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More Fun In Gulfport

03 May 2010 | Gulfport, Florida
Air conditioning is a wonderful thing. The 90s are still here and the air conditioner is still on. We'll run it through the night, but open the boat up in the morning, when the temps are in the mid 70s with a nice breeze blowing into the boat. However, by 1:00 in the afternoon, back on. Oh, what a year.

As promised, off to the laundromat on Sunday. Hopefully, it will be the last time on the West Coast Swing. We also hit the grocery store for a few items. What was great is that we got a call from our Michigan friend, Jim, who was in Florida looking at possible boat purchases. To give him a lot of credit, he drove to Gulfport and met us at the laundromat, where we discussed the boats he has been looking at. We then headed back to the air conditioning and had a great visit. The only thing missing was his wife, Barb, who was visiting family up north.

We returned the rental car Monday morning and spent the rest of the day on the docks. After some cards in the afternoon, we went out to dinner at a fantastic restaurant in Gulfport, Backfin Blue - crab cakes and scallops. If we are ever back in this area, this is a must!

Tomorrow will be a quiet one as we prepare to leave on Wednesday. We intend to go to an anchorage at Bradenton Beach on Anna Maria Island, probably for a couple of nights. On the way we thought we would check out a couple of other anchorages for possible use in the future. After that, no plans. No sense planning too far into the future.
Vessel Name: Two If By Sea
Vessel Make/Model: 1998 Catalina 36 Mk II
Hailing Port: Punta Gorda, Florida
Crew: Patty and David Power
Patty and David moved to Palmetto, Florida from Colorado in 2002. [...]
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Who: Patty and David Power
Port: Punta Gorda, Florida