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Falling Leaves and sunny beach days

Our last beach day all with falling leaves , after playing all day , we all fell asleep on the sand for a couple of hours in the sun....bliss right on our own little beach near home .....

Bowen Island weekend
28/10/2010, Bowen Island

Another great weekend at Bowen Island was had recently while rich was in the Med sailing us 3 went off adventuring , fishing, mountain biking , hiking having hot chocolates and having a great time !

28/10/2010, Vancouver

its haloween, jack-o-lanterns burning inside at night and in the gardens everywhere, dress ups at school, trick a treating on Sunday, and celebrating the fall of all those maple leaves ....the first snows are hear ...yes thats right....30 cms at Whistler and even our home mountain of Cypress has a good dusting let it snow let it snow..... pumpkin hunts ans scary Dads-can you see the guy in the ape suit...recognise him ???????

Starting school
BJ-Its raining and grey
23/09/2010, Cailfield -West Vancouver

Its raining-never ending-relentless-getting colder 12 degrees-still raining-looking for good gum boots -and a good rain coat -boys have started school-they are happy albeit bored but its getting slowly easier or their enthusiasm is slowly getting crushed not sure which -the dullness of a classroom is claustrophobic for our young adventurers but its hard to compare to school on a boat ....autumn is here is in France..we are off to Bowen Island for the weekend to bike, fish, walk, do dirt boarding in the rain and generally have fun
Happy days indeed

Savary Island

what an amazing place .........out of this world .......trully special in every belongs to another time and moves at a slower pace, only a few cars, mainly the trucks that are the land taxis that take you and all your crap to your house off the Lund water taxi.
To get to Savary Island from Vancouver takes nearly all day 3 ferry rides and a ute ride as well once you get to the island....its all part of the can camp or rent a house thats all the options there is so we had a house on the cliff at Savary Shores looking south for the week , we could see the sun rise and set.....we were treated to live in deer family, pods of orca whales crossing the reef infront of the house , gorgeous swimming and beach weather every day, plenty of hunter gathering of the biggest lovely oysters and clams -the oysters were fat and easy to get -what a treat ! The locals enjoyed oysters kilpatrick for the first time and we fed on clam fritters a ran free and discovered the new found freedom of being able to go to the beach alone , ride and get an icecream and pay themselves -new found independence and they revelled in it -albeit a little tame at times...we met some neat folks thanks for the hospitality Alex and we hope to see you all in Vancouver soon....the rain poured on the roof, no electricity except for 12V lights so no PC,s no TV no music....just lovely, Sam said the rain sounds like a song o the roof....aint that grand....thanks for a great week we all had a peaceful, relaxing week of earthy beach going, light exercise and rustic accomodation....back to basics and loving it ......happy days.....if you ever get to go to Savary dont miss it for a second and try to stay a summer not a week .........check out the Gallery

Sailing our own boat
29/08/2010, West Vancouver YC

This is us having fun sailing our own boats for the first time at sailing camp at West Vancouver YC this summer , we had great fun , on the way back to the club after sailing we couldnt see Sam in his boat ? We asked what was he doing on the tow home , Oh he said the water was in my eyes so I just lay down on the bottom of the boat, I shut my eyes and had a sun bake and kept my hand on the tiller, If I felt the boat go to the left I pushed the tiller to the left and if I felt the boat go to the right I pushed the tiller to the right -it was OK mum I could still feel the boat even when my eyes were shut-spoken like a true samuel, excentric and relaxed at all times ...just kicking back being towed along....for those of you who know Sam you are probably in stiches at the thought of him ....he is an individual thats for sure ....... we start school on the 7th of September and we are counting down the days and are very excited little boys ......its been a long time for the boys a big break in school , reading, maths, writing so we will see how it goes.....check out the gallery for new pics

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