We havent been sailing much here so our stocks of fish are down but the meat is good albeit a little pricey.I did stock up on flour and rice but I have found weavels in lots of flour and after heaving 30 kg of flour overboard and spending hours cleaning out the little bastards I will not be stocking flour , just keeping what we need and thats all.

It would be remiss if I didnt mention that our supplies have been supplemented by some care packages from home mainly treats and sushi making food.

The beer is good as it has been our whole trip with the best beer being Sol Brew the magnificent vic bitter style solomon beer.Our norwegian friends bought 80 dozen and we thought they were mad but we ran out of the great Sol yesterday and now its back to basic PNG beer, how sad and how we long for a few of the To Fluer boys beers.We thought their 80 dozen was excessive and showed up the artic tendancy for alcoholism BUT now we have none its another story and I am sure that they are still enjoying them floating around in sunny micronesia while we are soaked in rain beerless....

The wine story is different, its expensive and our favorite drink has slowly diminished in standard and vollume as we make our way west and north in the pacific. I would hope to report our waistlines shrinking in relation to this lack of grape juice alas this is not to be. All we have done is replace one

So we can cook almost everything we want with the odd exception.

17/02/2010 | sandra and da boys
haha ... that photo of you and the riot pack is classic!

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